2 On-Trend Ways to Wear Plaid Pants

There’s a new fall trend putting a smile on my face that I’m excited to share with you. So today, I’m partnering with JCPenney, who offers great style and value for all, to bring you 2 on-trend ways to wear plaid pants.

check pants - black and white windowpane

Now, plaid pants are not new, and the idea of wearing a conservative, busy print on your 40+ bottom may not thrill you at first, but I want you to take a look at these. The plaid pants we’re seeing for fall 2018 fall are vastly different from the boring, uptight plaid pants we wore to work years ago, or the funky colored plaid bell bottoms of the 70’s.

Fall’s plaid pants come in fresh new styles and have a more relaxed vibe, which means you’ll look anything but dowdy. They’re the perfect solution when you are trying to figure out what to wear to look classy and contemporary. Here’s what I mean.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | Black wide leg check pants and cape

Kick up your heels because windowpane checks are hot, and I think you’ll agree they are one of the chicest plaids around. I love these gorgeous, black windowpane check pants from JCPenney for many reasons. First of all, they look modern because of their feminine, flowy silhouette. The bootcut flares are flirty and fun; there’s nothing stiff about them!

These pants are also lightweight and soft, not scratchy like some, and the elastic waistband at the back makes them super comfy to wear.

Many of you have been asking me for high-quality, stylish pieces that are truly affordable, so I was thrilled to discover that JCPenney has a huge variety of on-trend pieces at excellent pricepoints. Plus they have their big Fall sale going on now too.  My pants, for example, are only $16.99 with code 6SAVEBIG (regular $54.00). You can’t beat that!

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | Black and White Knit Cape with Black check pants worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

The other great thing I discovered about JCPenney is that it’s a one-stop shopping destination. I bought my entire outfit in one go, including my pretty black top, elegant knit poncho, sophisticated tassel handbag, suede heels, jewelry, and even my cool sunglasses. That is super convenient.

I was also happy to find that JCPenney carries a lot of contemporary brands like Liz Claiborne, Worthington, a.n.a., Belle + Sky, Bold Elements and St. John’s Bay. Everything is so well curated that it makes it easy to mix pieces and create complete outfits.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants| Black Windowpane check pants and black top worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Here’s a closer look at these great pants and the cute tie waist which is so “in” for fall.  I’ve teamed them up with a simple crewneck tee to keep the look unfussy and fresh.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | Black wide leg check pants and black strappy sandals worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

One tip I’d like to pass along is to wear a chunkier heel with this style of pants. Flats can look dumpy with wide pants unless you are blessed with long legs. A thicker heel is also better than a skinny heel to balance out the width of the pants. These rich, black suede sandals work perfectly with this look and will go with so many other things in your closet too.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | Black and white Windowpane check pants with tie waist worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

You may have noticed that red is a key color this season, so adding a red statement necklace and bag give my outfit a modern punch.

Now, if you’re the type of gal who prefers a skinny leg pant, then you will be happy to know that plaid leggings are also trending.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants |Gray Plaid legging and red top worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

I picked up this really cute pair by Liz Claiborne. They have a Glencheck plaid pattern that has been printed onto stretchy, flat front leggings.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | Black and gray plaid leggings with red tie sleeve top worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Here’s a better look at this very traditional tartan which looks totally updated in a stretchy fabric and a sleek legging cut.  My cheery red tie blouse has sporty 3/4 length sleeves and pretty wrist ties.

Styling Tips for Check and Plaid Pants | red tie top and plaid leggings worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Both of these plaid outfits are fabulous, and they’re at  JCPenney. So don’t miss out! To shop my look visit a store near you order online by clicking the handy links below.  With so many styles at great prices, JCPenney is sure to have something for you and your whole family just in time for fall.

Thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.

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24 thoughts on “2 On-Trend Ways to Wear Plaid Pants

  1. I LOVE the leggings!! They are so cute! The red top looks great with them. It is a look I would wear, but I wouldn’t wear the shoes. I would wear flats, or closed for booties.
    I also admired the pants. I love wide legs, I think they are dressier then other options. Thankfully, I am taller than average, so I can wear them without being overwhelmed.
    Thank you for inspiring me to go shopping, and for sharing such stylish clothes!

  2. Continue to show a mix of price points for your site. I sometimes find clothing at lower price points do not wear well over time. Often details such as not matching plaid lines or fabric quality are sacrificed for lower cost.

    You may not have Uniqlo in your area but for affordability and quality, this line is very good.

    Thank you for your efforts in bringing style at all price points to women 40+.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE plaid! Mind you I was also a big fan of the Bay City Rollers, so that might have something to do with it! LOL! I am with Sharen, as a Canadian, it would be nice to see some local retailers listed. Maybe once a season, you could do a post with local Canadian retailers? I guess the US ladies could look to these for style inspiration? I do totally understand that you have to cater to the masses. :)

  4. So glad you discovered JC Penney’s clothes. I love their clothes and always have friends and coworkers asking where I shop when I wear an outfit from there!! If you want on trend styling and unbelievably great prices try JCP!

  5. Love this post and I will be trying the entire outfit (wide leg windowpane pants etc.) Thanks for posting a more budget friendly option. Keep ’em coming!

  6. OMG, they are back!!!! I wore those in high school and when I was about 25, and I’m now 70 and I want another pair after seeing you in those darling pants! How fun!

  7. The plaid pants are attractive and well styled. However, the low cost is due to manufacturing shortcuts as evidenced in the mismatched plaids that are so obvious at the side seams. Am guessing the centerback/front do not match either—a glaring sign of poor construction.
    Price and quality are a real tightrope to navigate.

  8. Love how classy you make these look when you put it all together. I will be buying some plaid pants this fall. Thank you for all you do to help us 40+ women. I’m 55 and it was tough transitioning, but you have made it so much easier. I am actually enjoying the transition now.

    1. Hi Angie, It was so thoughtful of you to write. I’m glad you like my pants. I will be wearing them a lot. They are very comfy and I can dress them down with a fitted tee for daytime. Such a nice change from jeans. I’m glad to be of help and please let me know if you have any trend or topics you would like covered. Cheers, Deborah

  9. I rediscovered Penney’s a few years ago while I was still a professional working woman. Even though I was a Talbot’s diehard customer and I would purchase investment pieces and sale items from Talbots, I found Penney’s could fill the holes in my wardrobe with trendier pieces without breaking the bank. I was thrilled to see a JC Penney’s in my area when I recently moved. I especially like their dresses; from casual to church appropriate to travel ready jersey. So happy to see you styling their goods!

    1. Hi Linda, This is just wonderful to hear. I like to be trendy as much as the next gal but I don’t always want to spend a lot on something I am having fun with for a season or two. That’s why I like the selection and prices at JCPenney.
      Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you like this retailer. I will link to them more.

  10. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you for your lovely blogs and fashions. They are so inspiring!

    Since you mentioned you live in Burlington, Ontario Canada, would it be possible if you also show sales and where
    to buy in Ontario Canada. I’m sure like me you have many Canadian women following you like me. I live in Port Credit,
    Ontario Canada.

    I understand it is not always an easy task and I do appreciate all that you show us.

    Thanking you kindly,
    Sheron Davis

    1. Hi Sheron,
      Since the large majority of my audience is U.S. I have to pretty much to stick to U.S.retailers however, the good news is many of these retailers like JCPenney have a Canadian site you can order from. If you are in Canada and go to JCPenney, it will automatically switch you over to the Canadian version of the site where: all prices are in Canadian dollars, Duties and taxes are calculated at checkout, Low international shipping rates, Guaranteed landed costs (no additional charges at delivery). It’s easy to do and quite worthwhile, given the vast savings.

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      I’m going to pull from JCPenney more often because they have cute styles and I can’t believe the prices! You don’t have to spend a ton to look fabulous, which is so refreshing.

  11. I like the concept except the plaids for both pairs that you’re showing are not matched at the side seams. A sure sign of poorly made clothing. It really catches the eye because it’s so disjointed

  12. I don’t understand why the manufacturers fail to match the plaids at the seams. It’s distracting and unflattering! Of course these aren’t high end pants at this price point but honestly, as a home seamstress during the wild 70s plaid period, it’s not rocket science to match the plaids.

  13. I really like the black windowpane pants outfit on you, Deborah. This combination adds height, which I like a lot. Nice that the pants have some elastic in the back of the waistband for a perfect fit. Gaping can be a problem for me.

    It’s nice that you chose a larger handbag to balance the pattern. I see that it comes in my fave fall color, and at a very good price.

    I love this look!

    1. Thanks Binky, That windowpane plaid is so elegant, but also very modern especially with the waist tie. I didn’t talk a lot about the bag. It’s by Liz Claiborne and I’m really enjoying it. I think a splash of red, especially with black really looks chic. Cheers, Deborah

  14. Thanks for showcasing more affordable fashion. What I also really like about JCPenney is that it has an extensive petite selection,. Being on the short side, I find that petite sizes just fit me better.

    1. Hi Judy, Yes JCPenney does have a great petite selection too and I found the plus size selection good too. It’s great that they consider all types and shapes. Makes shopping easy!