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What To Pack For Florida: 7 Breezy Vacation Outfits

Are you a snowbird? Do you spend your winters in Florida or pop down for a couple of weeks every year?

Like many northerners, Florida is my home away from home. I’ve been going there twice a year for the last 30 years to escape the cold and soak up the sun. The weather is glorious, the food and shopping are first-class, and the beaches are breezy and relaxing. No wonder it’s one of America’s most popular vacation spots.

Recently, some of you have emailed me because you’re planning a trip to Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, but you were wondering what to wear. So here’s a look at some stylish ideas for what to pack for Florida.


Beach Vacation - print pants


1. White/Light Jeans

One of the thrills of jetting off to Florida when it’s cold and snowy back home is slipping into a summery pair of white or light-colored jeans once you arrive. White jeans are a staple in my “down south” wardrobe. I usually pack at least a couple of pairs in different lengths and styles. This year I spotted these cute floral print jeans, which are just a little bit different. These are from NYDJ, so you know they will be comfortable.

I like the creamy white color with the soft blue print, and the cropped style is so cute! I’ve paired it with a simple sleeveless top to get a little sun on my arms and this tropical, relaxed woven bag. Add tie-up sandals, earrings, and some cute sunglasses, and you are ready to start your vacay!

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florida vaction outfit - floral maxi dress

2. Fabulous Maxi

A sun vacation is a great time to go all out and wear something you might typically not wear at home. A long summer maxi dress is perfect for resort life. A gorgeous maxi that is soft and flowy in a colorful print is just what you need when you want to look a little glamorous and feel relaxed. Pair it with these sleek sandals, this darling wicker bag, cute earrings, and a big, floppy sunhat!

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Florida Vacation outfit - Bermuda Shorts



3. Shorts

Not everyone is into shorts, but it doesn’t hurt to bring a pair. I like neutrals and some brights, but I’m not a denim fan. Talbots has a great collection of shorts.

These light taupe, linen blend shorts are nice because they’re long ( 9″ inseam) and relaxed but not baggy looking. They fit snugly through the waist and hips and flare out almost like a skirt, making them a bit dressier than your average pair of shorts. They are made from a linen blend and have a very flattering 7″ length, making them not too young looking but not too old lady either. A classic white linen button-up always looks classy with shorts. Finish off the look with these cute straw platform wedges, sea glass earrings, and this festive straw bag!

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Florida Vacation Outfit- Palm Beach Pants

4. Beach Pants

Hot weather and the ocean breeze always make me feel like wearing something loose and relaxed, and that’s where a pair of drawstring beach pants come in handy. (They also help when you know you’ve been overeating but don’t want to think about that, LOL!) White 0r tan linen beach pants are popular, but I came across these print ones, which are tropical and cute. I like that the print is light and soft. Some of these print beach pants are a little over the top for me, like I’m going to a Hawaiin Luau.

I thought these straw mules were fun, and that’s a cute bag, although it’s probably more for the beach because your wallet and makeup would show through unless you had them in some kind of inner bag. It’s pretty cool that I found these pretty earrings almost exactly matched the flowers in print.

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Florida Vacation Outfit - Pink Dress


5. Cute Sundress

Casually chic is the name of the game when you are on vacation, and this cute sundress fits the bill. A relaxed shirtdress in a bright tropical color like this coral pink is fresh and sophisticated. Play it up with this darling pearl handle straw bag. It’s definitely different, rather dolly, and is sure to be a conversation starter! I love those raffia slides. I have a similar pair I got from Amazon last year, and I wear them all the time! Now, are you ready to do some shopping?

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Forida Vacation Outfit - Blue and White Stripes

6. Striped Sundress

Here’s another sundress that is perfect for Florida. Blue and white stripes are chic, slimming, and beachy. This easy-to-wear dress with the flattering V-neck and tie waist looks fabulous, with accented touches of white and straw.  I adore this boxy tote and these cute strappy slides which remind me of ocean waves. A sassy hat like this is a great way to look stylish while keeping the sun off your face and looking cool with a pair of classic aviators.

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swimsuits Brown

7. Sexy Swimsuit

If you plan to pack a swimsuit, make it a little exciting. A sexy neckline with a peekaboo keyhole makes you feel like a star. Add gauzy white beach pants with gorgeous netted sides, a classy straw tote, mules, and this must-have hat, and settle into your poolside lounger to read a good book!

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These are just a few ideas for what to pack for Florida. I hope you have a wonderful time!

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20 thoughts on “What To Pack For Florida: 7 Breezy Vacation Outfits

  1. I live in Central Florida and will be retiring soon to SW Florida, and if you’re traveling here anytime more quickly, you’ll want to pack warmer clothes as it gets cold at night and isn’t warming up enough during the day to wear these clothes. My advice to my friends and relatives that travel here this time of year is to pack layers. It can be 80 degrees one day and in the 40’s the next if a cold front comes through.

  2. I have lived in Sarasota/Bradenton area for eight months. May is a shoulder month for the weather, which means temperatures are on the way up, but high humidity is relatively down. Just layer your outfits because the air cools fast if the sun is not there. Bright spring colors will fit right in, and sandals always work this time of year. Most spring days are sunny since the rainy season generally starts in June. I hope this helps with fashion choices…

  3. Hi, I am coming to Tampa, Florida, in May for my grandson’s wedding. I am bringing a three-piece outfit that is mixed and matched, it is navy and grey, the skirt is interchangeable & long, and the top is sleeveless, with another top over it with sleeves, very lightweight material. Should I wear a hat? We will be there for three or four days.

  4. Hi, I am coming to Tampa, Florida, in May for my grandson’s wedding. I am bringing a three-piece outfit that is mixed and matched: navy and grey, my skirt is interchangeable & long, and the top is sleeveless, with another top over it with sleeves, a very lightweight material. Should I wear a hat? We will be there for three or four days.

    1. Hi Joan, If the wedding is outdoors you may want a hat, but it is not required. Just be sure to wear sunscreen and don’t forget sunglasses. If you have bare shoulders, you may also want a light wrap so you don’t get sunburned!

  5. Thanks for the tip that beach dresses can double as a way to cover up my swimwear when I’m not in the water. Since my wedding has been postponed, my fiancé and I just focused on possible honeymoon destinations once the pandemic is over. As such, I think I will spend some time upgrading my wardrobe for some resort wear.

  6. As a snowbird for years, I have been visiting the Sarasota area. I will be moving there permanently next year. I will be 70 in January, yet I am pretty into dressing well. I Am 5’3”, size 2-4, love shorts, hate capris (which make me look shorter), and am slender. I love suggestions, so I blend in without looking like a snowbird!! Thank you!

  7. I love SW Florida. I wear shorts, tops, sandals, and sneakers. That’s it. I’ve never worn a dress. In the last three years, I’ve only worn pants once. And my shorts are long, just above the knee. I’m not 16. It’s very casual down here.

  8. I do like the idea of the maxi. My husband and I make an annual trip down to Florida to the Bradenton/Sarasota area. We’re baseball fans and take a weekend trip to watch a Pittsburgh Pirates spring training game. I generally pack my Pirates jersey and t-shirt.

    Our hotels have a pool, so I always pack my bikini. I am looking for something to wear poolside.

    Because we’re only gone for 3-4 days, I use the “less-is-more” plan when packing.

  9. I hate to say this, but dressing like this in Florida, i.e., loud tops and sandals t-shirts, becomes boring very quickly! Here in Central Florida, where I live, Women cannot wait for the temps to drop to 75 so we can wear jeans, leggings, and boots!

    1. Hi Linda,
      If you live in Florida, I understand that you wouldn’t be dressing like this so much, but for us northerners, it’s vacation time. We can’t wait to get out of the dull colors and into something light and a bit tropical. Bring on the sunshine!

      1. You can tell the comment is from a resident. Us northerners would be sweltering in jeans and a sweater when it is 75 degrees. I love the bright (not loud) colors, although I rarely wear sleeves in the islands or FL. Too hot for my liking.

    2. Yes, I can imagine. it’s the other way around where I live. We get bored of wearing coats and jeans and want it warm enough to wear shorts and dresses:-)

    1. I live in Florida. These suggestions are great. Good-fitting jeans are a staple here as well as day-to-evening sandals. Neon tops have long been popular in South Florida. It is a Palm Beach/South Beach sort of thing. You can wear a less loud or patterned top with white shorts/skirt/jeans to be less traffic-stopping. Navy, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia, or black with colorful accessories make a standout outfit with white too. Floridian females live in well-fitted scoop-neck t-shirts, intelligent accessories, shorts, and sandals. Pack a lovely sundress for evenings, and bring a wrap if the one you choose is strappy to fend off the a/c.

      1. Hi Corrine,
        Great advice. Nothing like hearing from someone who lives in Florida to get the full scoop on what to wear. I like cropped pants ( plain and printed) and wear many of them in Florida with pretty tops and sandals.
        Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Deborah

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