What To Wear When You are an Over 40 Bride and the Wedding is Causal ?

Hi Deborah,

I’ve got dressing my age (52) down.  I’m a pretty good dresser, not frumpy, thanks to my teenage daughter.  And, no, I don’t dress like I’m 16! My problem is that I am getting married this summer in a 10-acre backyard in a rural setting in Texas.  

Most guests will be wearing blue jeans.  It’s going to be simple and fun.  What do I wear?  I don’t want to look like Ellie Mae Clampett wearing a dress made by Cousin Pearl, nor do I want to look like the girls from Hootersville.

I am 5’10”, wear between a 6 and an 8, small chested, Norwegian heritage, pale skin, and blonde and silvery hair.  It’s not bleached! What can I wear just to look memorably pretty? Thanks, Lin

casual wedding dress
This V neck and empire waist are very flattering.

Hi, Lin,

You are tall and slim too, lucky you! You can probably pull off a sleeveless style, which is perfect for an outdoor wedding during a hot Texan summer! Shopping for styles might be difficult since you’ll see a lot of fussy, frilly junior dresses out there with big bows and high hems!

Stick to simple lines, lighter, flowy fabrics (nothing too heavy or satin-y), and V-necks to bring the attention up to your face.   Also, stay away from anything too heavily beaded or embellished, or anything too short!  To the knee should be the highest your skirt should go.

As far as color, you still do want to appoint yourself as “The Bride” in pictures and to your guests.  After all, you’re still a bride – you can allow yourself to go a little glam and stand out in the crowd!

Therefore, go for a lighter color.  I know that once you get to a certain age, wearing white to your own wedding can be considered passé (sometimes even taboo!).   But if you’re a traditionalist at heart, why not go for ivory or white?

turquoise casual wedding dress
Chiffon will keep you cool.

If you don’t dare do white, then choose a light blue or green.  (With your skin, stay away from pale pinks and beiges — they could wash you out!)  A soft pattern would also be nice, as it has a more casual feel.

Solids colors are pretty too, as long as you spice it up by putting some flowers or an embellished comb in your hair.


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2 thoughts on “What To Wear When You are an Over 40 Bride and the Wedding is Causal ?

  1. Try The Cotton Bride ( Especially since it’s Texas. And will probably be hot. The other thing you can do, oddly enough, is look for modest wedding gowns. They have short sleeves and can be very simple. I’m guessing you might like that. Or, as another option, think Sharon Stone. Wear a white t-shirt, and a white long skirt, with a wide sash.

    Oh, and fancy cowboy boots, right:)?

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