What to Wear Hiking In Summer: Practical, Cute Hiking Outfits

Hiking is more popular this summer because it’s a great way to get outside and exercise.

hiking what to wear

Here’s a cute outfit I have been wearing hiking by the creek where we live. These comfy camo leggings and white, stretchy shaping tank are a great choice when you want something comfortable and functional. I’ve had this utility jacket for a long time and thought it went really well with this utilitarian look. My jacket is no longer available, but here is a similar style.

What to Wear Hiking

Whether you’re planning a big hike to a major national park or just trekking around locally, here’s how to dress to go hiking and some hiking outfits that are both practical and cute.


Hiking Outfit - Shorts, breathable tee

1. Choose Moisture Wicking Clothes

It can get pretty hot when you are trekking up those trails, and you will sweat a lot. You’re best to wear loose, breathable clothes made from light materials that absorb sweat and dry fast. Polyester and nylon are great fabrics that keep you feeling cool. This cute V-neck top, for example, is made from 100% polyester.

Cotton is iffy. It keeps you cool when it’s hot and dries out, but otherwise, it tends to absorb a lot of moisture and dry slowly, which can lead to chaffing and discomfort.

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2. Wear Light Colors

Light colors, like white or tan, reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Dark colors, like black or navy, will make you feel hot and sweaty because they absorb the sun’s heat.


Hiking Outfit - Biker Shorts, vented tee

3. Mesh, Slits, and Open Vents are Helpful

Staying cool is all about improving airflow. Look for hiking tops, shorts, and pants with built-in vents that you can open in the heat. Mesh tops, and clothing with slits, are also a great way to beat the heat. This white mesh back top ( above) that is also layered is a great hiking top.

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5. Spandex is Comfy

We’re used to living in spandex because it’s so darn comfy. This makes it ideal for hiking clothes.  Spandex bike shorts, capris, and leggings are great for mobility, and because they sit so close to the body, you don’t have to worry about loose fabric getting caught on bushes or branches.

The best spandex pants have pockets that come in super handy when you are out in the wilderness and need to carry many things.

Hiking Outfit - Blue Dress, hiking shoes

4.  A Hiking Dress or Skirt Can Be a Good Thing

Many women prefer a hiking skirt or dress rather than pants, leggings, or shorts because they get more ventilation, and their legs don’t chafe as easily. A skirt or dress is also a convenient thing to wear when Mother Nature calls!

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6. Protect Yourself with UPF-rated Clothing

Clothing with a UPF rating goes one step further than regular clothing to keep you protected from the sun. No one wants to come home from a day of hiking with a whopper of a sunburn!

7. Layer Up

Wearing thin layers of clothing that you can slip on and off is always a good idea. For example, you may be wearing a sleeveless top, and the sun is so intense you need to cover your arms, or it’s hot during the day, but the temperature suddenly dips at night. Layers are perfect for this.


Hiking Outfit - Capris, athletic top, hiking shoes

8. Take Along a Hiking Hat

Take along a hiking hat; you’ll be glad you did! The best ones are made from UPF nylon and have mesh paneling to allow air to flow, which means less sweating. Your hat should be lightweight and easy to pack without ruining its shape. Look for a hat with a drawcord and adjustable toggle to keep your hat secure when it is windy out.

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9. Wear Proper Hiking Shoes

In the middle of summer, and depending on the terrain, hiking sandals may be more appropriate than heavy hiking shoes or boots. Just be sure to pick sports sandals with an excellent tread that are super comfortable and made specifically for outdoor activities.

Closed-toe sandals are always safer than open-toe, especially for rocky terrain. Be sure to wear them in before you ever set foot on the trail.

10. Choose Socks Wisely

Synthetic or wool socks are better than cotton to absorb sweat. Make sure they fit well so they don’t rub or slip.

Happy Trails!


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  1. I love everything in this post – great job!! I am outdoorsy, so I am interested in all these outfits! Excellent practical and stylish tips.

  2. Hiking is one of my favorite activities among all the other activities I do. I am choosing the perfect outfit that should be worn while hiking becomes a significant task. The companies and accessories you shared in this article are the best you can use for hiking. Thank you for sharing it with us through this article.

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