What To Wear to a Casual Restaurant

It’s the end of a long day, you haven’t even gotten out of your yoga pants, and you don’t feel like cooking dinner. What can you quickly throw on if you want to zip out to your local eatery for a burger, salad, or tasty bite? Here are a couple of casual looks that are fast and easy to pull together.

orange lace up top and jeans


Lace-Up Sweater

The easiest thing to slip on when you are in a hurry is your favorite pair of jeans. It’s amazing how a cute, current little top can dress them up big time.

At this time of year, a sweater is perfect. I love this feminine lace-up sweater that is light and comfy. The gorgeous red color is such a nice pick-me-up any time at this dreary time of year. Pair this outfit with sleek suede booties and a touch of jewelry, and you’re ready for some fun.white cold shoulder top and black Jeans


Cold Shoulder Sweater

It’s tempting to throw on a plain old top and be done with it, but being stylish takes practice. Get in the habit of wearing something current and fresh even if you aren’t going anywhere that special. You never know who you are going to run into, but more importantly, taking the time to look nice will make you feel perfect about yourself.

This cold shoulder sweater is a great example of a top that is relaxed and right on-trend. The bell sleeves give it a bit of a boho vibe. Tall riding boots add that touch of class. Don’t forget a little piece of jewelry. It makes all the difference when elevating an outfit from o.k. to Oh, yah!

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15 thoughts on “What To Wear to a Casual Restaurant

  1. I am a new subscriber and enjoy reading the posts about dressing for various events.
    Thanks so much love your blog,
    Sharon from Dallas

  2. Spot on, my favorite way to look. Your ideas of putting the whole look together suit my style perfectly!

  3. These outfits are cute for anyone.

    Our city, like most, has a “rich” side of town, and the Goodwill there is a treasure trove! Like KC says, others think I’m the biggest clothes-horse on the planet and must spend a fortune…but I’ve drifted so many beautiful, brand-name things! Stopping in frequently pays off; I’m not the only one who knows about this place! My advice wrt thrifting, though: do you see it as fun, a treasure hunt, a “green” way to be stylish? If not, don’t do it. My sis says it makes her feel poor and sad. Nothing’s worth that.

    1. Lynne, I’m so jealous. The Goodwill and the upscale thrift shops in my locale are pretty dismal places to shop. Perhaps I haven’t mastered the technique, but I never find those worn once or tags-still-on treasures that many women speak of. Even at a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, the clothes often look like they’ve been retrieved from a dumpster. Lucky You!

  4. I’m with the other ladies, it’s very hard in some of the magazines, and in online suggestions for clothes, shoes, and accessories, they’re way too expensive. This is a lousy economy; many have had to cut back on life’s little luxuries. But I second the thought of Goodwill. All you need is an idea of the outfit above, and go shopping with that idea in mind. If you frequent thrift stores, eventually, you can become an expert in them and find some excellent stuff for less. Labels too. My mother has done it for years. People ask if she’s rich. She has so many beautiful clothes, all from thrift stores. It does work, ladies. Truly. ;o)

  5. I love the outfits. Nice colors too.
    I just had my colors done online by Lora and loved the experience. My color swatch just arrived, and while ‘my’ colors are generally the ones I tended to buy anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find some new colors in the palette. It gives me some new things to explore.

  6. I love the colors and the outfit’s simplicity, but I cannot wear that type of neckline, and frankly, I am tired of seeing it everywhere. I sure wish “the preppy look” would come back in style because that’s what I wear best. Also, I know you are just giving ideas for a casual look, but sometimes I wonder if you realize many women over 60 cannot afford the price of online or magazine suggestions. Maybe they have something similar at Goodwill (and they are not cheap, either!) LOL!

  7. Cute but too dressy. I’d put on some jeweled-up thongs and a more casual blouse. If I wore this, my husband would say, “now I have to change because you are all dressed up.”

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