What to Wear Under an Open Knit Sweater

Holey Moley! Have you noticed all the Open Knit sweaters lately?

Open knit or open stitch is a loose knitting style that creates larger holes, making sweaters see-through and breathable.

These sweaters are trending for spring, and the first question that pops to mind is, what do you wear under an open-knit sweater?  Here are a few stylish ideas.


open knit sweater outfit

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Wear a Neutral Colored Bra

Open-stitch sweaters, with their semi-see-through nature, are perfect for bridging the gap between spring and summer. They’re warm on cool spring days but not thick and heavy like a winter sweater. They look and feel light and airy.

Sometimes, open-knit sweaters are a little more tightly knitted, sometimes more loosely.

The tightly knitted ones look more texturized than holey, and you can often get away with just wearing a nude bra underneath, and nothing will show through.

For example, this pretty blue open-stitch sweater is a denser knit.


open knit sweater tank

Open Stitch Tank Top

Other open-stitch sweaters are very holey, so you have a few choices. In this case, wearing a nude bra or any color bra is not a choice I would recommend.

I’m not sure if this top above is supposed to look sexy, but I don’t find it flattering at any age.

Wearing a bra under such a holey open knit is too revealing and is “too much information.” I suggest a tank top or camisole underneath to cover the tummy.

open knit sweater with camisole

Evereve Open Knit Sweater

Wear a Camisole or Tank Top

For example, I love the look of this open-knit sweater with the built-in camisole. It’s alluring but much classier than baring it all.


polo open knit sweaters

Polo Open Knit Sweaters

What Color Should You Wear Under an Open Knit Sweater?

There are two ways you can go with this. You can wear the same color underneath as your open-knit sweater, so you get a tone-on-tone look that blends.

You can also wear a lighter or darker color underneath to create a high-contrast look. Right now, the high contrast look is big, although I prefer the more elegant monochromatic look.


open knit sweater black, rust

Orange Open Knit Sweater | Black Open Knit Sweater

Should You Wear something Full Length or Cropped Under your Open Stitch Sweater?

If you want to go with a contrasting look, there are two ways to style it. You can go with a full-length tank or camisole.

Or, I am noticing a lot of cropped tops underneath. These bandeau-type tops and bras are not as revealing as regular bras, but they do show your stomach. It’s more of a younger trend unless you have the confidence to pull it off!


ladies open knit sweater and black jeans

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The Perfect Open Stitch Sweater

Here’s an open-knit sweater that I think is a perfect solution! I Love this chic sweater!

You get the open-knit look at the top where you want it, but your bust and stomach are covered. This is a great find, and it comes in three colors!

open knit cardigan

Moonlight Open Stitch Cardigan

Wear a Tee Under an Open Knit Cardigan

When you have something like an open-knit cardigan, you can wear a simple white tee under it with white pants, making the sweater stand out. I adore this elegant look!!


linen open knit cardigan

Linen Open Knit Cardigan

Try a Linen Top

You can also wear linen under an open-knit cardigan, which looks great. The key is that a cotton tee or a linen top is lightweight and airy, like the open-knit cardigan, and that’s why they work well together. They have the same natural feel.


open knit sweater

Layered Open Stitch Tank Top

Create a Layered Look

When I mentioned that you can wear a tee under an open-knit top, I forgot to mention that you can also leave the tee untucked out for a modern layered look. This open-knit top has the tee built right in. Now, that’s handy!


Open Stitch Sweater and Cardigan

Wear Open Knit Over an Open Knit

How about an open-knit cropped cardigan over an open-knit cropped sweater? I don’t think it looks too heavy, do you? You still might want to wear a nude camisole under this.


womens open knit sweater

Patchwork Open Stitch Sweater

It’s Your Choice

Ultimately, what you wear under an open knit sweater is your choice.

There’s no one way to do it. It’s really about what you like and, more importantly, what makes you feel comfortable.

So, what do you think? Would you wear a bra or cropped top under a holey open-knit sweater? What do you think looks best underneath?

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Here are a few other open knit sweaters in stores right now.

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2 thoughts on “What to Wear Under an Open Knit Sweater

  1. Deborah,

    As always, your recommendations are classy and appropriate. I would do the tone-on-tone look that blends and a full-length layer underneath. I’m not interested in showing too much. Cheers!

    1. Hi Carolyn, Thank you for the lovely compliment. There are so many variations on how you can wear these tops. One that I saw that was two tones that I did like was all black (top and pants) with a dark brown open-knit sweater layered over top. That actually looked very classy because there wasn’t so much of a contrast, and black and brown together is a very elegant color combo. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers, Deborah

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