What to Wear to a Concert Over 40, 50+

As summer approaches, concert season kicks into high gear. Is your wardrobe ready to rock and roll?

Even if you’ve been to dozens of concerts in your life, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to wear at this age and stage. You want to look cool but not ridiculous or dated. No worries!  I’ve got you covered.

Today, I’m sharing some on-trend concert outfits for mature fashionistas that will have you blend right in in a good way.  Let’s get started.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Concert Outfit

If there’s one outfit that generally works for all concerts, it’s a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and one of your favorite leather jackets. This classic concert outfit is timeless and safe but rather plain. So, let’s talk about how we can upgrade that.

First, Let’s take a look at some things to consider when finding the perfect concert outfit.

rock concert

#1 Think about the Venue

No matter what type of concert you attend, the venue is the first thing you should think about when planning your best concert outfit.

For outdoor events: Think about the weather, which can change on a dime, and the type of ground you will be standing or sitting on. Is it soft grass, hard concrete, or uneven stone?

Indoor events are a little bit easier to plan for, but you never know how close or far away you might be from an air conditioning/heating vent or how crammed you might be to the person next to you.

Layers are typically your best option, no matter what the venue. For example, if you take a jacket, you can slip it on halfway through the concert if you are cold. Or,  tie a sweatshirt around your waist if you get dancing and things heat up.  Layers help you be prepared no matter what the weather or venue. There’s nothing worse than going to a concert to have fun and not being able to enjoy the music because you are so darn uncomfortable.

A few favorite go-to concert layering pieces are

  • Hoodies
  • cardigans
  • dusters
  • utility jackets
  • leather jackets
  • bomber jacket
  • vests
  • wraps/scarf
  • relaxed, unstructured jackets

These items can be styled up or down depending on the concert type, but they make great staple pieces to build on.

#2 Consider the Genre of Music

Naturally, the type of concert you’re heading to will play a big part in your outfit decisions. Different musical genres create different atmospheres; your outfit should reflect the vibe.


Rock concert style - Flare Jeans & tee

Rock Concert

For a rock concert, you’ll want to look a little edgy. Think dark colors, neutrals, simple casual pieces that fit the body, lots of leather, studs, or anything a little rebellious and sexy.

Jeans are a no-brainer; if you have distressed or raw-hem jeans, they can look very cool.

Leggings will also fit right in.  Graphic tees are popular (yes, they are fine for a concert at any age), as well as a top or blouse.

Avoid heavy sweaters and turtlenecks, especially indoors. They are way too hot.

Click here to see some cool  rock concert outfits I have styled.

country concert outfit jean and a ruffle top

Country Concert

For a country music concert, the vibe is natural and feminine. You want to add some country flair without looking too sweet and a little girly or like you are wearing a cowboy costume. Try a dress, short or max, with cowboy boots.

Jeans with a lace top or frilly blouse and a belt with a big western buckle are perfect.  You can also incorporate floral prints, touches, plaid, and flannel for a modern Western look.

More cowgirl  country concert outfits here. 

Pop Concert

Pop concerts are really fun to dress for because anything goes. A good rule of thumb is to take your clothing cues from the performer. So, for example, Beyonce has been performing in a lot of silver sequins lately, and everyone at the concert has been dressing the same way!

Jumpsuits are another favorite at pop concerts. Bottom line – You be you and make your outfit colorful and playful, too!

Hip-hop Concert

The overall vibe is sporty chic – a danceable look. So, wear something light and minimalistic, like fitted tops, joggers, or loose wide-leg jeans.

Rap Concert

Think slouchy, loose, or oversized. Go for athleisurewear, sneakers, sandals, jeans, sporty t-shirts, and fun jackets.

Jazz Concert

For a jazz concert, the vibe is more sophisticated and dressy with a cocktail feel. It has such deep, bold colors and sleek, classy looks. Velvet dresses, silk, sparkles, a touch of glam even if it is a more outdoors casual jazz concert.

More Formal Concerts

More classic concerts require dressier, more elegant outfit ideas. Examples include an opera, classical concert, or music awards ceremony. For this occasion, you reach for a classic dress, sophisticated blazer, sleek ankle boots, low heels, or anything that sparkles.

The best inspiration is google some celebrity A-listers and see what they wear to these events. The tuxedo trend or anything dark is a good fallback.


Your Concert Outfit – The Finishing Touches


Once you’ve sorted your outfit’s main components, let’s shift our focus to some killer accessories. We’re aiming for pieces that elevate the ensemble, are practical, compact, and won’t weigh you down. After all, you’ll be lugging them around the entire time!

Your Bag

Leave your typical tote or lady bag home and opt for a lightweight crossbody bag. It won’t weigh you down, get lost, or be pickpocketed like a bit tote, for example! Be sure to check the venue’s website to see if there are any rules about size or if your bag needs to be see-through.


If you feel hurt, you won’t have a good time. You will likely be doing a lot of walking and climbing concert hall stairs amongst thick crowds. There are better times to wear high heels. Your best is sturdily heeled booties 1-2 inches.

You can walk in sneakers or other comfy walking shoes. Be prepared for them to get dirty. Where there are crowds, there is dirt.


Jewelry is a great way to enhance the vibe of your outfit and create a concert-themed look. For example, turquoise jewelry looks beautiful at a country concert, and anything sparkly, colorful, or bling at a pop concert is fabulous. Leather, beaded, studded, and feather jewelry at rock concerts fit perfectly!

Cool Sunglasses

What can I say? Cool sunglasses are a must for all rockers and concertgoers, especially if you are outside.

Other Accessories

Remember an umbrella/rain poncho, hat, and sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors! You will be sorry if you don’t! Sunburn is real and drizzling rain is miserable.

The Most Important Part! Have Fun

The bottom line is dress for fun. Take a chance and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear every day to get into the spirit of the concert.

Once you get there, you’ll find women in a wide range of outfits,  proving there is no right or wrong way to dress for a concert. So relax, enjoy, march to the beat of your own drummer. Rock on!

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