What To Wear With A 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

jacket length sleevesDear Deborah,

Three-quarter length sleeves on winter coats seem to be popular, but what do you do with your dress sleeves, shirt, etc.?  Would it be appropriate to wear long gloves?

Thanks, Ellen

Dear Ellen,

Yes, you can wear long gloves, but the real question many women wonder about is This big question is: Is it OK for your sleeves to hang out the bottom?

Yes, I’ve seen these jackets styled that way, but I feel a 3/4 sleeve length jacket looks best if you wear it with a sleeveless top or a top that allows you to push up the jacket’s sleeves. The point of the jacket is to show off your forearms and wrists, creating a  sporty, youthful look.

This type of jacket also looks great with a sleeveless shell top.

As far as color, I really like to keep it simple and classic by wearing black underneath or making the jacket pop with a white blouse. I particularly like a black turtleneck with the sleeves showing. It looks fab with the houndstooth.

How do you wear a 3/4 sleeve-length jacket? I’d love to know.


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5 thoughts on “What To Wear With A 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

  1. I love this jacket – do you have the details of where I could buy (or make if it is no longer available) – I am in the UK :(

  2. I love this jacket! I bought a fuschia in similar style at a resale shop (did not pay $40) and really like it. I think I will wear pencil skirt, black hose and wide belt with it next cool day we have.
    I just love this website! Thanks for all the tips.

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