7 Styling Tips to Nail the Tuxedo Trend

tuxedo julianne Moore

tuxedo julianne Moore

What do you wear on a fancy night out to a concert or gala when you are bored of the routine cocktail dress? This spring a “Luxe Tux” is an elegant, sexy option.

The Tuxedo trend, first dubbed Le Smoking, has become a classic since it was first introduced by Yves St. Laurent in the 60’s.

marlene dietrich tuxedo

marlene dietrich tuxedo

It’s a dramatic, sensual look that isn’t for everyone, but on the right woman (a woman with a little Marlene Dietrich in  her, LOL), it can be stunning.

Many over 40 stars like Julianne Moore and Jennifer Aniston have turned up on the red carpet in tuxes, inspiring style conscious women everywhere to give this look a try.

With Tuxedo style

With Tuxedo style

Recently I was at a charity concert performance and ran into  personal shopper Laura Paletta who looked totally on-trend in her menswear tuxedo.

Here’s how she put the look together and gave it her own personal twist.

“My  lambskin leather pants are Victoria Beckham, they are great staple piece in my wardrobe.

The vest and jacket are the latest Eco friendly collection from H&M called “conscious” and I believe it’s made from recycled materials. The jacket retails for $129.00 and the vest was $39.00!

I was trying to channel the Yves Saint Laurent “le smoking” look without breaking the bank and being a little more environmentally conscious.

I love the androgynous look with a little sexy and loads of style and comfort.”

Laura’ s outfit is a great example of combining high-end designer pieces with more everyday, affordable brands. She really nailed this look. Let’s break it down and see how she did it.

With Tuxedo style, details make the difference to create just the right mood. For example:

1) Wear the Jacket Alone

If you are wearing the jacket, and the jacket can be black or white (I like the white, it’s so fresh for summer), then there are a couple of ways to do it.

If you are really daring you can wear the jacket, alone with its deep V, maybe even some cleavage showing….. very sexy.  It plays out that fantasy of  you, in your lacy bra and panties, flirtatiously slipping on your big strong man’s elegant oversized evening jacket.

2) A Vest Can Be Sexy Too

The other way you style it is by wearing a sexy button up vest like Laura has. It’s also very alluring because, let’s face it, vests are really meant to be worn with stiff white shirts, not alone against soft, bare, feminine skin. It’s a hot surprise.

3) Wear the Pants with a Feminine Blouse

Killer pointy heeled pumps or  strappy high sandals

Killer pointy heeled pumps or strappy high sandals

If you prefer to wear just the tuxedo pants, without the jacket, then a very pretty, feminine blouse is the way to do it. Something satin or silk is nice. Your top can have lace or ruffles. It can be loose or draped, even a peplum… whatever suits your personality.  The key is have that contrast the difference between the straight, strong masculine lines of the tux and the soft, round, feminine curves of your body. That’s what is so sexy.

4) High Heels are a Must

Killer pointy heeled pumps or  strappy high sandals are the way to go when you wear the tuxedo look.  Laura’s shoes, which were super comfortable and edgy, were a Zara find and well priced at under $80.

black jaguar handbag

black jaguar handbag


5) A Clutch or Sleek Handbag is the Perfect Match for this Look

Accessories can make or break an outfit like this. Laura’s stunning black jaguar handbag was a big “wow”.  She says the purse was purchased in Toronto at Urban Outfitters. The label reads Deena and Ozzy. Laura says, “I was on Queen Street (a funky shopping area) and it literally stopped me in my tracks! I am a sucker for different and vintage finds.”

Some other tips for how to style this commanding look…….

Gorgeous, shiny jewelry worn with this masculine

Gorgeous, shiny jewelry worn with this masculine

6) Keep Hair and Make-up Sophisticated

In keeping with this dramatic look Laura pulled her hair back off her face. Her make-up was flawless. With a tux, the best way to look polished is to go with a classic dash of red on your lips, or you can wear a glossy nude.Forget girly pink and peach lips and avoid dark mauve and brown shades on the lips, which always look harsh after 40 no matter what you are wearing.

7) Add Some statement Jewelry

Gorgeous, shiny jewelry worn with this masculine look is a gender bending. Laura  wore a couple of huge beautiful sparkly rings. Here Jennifer Aniston has gone with multiple gold necklaces. A bit of bling really warms things up and makes her shine.

Do you think you’d ever try the tuxedo look? Send us a photo if you have and we’d love to post it. Photos can come to us at myphoto@fabulousafter40.com


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  2. noel gorden says:

    Love this look! I am already thinking ahead to my husband’s Christmas Party. My jacket is black velvet; my pegged pants are teal with a black tuxedo stripe. What are your suggestions for shoes and tops for winter?

  3. Hi. I know that this blog is not exactly for me :), but I found you and have to tell you something. You are absolutely amazing. I looked here often and take an example and inspiration. For my life and more :)
    thx Deborah :)