How to Wear a Wrap Dress – Top 10 Questions Answered!

Feel like a woman, wear a dress!  Those were the words of designer Diane Von Furstenberg in 1974, the inventor of the iconic wrap dress. Created as an alternative to the masculine dress for success suit, the wrap dress is still a worldwide fashion favorite to this day.

What makes it so popular?

A wrap dress defines the waist, lifts the bust, and gives every woman a fantastic hourglass figure. It’s feminine but powerful – a symbol of the modern woman. Here are the top ten things you need to know about wearing a wrap dress with style!

1. How To Wear a Wrap Dress?

A wrap dress is one giant piece of fabric with a hole cut into the waist. To wear a wrap dress, follow these steps:

  • slip on the dress like a robe, wrap the left side of the dress across your body.
  • find the small hole on the right-hand side of the dress seam,
  • thread the long tie through the hole on the inside of the dress.
  • As the dress cinches up adjust the neckline so it feels snug.
  • Then, pull the longer tie around your back and back and in front again until it meets the other tie.
  • Tie the two at the left side of your dress, creating either a knot or bow and let the remainder of the ties hang down.
  • Make sure your tie is tied snug to keep the top part of your dress in place. 


2. What Do You Wear Under a Wrap Dress?

Wrap dresses are designed to skim your body and highlight your curves. But since they are usually made from silk, jersey, and other soft, stretchy fabrics, they tend to show lumps and bumps. Shapewear is the perfect thing to wear under a wrap dress to create a smooth, even silhouette.

Look for shapewear with a firm tummy panel and a high waist.  I like Spanx High Power mId-Thigh Shaping Short, which goes right up, just under your bust. If you wear shapewear panties that end at the waist, you can often see the waistband outline under the dress because the shapewear doesn’t come up high enough to meet the tie waistband.

I’m also a fan of Spanx Encore Open Bust Mid Thigh Shaper Bodysuit. This has straps and an open bra area. I find the bodysuit more comfortable than shaping shorts.

Left | Middle | Right

3. How Do you Wear a Wrap Dress without Flashing?

Wrap dresses tend to come open where the dress crisscrosses at the bust. Some women sew a hook and eye or a snap into the V-neckline to prevent showing too much cleavage. I find that two-sided dressing tape at the point of the crisscross works best. It’s the least noticeable.

You can also try pulling the neckline in place, then pinning it near your waist where the dress crisscrosses. If you try to pin at the top of the dress by your cleavage, you will see the dress pull.

Another easy fix when you’re worried about how to keep a wrap dress from flying open?  Layer it!  Wear it with a  stretchy camisole or tank top worn underneath. It’s perfectly fine to see something like this covering your cleavage, and it’s very appropriate for work.

4. How do You Wear a Wrap Dress in Winter?

The great thing about wrap dresses is they are fashionable year-round.  Light cotton and linen wrap dresses are best for warmer climates, but you can still wear your jersey, silk-blend wrap dresses in cold weather. Wear them as is or with a long cardigan or jacket. Knit wrap dresses are trendy in the winter every day. Velvet and sequin wrap dresses often surface at Christmastime.

Everyday wrap dresses can be worn with a semi-opaque or opaque hose and winter footwear. Dressier styles that you might wear to cocktail party calls for a lighter sheerer hose.


5. Can you Wear Boots with a Wrap Dress?

Absolutely! Tall boots look fabulous with wrap dresses. Or you can wear booties with a high shaft – about 4″. Make sure the booties taper in a bit as the shaft rises and as the taller narrower leg is more flattering when you are wearing a dress.

If you wear booties in the same color as your stockings, your legs will appear longer—i.e., red and black wrap dress, black semi-opaque stockings, and black suede booties.

6. How Do You Wear Leggings with a Wrap Dress?

Some women like to wear leggings with a wrap dress in winter.  The best way to do that is to create a column of color under your wrap dress. For example, in winter, wear a black turtleneck with Ponte Wblack leggings and then layer your wrap dress over the top, leaving the v neckline quite open to expose the turtleneck. Finish off the look with booties. This is a  funky more fashion-forward look.

You can even take this a little further and leave your wrap dress open like a duster, exposing the black column. You will need to tie the belt at the back of the dress to hold the dress open at the front. Here an example of a blogger who got creative to show you what I mean. 

Left | Middle | Right

7. How Do You Style a Wrap Dress?

Wrap Dresses have lasted so long because they are super versatile and can be styled up or down.

For Everyday – Wear them as is with some pretty jewelry and feminine sandals or heels. You can wear flats if the dress is on the short side. To give your pretty dress an edge, you can always throw on a leather jacket.

At work – Wear a wrap dress with closed-toe pumps and conservative jewelry such as a single or layered necklace and gold studs.  A long cardigan worn over a wrap dress creates a cozy, chic work look. A structured jacket adds polish and authority, especially at work.  If you want to change things up some days or are in a more creative work environment, you can also try wearing an oversize sweater over top of your wrap dress to make your dress look like a skirt.

After hours – If you are going out for dinner or date night, wear a push-up bra, switch to long dangly earrings, high heels or sexy boots/booties, bolder makeup, and add more bling.


Left | Middle | Right

Midi-length dresses are popular in general this spring, and that goes for Wrap dresses too. Also, wrap dresses in the latest mix of Pantone spring colors are in. Florals never go out of style and graphic prints look modern too. Vertical prints, like stripes, elongate the body and make you look taller.

Faux wrap dresses are another version of wrap dresses with a permanent closure at the front to prevent anything from peeking out. You slip this type of dress over your head to unzip it to get into it. These are great if you are big-busted and concerned about “the girls” falling out.


One of my favorite wrap dresses – I’ve had it for years!

9. Wrap Dress Outfits – Inspiration, Please!

Here are some wrap dress outfits to inspire you no matter where you are going.  For easy styling, these tips:

  • a solid dark color is most conservative if you have a traditional workplace or attend a conservative function.
  • When wearing a print wrap dress, pick up on the colors in print by adding accessories in the same color.
  • Shoes and bags don’t have to match but should relate to the dress.
  • Structured accessories like boxy bags are more formal than soft ones.
  • Small earrings and stud earrings are more conservative than dangly ( so save dangly for fun time).
Mother of the Graduate Navy Print Dress
green floral wrap dress
Wrap Dresses - Black and White BLOG
Wrap Dress - Orange BLOG

10. Where Do You Buy Wrap Dresses?

Wrap dresses are always in style and regularly stocked by many stores. I always find a good selection at Nordstrom and Macy’s. Banana Republic and Ann Taylor often have them too, and of course Amazon and Zappos.

So you see, I really am a fan of wrap dresses! I own three, and I think a wrap is a perfect dress for any occasion. You can wear it casually, to work, on a date, or for a special occasion, and it travels like a dream. Sexy, versatile, and effortless, a wrap dress really is a girl’s best friend!

Here are some more wrap dresses to shop at Amazon:

Plus-size wrap dresses:


Over 50? Here’s How to Wear a Leather Jacket at Any Age


How old is too old to wear a leather jacket? If you’re struggling with this question, you’re missing out on one of the best clothing investments you could make. Here’s why a leather jacket is a fantastic addition to your midlife wardrobe, and how to one at 40, 50 and beyond.

Why Buy a Leather Jacket?

1.  A Leather Jacket is Modern and Youthful

Leather Jackets - Red

red leather jacket | pants | sweater | black flats | bag

A leather jacket is considered a modern alternative to the classic suit jacket.  It’s like a blazer but more relaxed and edgier. This cool edginess is what gives it a youthful vibe. Notice I said youthful, not young.

A leather jacket won’t make you desperate to look young, so long as you choose one that’s more on the elegant side, and you style it in a grown-up way. ( Tips on this coming up) What a leather outfit will do is give your outfit a shot of youthful energy.

2. You Can Wear Them with Everything

leather jacket | sweaterdress | boots | bag | earrings

The wonderful thing about any classic piece, including a leather jacket, is that it is a hard-working wardrobe staple. A leather jacket can be worn with the most casual of clothes, or it can be worked into a dressy ensemble.

Throw it on with jeans, a cute top, and a pair of suede booties, and you will feel the frump melt away.

Slip it on with a pretty dress and heels and you suddenly look very hip. A leather jacket’s magic power is that can transform any average outfit into something suddenly very cool.  

3. Leather Jackets are Comfortable

The leather jackets we wore years ago have changed. Gone are the days of thick, heavy, stiff leather jackets that made you feel like you belonged to a motorcycle gang.

Today’s leather and faux leather jackets are thin, lightweight, soft, and buttery. They look and feel more elegant and sexier than ever before. I own three leather jackets and they feel almost as comfy as wearing a sweater. This burgundy leather jacket is my favorite.

4. They Make Great Transition Pieces

It’s always hard to know what to wear as we transition from summer into fall and fall into spring. A leather jacket is ideal.

The new lightweight leathers I’ve been talking about are perfect for shifting into a new season when it’s chilly. I’d even say they leather jackets are great year-round because they can be worn as an outdoor coat or an indoor layering piece.

This time of year, I love to wear my tan faux leather jacket with a thin sweater and a nice pair of black jeans or leggings + loafers, booties, or riding boots.

5. They Look Classy

Leather is luxurious so if you aim to look classy and expensive a leather jacket can help. Just be sure to go with a quality brand. Coach, Andrew Marc, Eli Tahari, Theory are some of my favorites.

Faux leather is a lot cheaper but can look chic, too, depending on the brand. Nordstrom usually has a good selection of faux leather jackets.

A unique detail will also make you stand out from the crowd, such as Chanel-like quilting, shoulder epaulets, an unusual type of collar, or a rich, unique color. I have a lovely brown leather jacket with a braided military-style collar which looks very rich.

6.  They are Timeless

I have a friend who has been wearing her black leather jacket for over 15 years, and it still looks fab. This is the power of a great leather jacket. Yes, they can be costly, but they are always plenty on sale too. Check frequently for sales, and visit sites like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth, who carrry fabulous leather designer jackets at huge savings.

7. Leather Jackets are Ageless

navy leather jacket | jeans | booties | sweater

The last great reason to own a leather jacket is that is ageless. It can look fabulous at 20 or 70. This is provided you like the look and feel of leather to begin with.

If you against wearing leather, or you just don’t see the beauty of a leather jacket on anyone, then perhaps a leather jacket is not a suited to your style personality.  However, if you are curious but nervous to wear a leather jacket, go for it.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket at 40, 50, 60

1. Choose an Elegant Style

Looking age-appropriate or Age-amazing, as I like to say, is partly about choosing the right leather jacket for you. The good news – There are thousands of styles of leather jackets, so don’t worry about finding one to suit your esthetic.

As a mature woman, you may not want a biker look -something cropped short with a lot of hardware or any other leather jacket with an extreme look to it. That’s fine because a sleeker, more understated leather jacket will always look fabulous.

2. Try Colored Leather

Don’t go thinking that black is the only color choice when it comes to leather jackets. Black can be  harsh on a mature woman, exaggerating facial shadows and wrinkles, unless you have the right coloring. However, You will have no problem finding colored leather or faux leather jackets in many gorgeous shades such as emerald, navy, wine, tan and brown.

There are lots out there,  and these can often be more flattering than black.  Of the three leather jackets I own, none of mine are black. I also own a suede moto jacket – great for who women are easing into leather or who want a more casual vibe.

3. Combine it With Something Chic

The second part of the perfect style recipe for wearing a leather jacket over 40, 50, 60 is styling it in a more elegant way than you would have when you were in your twenties. For example, you might wear a black leather jacket with short skirt, tank top, and heels when you were in your 20’s, but at 40+, you’ll look more chic wearing something like a burgundy leather jacket over a neutral colored sweater dress with tall or flat boots.

There are endless ways to style a leather jacket, and it boils down to what feels right to you. The more elegant the leather jacket, the more paired down the look, the easier it is to pull off.

Take a look at these over 40 Style bloggers and their favorite moto jackets. You’ll see that looking fabulous is all in the way you style your jacket. Also, here are more popular ways to wear a leather jacket.

Burgundy leather jacket with Talbots scarf-1
This is my favorite Burgundy jacket with this gorgeous limited edition artistic scarf by Talbots!

How to Rock Leather Leggings at 40, 50, and Beyond

Leather leggings are edgy and sexy, so they can be challenging to wear after 40, 50, or more.  Nailing the look, so you appear chic and not cheap, depends on what you wear them with. For example:

Don’t wear leather or faux leather leggings with

  • short tops
  • tight tops
  • flimsy and see-through tops
  • very sexy tops with deep V-necks and cutouts
  • tall, leather high-heeled boots
  • anything with biker gang details like buckles, studs, and chains
  • weighty, masculine pieces
  • too much glitz, shine
  • cheap fabrics
  • too much jewelry
  • too many accessories
  • piles of make-up
  • big hair
  • stilettos
  • head to toe black

DO wear Black Leather Leggings with:

  • tops that flow and are not too tight, so the silhouette is broader, looser on top and narrow, skinny on the bottom
  • tops that end below your hip bones (minimum) or cover your bum, or go even longer
  • cozy, loose, slightly oversized sweaters
  • narrow cut ( but not tight) blouses and shirts
  • tunic style dresses or tops
  •  blazers layered with a long top or sweater underneath
  • sporty and classic pieces
  • feminine touches like lace or peplum
  • long boyfriend cardigans and cascading sweaters
  • rich fabrics like cashmere, silk
  • trench coats, peacoats
  • color- brights or neutrals
  • tops with details at the neckline if you are wide below to draw the eye upwards
  • few accessories- leather pants are a statement on their own
  • Shoes or boots in black like your leggings to create a long, lean line. Flats like smoking slippers, ballet flats, and booties work well.
Spanx faux leather leggings tunic
tops to wear with leather leggings
Need ideas for tops to wear with leather leggings? Try a bright jacket or a boyfriend cardigan. Yes, that is Martha Stewart wearing leather!

What Tops should you wear with Leather Leggings?

There are many tops you can wear with leggings, which I will show you below. What’s common about all of them is they cover your bottom. The best tops to wear with leather leggings are:

1.   Long Shirts

Leather Leggings Outfit - Black with olive tunic

A long shirt that covers, matte or silky adds a feminine touch to leather leggings, which have more of a masculine vibe.

shop the look

2. Cozy Sweaters

Leather Leggings Outfits - Brown Leggings

A long sweater looks relaxed and cozy, while leather pants give your look an urban edge. This black turtleneck looks great with these brown leggings. Notice the cool faux croc print, which adds some nice texture and personality to this outfit.

shop the look

3. Long Cardigans

Leather Leggings Outfits - White Stripe

A long open cardigan looks super sleek over black leggings and a tank top. This outfit looks super sporty with these athleticwear style leather leggings that are new from Spanx.

shop the look

4. Dresses with Faux Leather Leggings

You can wear a dress with leather leggings, but it has to be the right dress. A short sweater dress with faux leather leggings is a chic look. Pair it with booties or your favorite slip-on statement sneakers.


5. Tunics and Knit Tunic Sweaters

Leather Leggings Outfits

Any tunic or tunic sweater looks great with leggings, particularly if it flares out a bit at the bottom. When it has an asymmetrical hem, it gives an artsy look. A solid color is always striking with black leather leggings or wear a print with a bit of black in it to tie in with the black leather leggings.

6. Blazers

Wear a slim fitting, but not baggy t-shirt ( untucked) + a blazer + leather leggings to look chic. This is a dressier version of blue jeans and a top. Layering pieces helps you create a wide to narrow shape that is very slimming.

7. Ponchos

A poncho is another knit that looks great with leather/faux leather leggings. A poncho + leggings + riding boots is a very chic look.


Not Sure about Leather Leggings? Try Suede Leggings, Instead

Best tops to wear with leather leggings - Green Suede

If you can’t quite wrap your head around leather leggings but want more of an edgy look than a Ponte legging, try suede leggings. They are hip, but also elegant.

shop the look

One final note: I recently bought faux leggings, and after wearing them one, they stretched out, so you may want to think about going one size smaller. Check with the salesperson how much they are going to stretch.

Do you have ideas for what to wear with black leather leggings? If so, please comment or send me a photo. I would love to post it.



How to Look Chic in a Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a girl’s best friend! It’s loyal and true and comes to the rescue when you’re struggling to know what to wear. Always appropriate, this classic wardrobe staple never goes out of style and always makes you look fabulous.

Deborah Boland LBDIf you don’t own a Little Black dress or you don’t feel like a million bucks in the one you have, then it’s time to go shopping. Here’s everything you need to know about how to look chic in a little Black Dress.

1. Choose the Right Little Black Dress for Your Body Type

Little Black Dress

If you have to try on 25 little black dresses until you find the perfect one, it definitely worth it. With so many styles, you are sure to find one to flatter your unique body shape. Women with hourglass shapes need to make sure their dress is fitted through the waist, or you are going to look heavy. A shift dress that shows off your curves is ideal. Ruching will help hide a tummy pooch.

Pear shapes look good in fit and flare styles that nip in at the waist but allow lots of room through the hips and thighs. Dresses with lots of neckline and shoulder detail such as flutter sleeves or an off the shoulder neckline will widen your top half, balance it with your bottom half, and also help draw the eye upward and away from your heavier bottom.

Rectangles shapes can create a waist where there is none by looking for belting a relaxed dress or wear a dress with volume at the hips to create curves- a peplum dress, for example. Colum dresses can also work because they flatter their athletic shape.

Inverted triangles with large shoulders and a little bottom can go with full-on wide skirt to balance off their top half. Strapless and Halter styles are also very flattering for women with broad shoulders.

Apple shapes can try an empire waist, or if your tummy is quite large, try a ittle black shift or sheath dress with a long flowy chiffon overlay.

Any type of warp style dress is universally flattering and helps create that classic, feminine hourglass shape.

2.  Make Sure Your Little Black Dress has a Sexy Detail




The beauty of the ‘Little Black Dress’ lies in its simplicity, so make sure the one you choose has clean lines, not a lot of fussiness and frou-frou. However, do be sure that your little black dress has a touch of sexiness, like a slit up the side, a deep V neck or back, a lacy hemline, or some sheer fabric across the bust or arms. Just one sexy detail keeps your classy, not trashy.

Things like pretty buttons, a sash or cuffs, in velvet, silk,  tulle, and other sumptuous fabrics will create a very rich look too.

Continue reading “How to Look Chic in a Little Black Dress”


3 Cute, Casual Ways to Style Flared Jeans

You’re running out to pick up some groceries, or you’ve got a doctor’s appointment, and you don’t want to wander in wearing yoga pants. What do you throw on that’s casual, unfussy but looks modern and stylish? This season flared jeans are popular.

While it may feel like the 70’s all over again, take a closer look, and you’re going to be excited. You can look fab in flared jeans. Here are three ways to style flared jeans.

Continue reading “3 Cute, Casual Ways to Style Flared Jeans”

Feel Good Ways to Wear Shorts After 40

Not all middle-aged women are comfortable in shorts, and that’s perfectly o.k.  But if you want to wear them, there’s no rule or reason you can’t. Here’s how to pull off shorts at 40, 50 and beyond and feel good about it.

shorts over 40 tan with animal print tee Deborah Boland

1. Choose a Flattering Length

How short is too short when you’re middle-aged or more? Determining the best length of shorts to wear is always tricky. It basically boils down to three things – your figure, where you plan to wear your shorts, and your confidence level. The three most popular lengths are:

  • Short Shorts

These are easiest to wear when your legs are very toned. Aim for short shorts with an inseam that is minimum,  4″ -5″. Anything shorter will look skimpy and unflattering on a grown-up gal.

Shorts striped

similar shorts here with 5″ inseam

These short navy &  white striped shorts I’m wearing (above), have a 4.5-inch inseam. They’re definitely on the short side, but they work. They would look nice at a backyard BBQ, a trip to the beach, on a boat.  I’m wearing them with a sleeveless button-up blouse, rather than just a t-shirt, to upscale the look.

  • Medium Length Shorts

This is one of the most popular lengths of shorts for women over 40. When you don’t want to reveal too much leg,  but you also don’t want to wear Bermuda or walking shorts, then choose a medium length short.

Medium length shorts have a 5-10″ inseam and end a few inches above the knee. This pair of navy nautical-inspired shorts wide the side pocket buttons has a 5″ inch inseam.

Shorts Outfit - Peach denim Bermuda shorts and white tie top styled by Fabulous After 40


  • Long Shorts

Classic Bermuda shorts that end at the top of the knee are a great choice if your legs are not as firm as they used to be, or you need a pair of shorts that are a little more formal.  Bermuda shorts usually have an inseam of about 11 inches. These are a good choice for women over 50, who feel more comfortable with lots of  leg coverage.

Tip: If you’re still unsure about what length to wear, try this trick. Lay your arms down by your sides. Where do your fingertips end? That’s usually a comfortable minimum length for wearing shorts for most women.

Shorts Outfit for over 40 - Blue striped shorts and yellow top


2. Don’t Wear Tight Shorts

Tight shorts, especially in the thighs, are aging and all too common. If you have side pockets, they lie flat. If they flare out, your shorts are too tight.

How to Wear Shorts Over 40 - peach blouse, black shorts outfit styled by Fabulous After 40

3. Buy Quality Shorts

Even a relaxed, casual pair of cotton shorts should look classy and fit well. You can never go wrong with crisp, tailored shorts that look classic and chic. These high waist shorts with the tie are trendy at the moment. Soft, silky shorts can also look classy on the right figure.


chambray shorts, mid thigh denim shorts , cut off shorts (too jr!)


Shorts - Frayed Denim


As for denim shorts for women…

          • A dark wash jean is dressier and more slimming.
          • Chambray is modern but looks more relaxed.
          • Stay away from short, faded, distressed, or frayed cut off jean shorts for women ( Daisy Dukes).

4. Don’t Wear Skimpy Tops with Your Shorts

You want to look classy, not trashy. If you are showing off a lot of leg, then it’s best to stay a little more covered up above the waist. A skimpy top and short shorts start to look tacky over 40. Balance it out.Shorts - Olive Green


5. Wear Fabulous Accessories with Your Shorts

Shorts and rubber flip-flops + not much else looks plain and junior. Add fab jewelry, a great tote,  cute sandals, and you’ve got a grown-up ensemble.

The bottom line is that shorts for women over 40  look great when you put a little effort and thought into your overall look! For more ideas on how to wear shorts, check these tips for  Cute and Classy Ways to Style Shorts.

Rock a great pair of shorts from Amazon.

Top Row: Left | Middle | Middle | Right

Middle Row: Left | Middle | Middle | Right

Bottom Row: Left | Middle | Middle | Right

Who has a great selection of shorts right now?

TALBOTS – They have tons! Lots of Bermudas but shorter ones too

NORSTROM  -An excellent modern selection

CHICOS – A colorful selection of long and shorter


How to Match Your Purse to Your Outfit

In some ways, your purse is the most important part of your outfit. It’s like the cherry on top of the sundae that makes the whole thing look just so appealing. Get it right, and you are the height of elegance, get it wrong, and you go unnoticed. With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which type of bag looks the best look best with what outfit?

Here are some general guideline to help you feel more confident.

How to match your purse to your ladylike outfit


1.  A Ladylike Dress: Structured Day Bag

This feminine fit and flare dress is lovely and ladylike. The vibe is polished, proper and classy, so a sleek, structured bag in a classic shape best complements the look. Whether it is made of leather or not a structured day bag should be durable and substantial.

Medium size is generally best for a top handle or over the shoulder style. Beautiful hardware will give your bag that elegant edge you are looking for. Continue reading “How to Match Your Purse to Your Outfit”


3 Fresh Ways to Dress Up a Simple Striped T-Shirt

I always have a couple of cute striped t-shirts hanging in my closet because I love the way stripes give casual outfits a sporty, youthful vibe.   Stripes are considered a classic and pretty much a neutral too because they can be worn with just about everything.

striped tops

Here are 3 cute striped spring tees, and some popular “now” ways to mix and match them. Continue reading “3 Fresh Ways to Dress Up a Simple Striped T-Shirt”


5 Style Hacks For Wearing Black

While it’s no secret that I’m a big believer in the power of color in your wardrobe, particularly for an over-40 gal, I also know that black is a power color in its own right and a much-loved choice for many. That’s particularly true this time of year when many of us will be pulling out our little black dresses (or pants or satin blouses). Here are five style hacks for wearing black. Continue reading “5 Style Hacks For Wearing Black”


Nude Suede Booties Styled 2 Ways

Welcome back to my Style series: 2 Ways/7 Days! Today is Day 7, and for our final look, I’ve chosen a classy pair of nude suede booties. Many of you probably have a pair of black booties in your wardrobe and might be wondering about branching out to other colors. But what other color do you choose?

I vote nude ones for your next pair. They’re as versatile as black, if not more so, and they look they modern and hip at any age.

Here are just a couple of ideas on how to style nude suede booties. (And if you’ve missed the other items in my 2 Ways/7 Days  series, you’ll see links to them at the bottom of this post.)

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Sophisticated Velvet Blazer Styled Two Ways

Velvet… it’s rich and luxurious, and it looks great worn with other dressy pieces, but that’s only one way to style it. Today in my weeklong Wardrobe series called 2 Ways/7 days, I’m showing you how velvet can easily be worked into casual outfits too. It’s très chic to do so!

Velvet Pinstripe Blazer

Have a look at how you can wear this stunning velvet pinstripe jacket by night and day. Similar color here.

Velvet Pinstripe Blazer Jumpsuit

Velvet Blazer – Dressy Look

A gorgeous wine-colored velvet jacket is stunning after hours with a sophisticated black sheath dress, but have you ever thought of wearing this with a jumpsuit? When you’re going to an evening event, and you need a cute topper, this pinstripe velvet blazer makes a stunning cover-up. Talk about making an entrance!

It’s a piece you could wear into the party or even keep on during, since it’s short, fitted, and figure-flattering. You might even want to slip it off and drape it around your shoulders to make a sexy little statement.

Pinstripes give this fashion-forward jacket an executive vibe, which means this jacket would also look fabulous with a silk blouse, a black pencil skirt, and high heels at an important business dinner.

Velvet Pin Stripe Blazer Skinny Jeans


Velvet Blazer – Casual Look

It’s cool these days to mix high-end with low-end, which is precisely what you get when you combine a luxurious velvet jacket like this with everyday rough and tumble denim. A t-shirt may feel funny at first under what used to be considered a dressy fabric, but you’ll see the look is modern.

Pair this look with suede booties and a cute crossbody bag, and you’ve got an upscale casual look that hits that’s right on target. Don’t you love getting lots of wear out of something you love and have paid good money for?

To see more casual ways to wear velvet this fall, check out this post on my new rust velvet turtleneck.


Cuddly Faux Fur Vest Styled 2 Ways

In today’s installment of my 2 Ways/7 Days series, I’m styling this faux-fur vest. Many women don’t even consider a faux-fur vest because they seem a little too far ‘out there.

Ironically, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They’re a versatile option and an easy way to make a plain outfit a little more stylish and fun. But don’t stop there: depending on the vest and what you wear it with, a faux-fur vest can also be one of the quickest and classiest ways to achieve an edgy, street-chic look that’s appropriate at any age. They are warm, cozy, and, as far as I’m concerned, one of your best fall accessories.

Here are just a couple of ideas on how to style a faux-fur vest.

Continue reading “Cuddly Faux Fur Vest Styled 2 Ways”