How to Confidently Wear White Jeans in Winter

Remember that old rule; you can only wear white pants in summer? Things have changed, but it’s still hard for many of us to get on board this new way of dressing. If you feel unsure about wearing white jeans and pants in winter, here are five style tips to get you past your mental block and make you look wow!

Winter Whites - Monochromatic

1. Wear Heavier White Fabrics

Breezy white linen pants and airy white cotton tops are too thin and flimsy to work in winter. To nail a winter white look, you must wear thicker, heavier fabrics like wool and denim. White wool pants look stunning in winter, and you can wear white jeans in winter. One of my favorite looks is a pair of white jeans worn with a chunky knit sweater, a neutral top, or anything with an animal print. 

Winter Whites - Sweater Dress


2. Opt for Softer White Shades

It may be hard to imagine wearing white pants in winter because you visualize stark white. Instead, try wearing softer shades of white, all mixed. For example:

  • Creamy whites look warmer and weightier and add depth to your look.
  • Wintry whites with hints of yellow feel cozier.
  • Snowy shades communicate richness and elegance.
  • Creamy whites don’t wash you out the way bright white does.

The key is not to be matchy-matchy with white. It’s far more elegant to have a tone-on-tone look. Even beige and taupe look fabulous when mixed with various shades of white.



3. Mix Textures

If you’re starting to warm up to the idea of white pants in the winter and maybe even a head-to-toe white look, be sure you incorporate some texture into your outfit. For example, if you need an idea for wearing a white dress in winter, try this: Start with a cable knit sweater dress, add black suede boots, and a black leather/suede bag.

Or, try a lovely monochromatic look consisting of a soft, flowing, long white skirt worn with a chunky, cream-fuzzy white sweater. And taupe booties. Another outfit to consider: a silky ivory blouse worn with a nubby, white pencil skirt. The variation in texture adds dimension to your all-white outfit and will make you look modern and hip.


How to Wear White in Winter | white top, black pants or black top, white pants outfit, black booties

4. Combine White with Black

Many women assume wearing white means all white. But that’s just one way to do it. Combining a pair of white pants with black is an easy way to feel comfortable wearing white in the winter. This classic combo looks incredibly modern and fresh when it’s cold out. Wear a chic black sweater with white jeans and black suede booties, flip the look, and a pair black pants with a white top.

How to Wear White Jeans in Winter | White jeans, lilac sweater outfit | styled by Fabulous After 40

5. Pair a Pastel with a White

Other ways to wear white jeans in winter? Try pairing them with a pastel-colored sweater. For example, a cozy lavender sweater with white jeans and booties is beautiful and transitions well into spring.

How to Wear White pants in Winter | White blouse with choker collar, white flare pants, silver accessories outfit

6. Add Some Glitz

If you want to elevate white pants to a place of total elegance, then a bit of shine goes a long way. A bit of bling in the form of jewelry or a touch of hardware on your bag will make it look luxurious and rich. For example,  how about pairing soft wool white pants with a creamy white sweater with some silver embellishment?

Or, try some shoes with a touch of metallic. See how this silver clutch and strappy metallic sandals add a little zing to all-white for an evening look.

7. Say Yes to White Jeans, Winter Coat

We’ve talked a lot about white pants, but I’m often asked, Can you wear white jeans in winter? And as you have seen, the answer is easy, yes! Try wearing white jeans with a fabulous off-white coat or jacket in a cozy winter fabric. Add a black turtleneck or boldly colored sweater, black leather boots and bag, scarf, and maybe even a leopard print scarf for a fun and playful look.


You’ll find more ideas for wearing white jeans in the winter.
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11 thoughts on “How to Confidently Wear White Jeans in Winter

  1. Deborah: I am 75 and fashion dysfunctional. Looking online, there are so many websites for building a “capsule wardrobe” consisting of primary neutral colors, e.g., black, white, grey, etc., but what if none of those neutral colors are your best colors… I am supposedly an Autumn; how does one build a capsule wardrobe with Autumn colors without having to go off the charts?

  2. I LOVE the white winter pairings! One of my favorites is creamy winter white pants with deep turquoise or purple sweater. I’m blonde, and these are my colors. One of the reasons I love winter white is because very few other people wear it. Love your blog!

  3. I recently bought a pair of Chic white jeans decorated with silver. I decided to Google and ask the question about wearing winter white. Very glad I did!! I can’t wait to style them. Thanks, bunches!

  4. I am a new subscriber to your site and love it very much.
    I am an avant-garde person in my style in general, and I must say that I never came to the idea of wearing white during the winter, but from now on, I will!!!
    Sonia from Canada Xox

  5. I love winter white and once saw a woman in it head to toe. It was a stunning look, even though I usually don’t match everything in an outfit. I have some winter white corduroys that I love. Glad it is ok to wear them.

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