Over the Knee Boots Over 40 – Yes, No, or Just Not to Church?

Look Closely.

michelle obama in over the knee boots with her daughter

Look Very Closely.

michelle obama in over the kneee boots

Michelle Obama puts her best foot forward in over the knee boots

Yes, those are photos from the Huffington Post of first lady Michelle Obama  in over the knee boots.  If you have been in limbo wondering if these trendy new boots were really appropriate for a woman in her 40′s 50′s and beyond, here’s your answer.

What do you think?……………….

Personally,  I love this look.  It’s a rich, classy outfit and the tall suede Jimmy Choo over- the- knee boots add an elegant, sexy edge.

The only thing I was a little surprised about is that Michelle wore these boots to church.  Now that’s a little edgier than most might feel comfortable in,  but to each’s own. I’m o.k with it now I’ve taken a second look. I think Michelle looks Fabulous.

What makes these over the knee boots work at her age?

There’s no doubt that over the knee boots are a youthful, sexy look, and it’s tricky to the pull off without looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Michelle looks great because she has followed these unwritten rules. Keep these things in mind:

  1. You need to be on the slim side with nice legs and thighs to wear this look.
  2. You have to be careful to pair your boots with a classy, good quality outfit that has some weight to it to ground the boots- Michelle is wearing a purple suede Azzedine Ali dress and jacket.  A heavy knit would work well too.
  3. Don’t wear these boots with anything too tight or revealing. Michelle is quite covered up which keeps it classy.
  4. You have to make sure if you wear a skirt it is long enough to almost hit the top of the boot. A mini would look sleazy.
  5. Keep the heel low. This tones down the racy over- the -knee look.
  6. Keep the style of the boot elegant. It needs to be clean and simple. This boot looks has no buckles, bling, laces  or tacky hardware and looks more like an elegant evening glove.
  7. Stay away from shiny black over-the-knee boots. These matte suede ones look rich, not rude.
  8. Wear opaque hose so there’s no leg between the hem of your dress and boot.
  9. Stay away from patent or shiny thigh high boots, or you’ll look like a hooker.

Bottom line: Are you  trying look fashion forward?  b)pick up a younger guy?  or c) trying to channel your inner biker chic? Take a look at what you are wearing with your over the knee boots and if you look like b) or c) change your outfit. 

You need some confidence and a good dose of style to pull off  this look once you are over 40 too so if you are not sure. stay away.

Are you thinking of trying this look out this fall?  If so,  comment below!

Am I Too Old To Wear That?

dressing after 40How many times have you eyed something cute in the store, picked it up and wondered, “am I too old to wear that”?

It’s confusing knowing how to dress after 40 because our bodies have changed, our lifestyles have changed and there are no role models out there to help us determine what to wear, or what not to wear at this stage of life.

Is there such a thing as age appropriate dressing, [Read more...]

Shorts- Age Appropriate Over 40 This Spring?

shorts fashion

photo: Vogue/NY Mag


Who wears short shorts?…. Do you wear short shorts? …..Well likely not if you want to look classy and age appropriate over 40. The Spring runways showcased  very short shorts worn with matching jackets- like a suit – hard to imagine on a grown-up gal in her 40′s, 50′s or beyond. [Read more...]

Vintage Black Lace Dress To A Wedding?

Dear Deborah,

 I stumbled upon your website and would appreciate your advice.

I’m 47 years old, 5’0, 123 lbs., have a Michelle Williams blonde pixie haircut, pear shaped figure.

My Dad is getting married again on December 8, 2012.  (My mother passed away 2 years ago and he’s found true love and happiness again! He’s 75 and his bride-to-be is 73!)

 I’m going to be part of the wedding ceremony.  I’ve purchaBlack Lace Dress To A Weddingsed the vintage dress that I’d like to wear, but I don’t want to look “costumey” and I want to make sure it looks age appropriate.”

What do you think of this lace dress?   I’m wondering if it would be better to remove the bow from the back.  Also, how should I accessorize and with what type of shoe?

Thanks so much for your help.

Laura Huff, Howardstown, KY.

 Hi Laura Lynn,

What a heartwarming story and how wonderful to hear how supportive you are of your father’s new love! It sounds like it will be a very special day indeed. I think the dress you have picked has a lovely “romantic” feel to it that will be just perfect for your Dad’s wedding.

I  like the dress very much as it is, and feel there is no need to remove the bow in the back.   What makes this dress so unique is the lovely sheer lace overlay that covers it, so be careful not to overdo the accessories. This means you will want to stay conservative and classic when it comes to shoes and jewelry.

For shoes, you should wear just some simple leather or patent leather pump in black with either sheer black hose or nude hose. Make sure you don’t wear anything with a strap since it will shorten your leg in photos.

You could also wear a simple nude platform pump, with nude hose to make the dress look more modern.

Keep your accessories simple. The dress has a lot going on so I would just wear dangly, colorful, jeweled earrings and a simple watch or bracelet. However,  be careful..don’t wear anything that will “catch” on the dress. Be especially be careful if you bring a clutch. Anything with jewels on it will grab the fabric and possibly  rip it or just be a nuisance.

Have a wonderful time. I’m sure you will look just gorgeous!

10 Sure Signs You are Looking Frumpy after 40

frumpy womanDo you look in the mirror and Feel like a Frump because you know that you’ve let yourself go. Trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making you look so old so you can finally do something about it? Then read on to learn The 10 Sure Signs You’re Looking Frumpy after 40:

1. You look like you are wearing a Tent

Baggy clothes that hide your entire body make you look old and matronly.
Show off the parts of your body you still like (for: example your bust) and cover up only the parts you don’t (your hips). Don’t use oversized clothes as a gigantic blanket to hide behind. Switch to more fitted clothing (but not tight) if you want to look fresh and with it.

2. Yellow Teeth

A big turnoff and a telltale sign of age despite how great you may look otherwise. Flash them a set of shiny white teeth and knock ten years off. These days it’s easy with at home whiteners or dentist laser treatments that restore sex appeal.

3. Dated Glasses

Still wearing those hokey glasses you bought ten years ago? Time to tweak your chic with some updated glasses. The trend now- buy at least two pairs—one that is dressy and one that is casual and fun and switch them around to look modern and fashionable. Be sure to take a stylish friend along with you when you make your choice. It’s easy to get stuck in an eyeglass rut and end up buying much the same thing you had before.

4. Dull uneven Skin Tone

As we age our skin starts to fade and years of sun damage from too much tanning begins to show up on our face as dark brown spots. You can even out your skin and restore its natural glow with cosmetic peels, and even laser resurfacing treatments. An added bonus- fine line and wrinkle also seem to disappear as the new layer of skin is revealed.

5. Scary Lips

Halloween is over! Ditch the bright lips which are too strong a contrast to aging skin and hair and try wearing soft natural shades in pinks and peaches. And as for those dark lined lips that make you look like a vampire- when were those EVER in? When you walk in a room you want people to think how beautiful your face looks, not how hideous your lips look. [Read more...]

Look Casual by Colorblocking

Libby Lowres

Libby Lowres

The New Orleans Jazz Festival is happening and I have some photos for you from the French Quarter where these two adorable Glam Gals were having lunch.

I just did a post on colorblocking and here it what it looks like in real life. I think this red white and black combo is very striking on Libby Lowres (age 55) who is visiting the Big Easy from the Fiji Islands!

Swimsuit Season! How to Look Hot Even With A Meno-Pot!

blue bathing suit to hide a tummy

A suit like this can be flattering and hide that tummy!

Dear Deborah,

So glad to have found you!!
I divorced last year (yay!) and am now dating a younger man (yay!). We are planning a trip to the beach in July so I’m swimsuit shopping.  My weight is fine & I’m in good condition.  The problem is that I had three children in three years without elasticity in my skin. I have a flabby front butt looking dealie bob beginning at my belly button. 
I’d like to wear the tankinis, but if my blob popped out, I’d have less fun.  One pieces ride up my backside.  I’m pretty active on the beach so when those suckers ride up & bring s pretty uncomfortable. Any ideas??
Thank you for being here!!  I’ve laughed out loud at your words & smiled as I read your responses & encouragement to women!!  You’re great!! ~Christy Ray
Hi Christy,
LOL, thanks for having a great sense of humor about this!
I know and feel your pain…this is the most depressing time of year and the thought of having to enter a dressing room with a pasty white “blob” of a bod, is not happy thought, yet it is still a must if we are going to get out and frolic this summer!
My friends over at Sequins and Sand have 3 great tips on how to hide belly fat this summer by wearing the right type of swimsuit, and they’re selling beautiful ones that cover and flatter!
Meanwhile, I think that your solution might just be a full-piece swimsuit.
  • If you are having problems with your bathing suit “riding up” you might be buying the wrong size or style. A full piece suit can be wonderful for romping around in or riding the waves.
  • Your other option is a swim dress. While that might sound old ladyish… there are some out there that can be pretty darn cute!
Good luck and keep me posted on what you end up with!
Do you have a favorite shop or swimsuit style you have found? Please share or comment below!

Are These Shoes Too Sexy For An Over 40 Gal?

“What do I wear with these?”

Dear Glam Gal,

My husband bought me these amazing shoes but I don’t know what to wear them with to update my look. On one occasion I wore them with leather pants and a flowing orange top. They are nice shoes but sit in the box a lot.  Thanks for any advice so I can wear these shoes.~Colleen

Hi Colleen,

Maybe it’s  never dawned on you, but my gut feeling is that your spouse really didn’t buy these shoes just for you.

These are for strutting around  in the bedroom! Just think, they would match the “pole” perfectly!!

But seriously… he sounds like a true sweetie to buy you such hot shoes! Best of all he must think you are super sexy!! [Read more...]

Are These Shoes Age Appropriate?

Morning Ladies!

I am 47, and I live in the land of the “plastic ladies” – affectionately known as Orange County, CA!It’s tough to find age appropriate clothes and shoes in my area, so I do a lot of online shopping!

I like the rock n roll look of these shoes, but I don’t want to push the age-appropriate envelope. The shoe description of “metal rings” and “woven cage-work”, are intimidating me. Thoughts?   ~Linda

Hi Linda,

These shoes are very cool and are fine for any age, as long as you put together the right outfit with it! Where you live you would certainly look hip and fit right in in these shoes. Moreover, they look super comfortable and have good support for a high heel!

One suggestion, most cream or white shoes can be tricky to find the right outfit to go with them and not as versatile as the black so if you had to choose one, go with black. (*see comments below for more discussion on this!)

Speaking of that, you could wear black opaque hose with the black pair but you would have to go bare legged with the cream.

Good luck and please send us a photo of you in them!!! If you have a question as to whether your shoes are age-appropriate drop us a photo at [email protected] are thinking oiraey

Shoes That Are Age Appropriate

Hi Deborah,

My friend and I  met you a few years ago when we attended the More Reinvention Convention. You wanted to photograph us for your blog, but we had to leave before you had time to do it. We have been following your blog ever since. Thanks for all the great info.

I saw your post about dressing too young and you mentioned extreme platforms as being too young.

This shoe has great style and is age appropriate for any age!

I wanted to know what you thought of this shoe for a women at my age of 53. I have a bronze colored sheath  dress that is very simple and am looking for a pair of shoes to wear with it. I found these at Nordstrom and thought they had some style, but wonder if they might be too much for my age. I don’t want to look silly.  I don’t know why, but I struggle with this issue lately. (I am size 4 petite.)

Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Thanks, Donna McArthur

Hi Donna,

I get a lot of questions as to whether shoes are age appropriate so you are not alone. Your  shoe is absolutely fine and certainly age appropriate. I really like platforms like this because it gives the illusion that you are wearing a very high heel, but the platform makes it more comfortable!  The shoe below is like yours, but would look too young for a nice cocktail party.

This shoe from Steve Madden, looks a little young.

Since I wrote that article about extreme platforms being too young, platforms have become so much more “mainstream” and so are not as trendy as when they first came out. Funny how that styles that seemed  extreme when they first come out, once they are around a while, don’t feel so wild and become more mainstream.

Shoes are one accessory that can really help you look more youthful. I think it is easier to make a mistake of buying a shoe that is too matronly vs one that might be too young.

Have fun at your party!