How to Look Alluring on Valentine’s Day

pink lips

What’s the best way for a woman over 40 to look alluring this Valentine’s Day?

Wear Some Make-Up even if you normally don’t.  It’s shocking how many mature women go around looking bare-faced and boring like they’ve just spent the day scrubbing toilets.

A bit of make-up brings some color and life to your face and enhances your femininity. Throw on a little pink lipstick, add some blush to your cheeks and pile on the mascara so your eyes look alive and pop!

It’s a special day so why not look like the gorgeous woman your guy married.
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How To Wear Ankle Booties With A Dress

Dear Deborah,

I love ankle boots and own a few pairs. I usually wear my booties with jeans or leggings, but would like to try them with a dress.

Since I’m 46, I  wonder if they are age appropriate? Do you think I can wear them and would you suggest I wear them?  

Thanks, Sheila

Deborah BolandHi Sheila,

Ankle boots work at any age and yes you can wear them with dresses. Here’s a few guidelines to help you look your best.


how to wear booties with a dress


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Neon Rainbow – What I Wore

Color makes you look alive, and if you are wearing neon, electric! Take a look at how these over 40 style bloggers rock this summer’s neon trend.

Yellow denim colored jeans

Neon with an Urban Vibe

Carmen is a 50+ style blogger who wanted an outfit that would do double duty for her trip to New York City. It had to be casual but a little trendy, and  it had to be versatile enough to  style a few different ways. These neon yellow jeans and t-shirt worn with a black vest and shoes fit the bill.

This is a look with stand-out style. It’s got a cool, urban vibe and she can mix and match pieces, which means it helps to cut down on her packing.

To see more of Carmen’s outfits and read about her adventures, visit her blog Fashionable Over 50.
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Street Style – Spring Skirts For Women Over 40

If you want to feel feminine and flirty, then a perky skirt is the way to go. Here is a quick look at REAL women on the street – Fashion bloggers and Fabulous After 40 readers who show off their skirt style.

Maxi skirts for women over 50

This vintage inspired skirt looks modern with the addition of a leather jacket. Perfect long skirts for women over 40 and 50

Timeless Tulle Skirt

Tulle isn’t just for graceful ballerinas. It’s also one of this season’s hottest trends, and looks especially pretty as a midi-length skirt.

Fashion blogger Vale fell in love with this delicate mint color and now finds that this tulle skirt is one of her favorite spring pieces. It’s romantic, nostalgic and quite girly, which makes Vale feel a bit like she’s playing dress-up.

In fact, when Vale wore this skirt, she had so many compliments from adults and children too, that it made her feel like she was living a fairytale.

Vale likes to pair her vintage-inspired, tulle skirt with this ladylike color block bag, colorful pumps that play off the mint color of the skirt, and this artsy statement necklace.

This is one dreamy color palette and a beautiful way to wear this spring’s pastels! Don’t miss more of Vale’s inspiring fashion sense and her life in Italy at her blog Fashion and Cookies. [Read more…]

Floral Sheath Dresses – A Spring Must!

blue floral sheathIt’s barely spring and the flowers are already blooming.. in the stores at least!

Sheath dresses (Michelle Obama’s signature look) are everywhere, which is great news because they’re timeless and perfect for over 40 fashionistas!

Sheath dress are elegant, not bold, but also very fresh, modern and youthful. They’ve always been my personal favorite!

Here’s what I’m seeing in the garden of fashion …………… Painted Roses: The elegant mix of colors and  the painterly quality of this floral print jersey sheath make this dress divine!

striped floral sheath



Florals and Stripes 

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Modern Safari- How to Get the Look After 40

Hi Deborah,

How can I tap into this spring’s Safari look without appearing like I’m wearing a costume? …Jan

Hi Jan,

If you’re a midlife gal, you know that safari trends trends tend  to come and go out of fashion every few years.


It probably won’t be the first time you’ve worn this style, if you opt to buy into it this spring. To make sure you don’t end up looking like an adventurous boomer going on your first African safari, you will want to remember these things.


Safari style shirts like this one (above) that perfectly match your pants make it look like you are wearing a uniform or costume. Avoid this look. [Read more…]

Is Beige Boring Over 40?

Dear Deborah,

The color beige seems to be everywhere this spring, but I’m afraid to try it because I think it will wash me out. Do you think beige is too much of a blah color for women over 40? …Judy

Hi Judy, Beige or sand as Pantone is calling it this year is very popular and  may suit you depending on your coloring.

It’s true that after 40 our skin and hair tends to fade and we can become washed out, so beige doesn’t always look so good, but with makeup and hair coloring you should be able to beige well if it has always looked good on you before.

If you are still uncertain whether you ever looked good in beige perhaps you’ve just never found the right shade of beige or nude as it is also being called.

Cool ash and pink beiges suit women with cool undertones. Warm peach and golden beiges are better suited to women with warm (yellow) undertones. [Read more…]

Over the Knee Boots Over 40 – Yes, No, or Just Not to Church?

Look Closely.

michelle obama in over the knee boots with her daughter

Look Very Closely.

michelle obama in over the kneee boots

Michelle Obama puts her best foot forward in over the knee boots

Yes, those are photos from the Huffington Post of first lady Michelle Obama  in over the knee boots.  If you have been in limbo wondering if these trendy new boots were really appropriate for a woman in her 40’s 50’s and beyond, here’s your answer.

What do you think?……………….

Personally,  I love this look.  It’s a rich, classy outfit and the tall suede Jimmy Choo over- the- knee boots add an elegant, sexy edge.
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