Mixed Metals – The Bold New Way to Acessorize

There used to be a time when gold went with gold, silver went with silver, and never the two should meet. But these days that matchy-matchy way of accessorizing is boring and old school.

The trend now is to mix your metals and there’s more flexibility than ever before. How to mix metalsRose gold is the newest metallic- a pink gold with a warm glow that’s opened the door for all sort of interesting unions between gold, silver, pewter, copper and many more.

Yes, mixed metals are in, and the bigger the better.

Today’s metallic accessories are fashionably oversized. Statement pieces like the boyfriend watch have been spotted on A-list celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara.


This week, one of my Fabulous After 40 readers sent in these photos of her mixed metal jewelry and how she wears it with style.


Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch in rose gold

Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch in rose gold

The Boyfriend Watch

Pamela, 48, from California LOVES her collection of  mixed metal Michael Kors watches , a staple in her wardrobe.

Michael Kors Barrel Rings

Michael Kors Barrel Rings

Pam says, “Everyday I wear a different Michael Kors boyfriend watch, tennis bracelet and coordinating Michael Kors Barrel Ring. It’s a look I love and whether dressed up or down, it’s always right!”

Pam is also a fan of mixing metals on her fingers. Here’s a couple of her favorite barrel rings in rose gold and silver.

You can see more pictures of Pam’s jewelry on her Facebook page: “Strokes of Genius Makeup/Hair/Lifestyle”.

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