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pix-dia-first-timepix-dia-first-timepix-dia-first-timeWomen everywhere are snapping up bold accessories that make big statements.

The most popular of them all: the boyfriend watch. These over-sized wrist watches can be seen on women of all ages as well as on A-list celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara. This week of my Fabulous After 40 readers has sent in these photos to show us how to wear the boyfriend watch with style. pix-dia-first-time


Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch in rose gold

The Boyfriend Watch

Pamela, 48, from California LOVES her Michael Kors watches. Pamela says, “Everyday I wear a different Michael Kors boyfriend watch, tennis bracelet and coordinating MK barrel ring. It’s a look I love and whether dressed up or down, it’s always right!”


Michael Kors Barrel Rings

Pamela thinks it’s never “‘too much” for everyday wear, if you think like that, you hardly get any use out of such beautiful watches!” One of her favorites is a watch that is completely rose gold.

She says, “I love this MK watch sooo much! It’s ALL rose gold, every single crystal!! Pamela frequently posts pictures of her jewelry combinations on her Facebook page: “Strokes of Genius Makeup/Hair/Lifestyle”.

I would love to meet more of you FAB ladies. Don’t be shy! Please send in your photo, your age, where you are from, and any details about your outfit to: [email protected] . I’ll feature you on my Facebook page as well as in an upcoming What I Wore. I love hearing from you and cheering you on, Glam Gals!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Good Morning I am going to New York to visit one of my old friends who is coming from another country. She is very stylish and dresses very well. She buys only branded stuff and really enjoys wearing them. I want to look well groomed. I am 40 and can u suggest what would be the right clothing to wear during February.

  2. Jean Withers says:

    Good evening. I’m preparing for a trip to Zambia, Africa this June and finding it a bit of a challenge. There are lots of websites suggesting “safari clothes” but nothing more helpful. My trip will be to locations where we Rotarians distribute mosquito nets [these have been proven the most effective way to prevent malaria]. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos of real people really traveling—and perhaps, helping—in Africa.
    From all that, I developed a color scheme for clothing and some personal values about them as well [light, cool, bright-but-not-obnoxious-colors, no fakey designer African prints, no assumptions that I can take real African print dresses to the land where they originated]. I’m also mindful that this may be an environment where my husband and I may be carrying [as in, on our backs] our luggage around. I’m not counting on using my handy wheelie luggage there most of the time.
    I know there are likely to be some evenings with Zambian Rotarians where I want to be appropriately dressed and honor the greater formality of these groups who will be honoring us. I’m also aware that women are less commonly members of their Zambian Clubs, and that, as the incoming District Secretary for my US District of 55 Rotary Clubs, I may be [nicely] singled out.
    The decisions I made about color are: navy, khaki, and maybe white bottoms; and, yellow, blue, khaki, and white as accent colors for tops. I figure the yellow can be toned down by khaki or white if we are out in villages. So far, I have found a great long Michael Kors navy knit skirt to serve as the long skirt of a more formal 2-part outfit for Rotary meetings. Other major find was a lightweight Jones New York khaki safari-looking jacket. I’ve found some other pieces integrating this color scheme [navy & white top; pale yellow blouse, lightweight khaki tank top, khaki crinkle skirt, & some tops in khaki, blue, etc.] I have a really durable REI wrap skirt in khaki that has served me well on past trips abroad. I have a lightweight navy-streaked-with-gold wrap that can be used if it gets cool and will look for something equally pretty in khaki.
    All this is based on my assumption that, in Africa, a mature woman [I'm 69] will be considered dressed most appropriately if she wears skirts much of the time..
    For shoes, I’m planning on wearing Merrill khaki gym shoes and navy boat shoes, because both have sturdier soles. For more formal occasions, I’ve found some sparkly navy/khaki/white/yellow/etc etc etc flats [thinner soles but a bit more dressy] that will likely serve.
    I’d really appreciate an outsider’s evaluation of this plan. Anything I’ve missed? Am I being too conservative/boring? Thanks for being so much fun!