Rockin’ Leather Moto Jackets Over 40

You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to look cool wearing a biker jacket.  Moto jackets are mainstream and add an edgy, youthful touch to whatever you pair them with.

Here’s a look at how some over 40 and over 50 fashionistas are styling them for Instagram.



Miriam is a popular Instagrammer who likes classic clothes with a twist. Her black biker jacket injects a touch of macho cool into a ladylike maxi skirt.



Valerie says life has its complications, being 50 isn’t one of them– She loves style/Travel/Food and looks fab in this Oxblood moto jacket with the gorgeous shoulder quilting.



Zilla is a South African Australian Wife, Mum, and a Perth Stylist. Throwing a black leather jacket over a pretty print dress is the perfect mix of yin and yang.



Nahia, is the Madrid designer behind IRONIC LUX, a new brand of  Italian-made scarves that obviously look really fantastic paired with a black leather jacket!



Fran is a London stylist, blogger, and Mummy of 2, High Street clothes addicts. Her army green jacket is a great choice and looks wonderful with her fair coloring.



Kelley is a Colorado-based, 50+ personal stylist and beauty blogger encouraging women to learn the style rules…and then break a few. She looks red hot in this bright, bold jacket with the cute peplum detail.



Mel is a creative stylist, model, and writer who knows what it takes to make a black leather biker jacket look ultra sexy.



Angela is a Romanian Instagrammer who says clothes and accessories are her passion. I love the elegant combination of brown and gray. So chic!



Annette is a German blogger and a Fabulous Afer 40 Styleblazer. She wears a lot of leather and looks fab in all of it. To see more read my interview with Annette.



Robyn says she’ll never trade in her high heels for flats. It doesn’t look like she will ever give up leather either. Cheers, to you Robyn and your ageless style.



Patrizia is a Spanish Interior Design Consultant who knows what it takes to put together a very cool look. A black moto jacket and a head-turning statement necklace make for a look that rocks!



Nikki is an Australian fashion blogger who helps busy women get out the door each day looking and feeling the best they can. Her tan leather jacket and leopard print scarf mixed with stripes is perfect for creative types.

Do you own a moto jacket? How do you wear it? Let me know or send a picture. Here are a few fab leather jackets if you don’t have one yet.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to add the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Leather Moto Jackets Over 40

  1. I totally own one! It was my first purchase when I was trying to figure out how to dress after 40, especially with this midlife body! They are so prevalent everywhere that I don’t feel like I’m making a big statement when I wear it. And if I don’t feel like wearing my black one I reach for my pink or white one! Such a good look for my apple-shaped body too! I’d say it’s a wardrobe staple for anyone who wants to add a little edgy look.


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