What to Wear With a Cape to Look Chic

When it’s not cold enough for a winter coat, but you need some cover-up, a cape is a fantastic fall transition piece.  A cape makes you look instantly chic.

Here are three of the most popular style of capes and what to wear with them.cape-camel

Preppy Cape

This classic cape coat takes its inspiration from a military-style pea coat or trench coat.  It is usually short, quite structured, and has a preppy big city feel. You will usually find it in black, camel, or gray wool and has details like gold buttons, epaulets, and toggle buttons.

What do you wear with it to play up the classic feel? Riding boots and a black turtleneck are a good match.



Minimalist Modern Cape

If preppy isn’t your thing, go modern with a sleek, minimalist cape. Zip down the front gives it a modern vibe. I have a cute black cape that has a leather belt.

Keep jewelry minimal but interesting, as these statement studs. Leather pants A structured handbag with clean lines keeps your look very of-the-moment. Ankle boots add a bit of an edge to this look that’s ready to go from the office to after-hours drinks.

Glamorous Fur Cape

For a total glamor, look try a gorgeous throw cape edged in fur. This is not just a great coat for the evening and special events. You can wear it with jeans to dress them up too.

No matter what look you choose, here are a few general rules to keep in mind:

1. Get The Silhouette Right

The beauty of a Cape is that it is wide up top, which means it can make your figure look pretty terrific if you get the bottom half right. For the perfect silhouette, try wearing your cape with black tapered pants, leggings, or a pencil skirt. This will give you a long, lean look.

Stay away from wide, baggy pants or voluminous skirts, which will only make your cape look big, bulky, and you’re the whole look overwhelming.

If you are petite, be extra careful, you get the right fit. You don’t want to look like a caped crusader drowning in fabric. Go for a cape that is a little shorter and has less volume.


2. Allow the Dramatic Shape to Take Centre Stage

A cape makes a powerful statement, so avoid wearing any other bold pieces or loud colors with it.  The rest of your outfit needs to be simple, so let the cape be the focus.

3. Create a Column of Color

One way to keep things simple and look tall and slim is by wearing a single color ( like black) head-to-toe underneath your cape. Be sure to mix up textures so you don’t look bland.

4. Pair with Sleek Boots for Balance

A cape is very voluminous. To balance the fullness up top, you need ann’t too lightweight shoe, or you will look like you are about to topple over.  A weightier shoe or a fabulous boot creates visual balance, grounding your look.

Preppy capes and flat riding boots are a match made in heaven. Both are highly structured, have substance, and give you a conservative “ladies who lunch” old money look.

Stacked heel ankle boots make a perfect counterpart to minimalist, modern-style capes because they are a little edgy but sturdy enough to match the cape’s weight.  Both ankle boots and capes are a study in strong lines, which modern fashion is all about.

5. Carry the Right Bag

Capes don’t work with over-the-shoulder bags with long straps that get in the way. They’re also not great with little purses that get swallowed up in all that fabric. The best kind of bag for a cape is a chic oversize handbag that you carry on your forearm. Add a pair of big sunglasses, and you’ll look like a movie star. Your other options? A sophisticated, oversized clutch, and depending on the shape of the cape, you can sometimes get away with a cross-body bag.


6. Get Glam with Gloves and Arm Candy

Long leather gloves pump up the drama and make wearing a cape fun. With many capes, your forearms are going to be showing, so glam them up by layering a variety of bracelets and maybe even a watch. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes to the overall look.

7. Stand up Straight

This is one piece of clothing where your posture is essential. Stand up straight, glide into the room in your cape and work it, girl!

Take a peek at how these fashion bloggers over 40 wear capes and find out about the trendiest new type of cape – poncho capes!

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  1. I purchased the QVC version of the Rachel Zoe cape- Fabulous, I’ve worn it in multiple ways, and the price was fabulous.

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