What to Wear To A Winter Wedding?

I don’t know about you, but I can feel a string of weddings coming on. All of our closest friends have children, and those children are suddenly all grown up and starting to get married.

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, you may find it’s been so long since you’ve attended one, that you feel a little out of touch knowing what to wear.


what to wear to a winter wedding green cocktail dress - pretty summer wedding guest dresses


I think that is especially true at this time of year, February. It’s not full-blown wedding season yet. Come spring and summer, there are so many colorful and pretty summer wedding guest dresses to choose from that it seems easier.

So to help you decide on your outfit, here are a few great suggestions for what to wear to a winter or early spring wedding.

Green has been a big fashion color for the last couple of years, and it is a rich and elegant choice for a wedding. This green lace dress with its touches of gold makes it look rather regal and very elegant when paired with nude shoes and a nude clutch.

I like the nude because it puts the attention on the dress, and it lightens up the look as we head into March. The gold jewelry brings out the gold shimmer in the dress and makes this a very classy look.


what to wear to a winter wedding gray cocktail dress - elegant choice for a wedding


Here’s a dress with some pretty sparkle, yet it won’t outshine the bride. Too many sequins or bright shine at a wedding can be over the top, but in this case this elegant navy shade keeps things toned down. Navy is a great choice when black is too harsh, but you still want the sophistication and slimming effect of a dark color.

The sheer neckline adds a touch of sexy glam while still being appropriate, and this dress is a respectable length. Too short and it would look like you were going to a nightclub instead of a wedding.

navy beaded dress - pretty sparkle


Here’s  another Navy dress with a similar feel, but this one has sleeves and some ruching.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Isn’t that a pretty wrap? It’s just what you need to keep the chill away, or simply cover your upper arms if that is an area you prefer not to expose because of some jiggle.


what to wear to a winter wedding cream lace dress - pretty wrap

what to wear to a winter wedding cream lace dress


This is a lovely dress that you can wear anytime of the year. Its classic cream with a very traditional damask pattern, but what is interesting is the belt, which gives it a modern twist.  All the accessories are soft and subtle creating a monochromatic look that will make you look tall and slender.

Mother of the Bride ebook - Fabulous After 40I think these dresses are so pretty they could even work for mothers of the wedding party! If you are the Mother of the Bride or Groom, and you are racking your brain trying to figure out what to wear be sure to pick up a copy of my popular Tweak Your Chic Mother of the Bride eBook . It is packed with information and examples to help you look stunning on this very important day of your life! Don’t miss it. This kind of information is hard to find. Cheers, Deborah

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Emily Lees says:

    Lovely styles but none of these colors look good with my skin tone. I was an autumn and even with silver hair, I still have my skin tone and brown eyes, and I look better in greens than royal/navy blue. Not a lot of options out there for people like me. I am also 5’7 1/2″ and slim, and finding clothes that fit is a real problem. And yes, I do have a MOB wedding coming up, and there is no MOG with whom I will have to coordinate outfits.

  2. Hi Deborah & Glam Gals! All of these dresses are elegant and just beautiful. The best fashion advice I received was from my best friend’s daugher-in-law, who was a professional model 10 years ago. She said “Look at yourself in a full length mirror from all angles (be honest with yourself) and determine if the outfit is both flattering and comfortable.

  3. Marge Teilhaber says:

    Great outfits. I’m thin, and even though I’m short, I’d look good in all of them. Problem: I can’t wear decent shoes, so I can’t wear any of these dresses. My shoes would totally ruin the outfit. So I go for long skirts for dressy affairs. It’s a real problem!

  4. Dara Harper says:

    Very Pretty! Would these look nice on a rectangle shaped figure?

  5. Kirstin Davidson says:

    What suggestions do you have for a “pear-apple” shaped body for a wedding. I am a guest to a “beachy” style wedding at the end of August, when it can still be quite hot. I have fair brunette hair and Scottish skin (pink and freckled!) and prefer creams and greys. I do not have fabulous arms.


    • If it’s at the beach Kirstin, then why not a maxi ? They are very popular and work well for this type of wedding. As for your arms, you could try and find a 3/4 length sleeve which is very flattering or just bring a pretty wrap to cover your arms. I think this looks very pretty and it makes more sense if it is going to be hot outside. Cheers Deborah

  6. I always thought a little bit of ruching helped people who are a bit overweight, to hide the extra “rolls” we may have. Am I wrong?

  7. My friend who was a Miss America contestant way back told me that the best fashion advice she received for women over 40 was given to her dance teacher. It was, “Always wear sleeves if you’re over 40.” If you have fabulous arms, go for it. I agree, take a picture of yourself in the dress first. The camera doesn’t lie. This is a beautiful selection of dresses!

  8. Love the ruched dress & on such a tiny lady I’m sure you will look beautiful. My only worry would be how your arms appear in the sleeveless dress. I think the ladies advice of taking a picture of yourself in the dress should satisfy any worries you may have. Good luck with the wedding, have a great day.

  9. The ruched dress is beautiful! My daughter in law told me about your fabulous site!!

    Art by Karena