Chic Evening Wraps to Wear with Cocktail Dresses

We spend so much time searching for that perfect cocktail dress for a holiday party, but when the big night comes, what do you wear when you need a little extra coverage to keep you warm or discreetly camouflage arm-jiggle? Let’s hope it’s not that boring workday cardigan you grabbed last-minute out of the front hall closet or, worse, your husband’s borrowed suit jacket!

Here are some suggestions for chic evening wraps to wear with cocktail dresses and tips on choosing the perfect wrap for any holiday party outfit or fall/winter wedding.

wraps for party dresses

Choosing The Perfect Wrap

When it comes to wraps, there’s something for everybody. Choosing a suitable wrap depends on many things, including

  • The formality of the event. The more formal the event, the more luxe the fabric. Choose silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, lace or faux fur.
  • Season – Wraps are often wider and heavier in the fall and winter than spring and summer. Lighter-colored wraps look best in summer, and darker colors are lovely in the fall. Black and white are always in style. Metallics are year-round.
  • Style of the Dress –  Sleeveless, off-the-shoulder styles and dresses with plunging necklines look better with wraps than dresses with full sleeves or high necklines.
  • Your Personality – Glam gals mostly go for wraps with patterns, embellishment, fringe, or shine.  Classic dressers may prefer solid colors and traditional, low-key styles like cashmere pashminas or chiffon dusters. Dramatic types might enjoy a cape style. Edgy dressers might even wear a glitzy cocktail dress with a leather moto jacket!
  • Your size– Large wraps can swallow up Petites. Giant prints can be overwhelming too. Keep scale in mind when choosing the right size of evening cover-up to go with your cocktail dress.

Here are three styles of wraps that pair perfectly with fall’s most beautiful cocktail dresses.

Pink Faux Fur Wrap


Faux-Fur Wrap

Every gal needs a little glamour in her life, and a faux-fur wrap delivers and then some. It’s the perfect accompaniment to an off-the-shoulder cocktail dress like this one.  The classic type is the Hollywood style faux fur wrap that meets in the middle or side and is embellished by a decorative sparkly pin. A little more understated, but just as elegant is the kind with a slit in the wrap that you pull one side through.

You’ll also find faux fur cropped jackets or shrugs which are very modern and chic. A faux fur capelet is a romantic look and a a faux fur shawl is pretty too. And they don’t have to be expensive. You can get one for as little as under $40.     (black dress1, black dress 2, black dress 3, black dress 4)




Black Sheer Shawl Wrap Red Dress

Sheer Shawl

A sheer wrap looks very elegant and lets you go sleeveless without being cold or worrying about showing off your arms.  Many sheer wraps are trimmed in satin,  or have a shimmery metallic finish. You can even find sheer jackets that act as wraps, or capelet shawls is you only want coverage at the shoulders.

SIlver Wrap Shawl Navy Dress

Lightweight Metallic Wrap

When you want something less sheer, this  pretty metallic wrap is a beautiful option. It’s more opaque, like a pashmina, but not completely, and has a bit of nice sparkle without looking too bright or gaudy.   It’s also a good length, giving you lots of different ways to tie it. The thing I love about this wrap is its versatility. Not only is it perfect for dressier occasions like a holiday party or wedding, but it would also be a great lightweight piece to pack for evenings on a resort vacation or a cruise. Or wear it scarf-style over a coat, it s a great piece to own.

These Wraps are in Stores Right now!


What do you wear to cover up at your holiday parties?

(NOTE: If you are looking for spring and summer wraps, check here)

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  1. Hello –

    Love your blog! Is the black dress pictured with the sheer / satin black wrap available for purchase? its to the left of the red cocktail dress. Thanks !!!

  2. Can you provide a link for the black cocktail dress in the faux-fur wrap ensemble? Perfect little black dress for an event I have coming up.

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