10 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends That Will Get You Itching To Shop

Goodbye winter, we’ve had enough. Bring on the spring fashions, and let’s get shopping! This year’s biggest trends? Here are 10 to whet your whistle.

1. Slouchy Pants

I love the look of these pants… on other women! Just kidding…well sort of. I have to admit I am torn on the new wide-leg slouchy look they are also calling clown pants or grandpa pants.

They’re relaxed but tailored, wide and baggy and they’re often worn with sneakers. Sure they can look great on tall, slim, willowy younger gals, but on my rounder mature figure, I’m not sure? That’s a lot of fabric, and pleats at my midsection – a bit scary, lol!

Anyway, I am definitely going to try some on. I’m sure I will find a pair that is just the right amount of wide and slouchy for me, and if not, that’s o.k. too.

2. Tiered and Ruffled Dresses

It’s been a long time since we have seen such ruffly, tiered tops and dresses. Everything is ultra frilly and pretty, and there seem to be two shapes – fitted, especially around the bust and waist, or very loose like a house dress.

Many of the dresses are also midi-length and floral, so there’s a real shift towards a very sweet, feminine look going on here. At times this trend feels a little too girly for me as a midlife gal, but I also think there are definitely some very lovely pieces that we could all easily wear. I will be trying this look for sure.

3. Shacket

It’s not a jacket, and it’s not a shirt. It’s a shacket! Practical, borrowed from the boys, and apparently very cool this season, this is one trend that I find it hard to get my head into. I think it’s just too masculine for my style, and all I can think of is Lumberjack. But hey, I can see it working for others. What do you think? Let’s see how it evolves.

4. Voluminous Sleeves

The most beautiful spring tops have big, voluminous sleeves. We’ve been heading this way for a while, but now the trend is full-blown. They’re romantic, feminine, and rather poetic. This is one spring trend that everyone can wear, and for all the gals who want tops with arm coverage, these work well!

5. Tie Dye

Tie Dye is back again this year and more popular than ever. I am liking it this time around because there’s something about it that doesn’t feel quite as boho or artsy/crafty as it usually does. Some of the Tie dye prints seem less busy, more subtle. The colors look fresher and the styles a little more refined.

I think I can revisit this look without feeling like I’m back in the 70’s!

6. Candy Colored Pastels

Pastels are a definite yes this spring, and that’s because they are bright and bold like candy instead of weak and washed out like old lady clothes. I love all these fresh, vibrant colors, which are full of optimism and joy. We need that! Look for bright pastel sweaters, tops, dresses and even pants!

7. Wide Leg Jeans

Slouchy pants, maybe. Wide leg jeans, no problem! As much as I love my skinny jeans, this new silhouette seems modern and exciting. I think it will take some experimenting to find just the right pair, but I’m game. Long wide leg and cropped – I’ll try them both with a fitted top and cute shoes.

8. Smocking

Smocked tops and dresses are part of this very romantic, frilly look I mentioned earlier. There are some cute and interesting pieces like smocked culotte jumpsuits and short smocked tops to be worn with high-waisted jeans. Worth a try!

9. Eyelet

I love eyelet and was expecting to see a lot of white eyelet online, and I have. But there also seems to be some more creative versions of eyelet out there. You’ll not only find lots of colored eyelet this spring, but eyelet that is super intricate and detailed. I also came across eyelet on not-so-eyelet pieces like sweatshirts, which makes them really great!

If you love feminine eyelet, then this trend is definitely worth investigating.

10. Big Shirts

Button-up shirts that are loose and easy are also on Spring’s must-have list. There are lots of big, billowy white ones, others in linen in pretty pastels, and some fun colorful print shirts. Check them out if you love the look of relaxed, oversize. I personally love a good high low white shirt over skinny pants.

Which of these spring fashion trends for women over 40 do you like and want to try? 

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4 thoughts on “10 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends That Will Get You Itching To Shop

  1. I have some wide-leg pants, but I won’t be wearing them with pleats and super baggy. No thanks. It’s a horrible trend. I do, however, love the crop wide-leg jeans and the more relaxed straight legs and boot cuts. I’m happy to see boot cut again. I also like the poetic sleeves, but not so much the poofy turn-of-the 20th Century sleeves. I wore those as a teen in the 80s and it looked ridiculous then. The Shacket is really nice too. I’ve been wearing a shacket for the past five years already. I’m gratified to see that maxi dresses are still in. My legs are awful and they are my summer uniform. Thanks for staying on top of the trends for us, Deb!

  2. As a petite woman in her early 60’s, I am skeptical that many of these will work on my small frame. As you pointed out, tall and thin are the keys to some of these silhouettes. I am slim, but curvy and do not see myself in slouchy pants, cropped wide jeans or big shirts. I will be interested to see what you find when you go try them on.

    1. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Yes, it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. I don’t see myself in those either, but usually, some more refined, more subtle version of the trend shows up that is more wearable so that is what I will be looking for. I’ll report back as I find some of those. Thanks!