3 Bright, Cheery Classic Spring Outfits from Talbots!

Hi Ladies! Today I’m partnering with Talbots to share some really cute outfits that will put some Zing in Your Spring! Check out these three bright, cheery looks in this season’s top colors!

yellow spring trench

Hello Yellow Trenchcoat!

If you read my spring color report, you know that bold, happy colors are the trend. These colors are clear and bright but highly saturated. They’ve got punch! A bright yellow raincoat is a classic spring staple, but this year Talbots has  reimagined it in the most clever way! They’ve cropped it!

This cropped trenchcoat is such a cute and practical idea. I love a trench, but since I wear far more jeans and pants than dresses or dress pants, I really don’t need a long coat. This cute yellow cropped trench has all the sophistication of a long trench,  but it’s super sporty and more suited to my midlife lifestyle.

I’m wearing the jacket with light-wash jeans, which is a little different for me. I usually go for dark wash jeans because I don’t feel pulled together in faded, worn jeans(even though I can appreciate this look on others) Call me a neat freak!

But these light-wash jeans feel different. The wash is more uniform, and there are no whiskering, giving them more of a causally elegant look and feel.

Sometimes you have to try something different, and this seemed like a good time since light washes and pastels worn in combination with bright colors are a trendy way to style an outfit right now. The result is I like the look. It feels modern!


classic spring outfit pink striped tee, jeans spring outfit

Pink and yellow is always such a fresh and unexpected combination.  This cute pink-striped tee also has its own twist. Do you see the pretty, puffed, smocked sleeves? They are a small detail that takes this tee from nice to ….N-I-C-E!

And, of course, I always love a pair of metallic loafers in summer. Not only do they go with everything ( metallic is considered natural), but they also kick your outfit up a notch!

floral sweatshirt

Fantastic Floral Sweatshirt

On to look number 2, this cheery floral sweatshirt. What a nice change! There are so many solid-colored sweatshirts out there that when you see something unique and practical like this, you want to snap it up. I love a couple of things about it. First, florals make a sweatshirt feel more feminine, and second, it has all the top spring colors in it, so it’s easy to combine with other new spring pieces.


yellow spring jacket

Like this cute trench again! What a darling look. Now this time, I went the opposite way to the light-wash jeans. This shows you that you can style it both ways with the new brights. This is more classic with these striking straight-leg, dark-wash jeans. I think the dark wash makes the floral on-white sweatshirt pop.  And just for fun, I have added these orange pebbled driving loafers. If you want a more traditional look, try navy or tan loafers, or you could also wear a metallic loafer if you’re a glam gal!

spring outfit green shirt

Going Green in a Long Shirt for Jeggings

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find long shirts for jeggings or slim-ankle jeans. That’s why I was so excited when I saw that Talbots has this fantastic long Boyfriend shirt. And it comes in all these unique colors. No dull white or black here. I love this crisp classic green one that looks so classy with white jeans. And look below!


talbots spring outfit -long green shirt white jeans

I’ve taken that same crewneck sweatshirt and tied it around my neck to add some print and make the outfit more interesting. Layering some kind of a third piece, like a jacket or a top draped over the shoulders like this, adds texture and interest to an outfit. Plus, a touch of pattern makes it so much more visually exciting. Turn up your sleeves, pop your collar to frame your face, and make your neck look long, and you have a fabulous upscale casual look.

Have a closer look at all these pieces and more at Talbots now. Many are on sale. The way they mix and match makes dressing so easy and with no fuss, and the new color, whether you wear a lot or a little, is going to make you vibrant, classy, and exciting!


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