10 Wearable Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer to Shop Now

Tired of opening your closet to see a bunch of heavy winter clothes?  Last week I talked about the Top Colors for Spring 2020. Now, here’s a look at 10 wearable fashion trends for spring 2020 that you can shop right now.

1.  Puffy Sleeves

Don’t be surprised if it feels like you are in Disneyland because of all the big, puffy princess sleeves you’ll be seeing this Spring. Tops and dresses with voluminous sleeves are trending. You’ll find everything from flowy peasant sleeves to shapely Juliet sleeves, flirty flutter sleeves, and short puffball ones too.

Most of these sleeves look pretty and romantic, but some are so exaggerated, they seem too sweet and juvenile for us grown-up gals.

I think the longer puffy sleeves are going to be a lot easier for our crowd to wear than the short elasticized ones. Experiment with some puffed sleeve tops to see what looks and feels right for you. There are so many options out there; you’re sure to find one.

Style Tip: If You are wearing a top with big puffy sleeves, balance that with a slim, unfussy bottom half such as a sleek pair of pants or a pencil skirt.


2.  Drawstring Details

Highlighting your waist makes you look slim and youthful, and this season there’s a new way to do it. Choose a top, pants, or jacket with a drawstring waist.  You’ll find lots of clothes with sporty waist cords that you just pull and tie to nip in your middle. Drawstring details are also showing up in other places too, such as on sleeves, at necklines, and even on pant hemlines.

Style Tip:  If you have a big belly, a drawstring waist might seem like a comfy option, but be careful because any waist detail like this will only accentuate your trouble spot.


3.  Wild Wallpaper Prints

Remember the bold, colorful graphic wallpaper we all grew up in the ’60s and ’70s? Now it’s the in thing for clothing.  You’re going to see these retro prints on dresses, tops, and yes, even pants. These are a great way to bring some color and playfulness into your wardrobe, and they are a nice change from floral prints.

Style Tip: watch the size of the print. Petite gals will be overwhelmed with a very large print.


4.  Trenches with a Twist

One of the easiest ways to look modern is to take something classic and give it a twist, and that is exactly what designers have done this Spring with the trench coat. You’ll find trench coats in shiny vinyl, in colorful floral prints, and sporting glam satin trim. Some have gigantic belts, ruffles down the front, or sexy slits up the sides of the coat.

There’s lots of creativity this year for sure. A new trench is an easy and beautiful way to update your spring wardrobe and make a classy fashion statement.


5.  Tiered Dresses

This Spring, dresses have so many tiers they are like royal wedding cakes! You’ll find all kinds of long, flowy dresses with layer upon layer of beautiful light fabric.

These dresses are ultra-feminine and romantic, making them perfect for spring weddings, baby showers, graduations, or any other special event you may have coming up.  Since they feel new and pretty, I think they will be a big hit.


6.  Crafty Crochet

We seem to be returning to a love of all things homey and natural, and that includes a desire to wear crocheted pieces. I’m seeing a lot of boho-type crocheted tops with a retro feel, as well as some new, sleeker tops with a more subtle and modern take on crochet.

The most dramatic crochet pieces are crocheted bikini-type tops worn with high-waisted pants and open crocheted cardigans. Katie Holmes wore this look, but I won’t be going near that, thank you!


7.  Spring Leather

Soft buttery leather that is light and often colorful has found its home in Spring. There are a lot of very interesting long leather skirts that have wide belts,  pleats, or handkerchief hems. Leather blazers are also trending, as well as sleeveless leather dresses.  If you like a little edginess to your wardrobe, then a little leather goes a long way.


8.  New Necklines

Here’s one trend that’s worth sticking your neck out for. Go ahead and try one of fashion’s newest necklines. High necklines with ruching or ruffling are very popular. Square necklines which started in the fall are going full force now too. I’m also seeing a lot of bow-tie necklines, scalloped necklines, and tie-up necklines.

It will be interesting to see how this one flies with our crowd – the high necklines in particular. You are either going to hate them because you are going through hot flash hell, or you’ll love them if you are self-conscious about your aging neck. I like the new square neckline. It feels very special.


9.  Polka Dots

Here’s a trend that doesn’t feel that new, ( I wrote about it last year), but it’s probably still spot on. Polka dots are classic, playful, and easy to wear, considering there are endless types out there. You will find a lot of colorful dots this year- yellow is big. There are also polka dot tops and dresses with clusters of dots in one area or varying sizes of dots within one garment.


10. Bermuda Shorts

Remember how bike shorts were the new trend last year. Well, they just didn’t fly, so this year we are being served up Bermuda shorts instead.  Now that they are cool again ( they were so uncool for so long!), they might just do o.k.  For any of you who have been avoiding shorts because they felt too bare, you might want to think about Bermuda shorts with a classy top, at least for holiday wear.

Bermuda shorts are also showing up at work. Keep your eyes open for Bermuda short suits, which are poised to be the new alternative to a jacket and a skirt.

These are just of few of the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2020.  I’ll go more into each of these in separate posts, and bring you a few others that are exciting too, soon.



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3 thoughts on “10 Wearable Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer to Shop Now

  1. I like your suggestion to try necklines out of the ordinary, such as a square shape or one with ruffing. My sister is researching wholesale clothing lines so she can start a tiny boutique downtown this summer. I’m glad I read your article, so I encourage her to consider clothing with unique necklines!

  2. Hey Deborah,

    Here after a long time, and like I always loved your post. I missed reading your posts as I was busy with one of my new projects, but I will be regular from now on.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    ~ Donna

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