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10 Ways Not to Look Fat in White Pants

Nothing says summer like white pants! They’re fresh, sporty and they go with everything. Too bad, many of us avoid them because we worry they’ll make us look fat. Is it all in our heads?

If you’re bottom-heavy, white pants can make you look a little heavier than dark pants unless you know which ones to buy and how to style them. Here’s a look at how not to look fat in white pants.

White Pants - Purple Floral Top

1. Choose a Thicker Pant

White pants show every lump and bump, so make sure yours are thick enough to hide flaws. Choose a pair in a fabric like denim or heavy cotton. This will also eliminate the problem of pant pocket linings showing through.

2. Go Up a Size

With white, every wrinkle and crinkle shows. You don’t want to look stuffed into skintight white pants, so I suggest you go up one size. No one will notice, I promise,  and the right fit will elongate your shape.White pants with black top for women over 40

3. Switch Skinny for Straight Leg

Skinny white pants are harder to wear than boot cut or flares, which can balance out heavy hips and thighs. Straight-leg jeans are trending now and are also a good way to look more balanced if you are not a fan of flares.

4. Stay away from “Busy” White Pants

Minimalism is the key to looking fabulous in white pants, so keep it simple.  If your tummy is a concern, choose white flat-front pants with no detail at the waist to look slimmer. Pleats, big belt loops, drawstring waists, large side pockets, and front zippers all add bulk where you don’t need it, so avoid these.White pants with statement top

5. Wear a  Statement Top

If you wear a colorful print or a bright, solid top with plain white pants, your pants will fade into the background. Everyone will look at your shelter. Jewelry also works to draw the eye up towards your face. White pants with white top for women over 40

6. Create a Slimming Silhouette

Contrary to popular belief, skinny white jeans can be slimming. Wear all white to look tall, long, and lean. To keep a monochromatic outfit from looking boring, vary fabrics, textures, and slightly different shades of white. Mix it up.

White pants with nude shoes

7. Mind Your Shoes

Wearing nude, metallic, white heels or flat shoes will make your legs appear longer. A pointy toe elongates more than a rounded toe. If you wear dark or bright-colored shoes with white pants, you break that long, lean line and look shorter and heavier.White pants with olive top

8.  Wear Flesh Tone Panties

Flesh-tone underwear gives you the most invisible coverage.  Check yourself in a full-length mirror before you go out to be sure you don’t have any panty lines. Bulging flesh under white pants makes you look heavy. I recommend Vanishing Edge Panties by Soma. They are excellent for eliminating panty lines.

*A side note on the importance of using a full-length mirror…… I swear this happened. An older woman came to my garage sale wearing thin, white pants. You could see her maxi pad through her pants from the rearview. I had to gently inform her of the problem. Needs improvement.

Do you like white pants in summer, or do you stay clear? Let me know.


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