The Problem With White Pants

If you’ve ever read my 5 Top Summer Style Sins you’ll know that one of the things I warn you about come summer is wearing anything white that has pocket linings showing through.

the problem with white pants

You know how it goes…you finally find a great pair of white pants, but when you try them on they are so lightweight that you can see big heavy pocket linings showing through. Looks bad!

I always recommend you have a seamstress cut them out, or at least minimize them. Honestly, do you ever really use them anyway?

Recently, I bought a pair of shorts with no pockets, so no linings, but my son noticed that I had a big fabric care tag showing through just below my hip. So ladies, be on the lookout for those tags too, and make sure to snip them off!


It’s the little things like this that make the difference between looking frumpy and fabulous!

white pants over 40

Here’s a gal who got it right! Doesn’t she look fab?

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7 thoughts on “The Problem With White Pants

  1. A nude-colored thong or back does the trick with white pants, just like in the above pictures. That’s what I wear, and I have no issues with visible undies.

    1. Hi Siggie,
      White garments often show much more than we’d like them to, especially if the material is thin. I usually go up a size when I buy things in white- white pants, for example. No one notices; I still feel comfy because most pants have so much stretch you don’t notice one size up, but they look much better. Try that. I hope it helps. Cheers, Deborah

  2. Hi Deborah, although I’m only 33, I’m assuming the pocket things go for younger women as well? A fashion no-no, that is? I bought these ivory Capri online. They are snug in the behind but look good. They were pretty see-through due to being nonjean weight material. Anyways all I saw were two front pockets and one single back pocket! No matter the color panties, they are so see-through; I had this idea to wear my natural knee-length legging under them, which solved the see-through to a skin issue, just not the pockets. I thought I would treat them as though they were lined. If I cut the bags, is this appropriate? I usually don’t buy white “anything” show stains too easeasilyso.

  3. I hate pants with pockets. I have white pants and don’t wear them so skin tight. Look in the mirror in front, back, and sideways. Not too many women look in the mirror. Either they don’t, or they don’t see what’s wrong. I do that with all my clothes. I’m 71 and am still looking in the mirror.


  4. I cut the pockets out of white pants and shorts. And I always wear nude-colored underwear under them. Even worse than pockets showing through is colored underwear showing through. I recall one time when I was younger, seeing the mother of one of my friends at the supermarket. She was a beautiful lady and always dressed so nicely. But this day, she was wearing white pants with bright blue underwear, and I didn’t know if I should mention it to her or not. I didn’t, but ever after, I wished that I had.

  5. NEVER MIND the pocket lining showing!!!! UNDERPANTS show through! I can quite honestly say that I NEVER wear white pants because of this. I have observed many panties showing through, and I say NO thank-you.

    The ONLY white pants one can wear are denim-thick ones. Otherwise- you better be sure to wear nude-colored panties.. and full-coverage ones too.

    Gosh, I’m just anti-white pants! Hahaha. Even white cotton blouses I love- I need to wear camis under them. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned and modest.

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