12 Fall Colors To Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive

It’s going to be warm this fall, and I’m not talking about the weather. The new fashion colors for Autumn 2019 are a warm palette of exciting shades that reflect bold, new confidence. These shades are sophisticated and modern and lend themselves to some exciting color combinations.

Fall Winter colors 2019 2020The Pantone Color Institute, fashion’s leader in color prediction, has revealed 12 stand-out colors, as well as current takes on the four classic neutrals we can expect to see from fashion designers in their new autumn/winter collections.



Fall’s new Colors Include:

  1. Chili Pepper – a spicy red that adds drama and excitement.
  2. Biking Red – an adventurous deep red that’s strong and powerful.
  3. Créme de Pečhe – a pale peach with softness and ease.
  4. Peach Pink – warm and flattering, imparts a healthy glow.
  5. Rocky Road – an earthy and solid brown.
  6. Fruit Dove – an extroverted pink.
  7. Sugar Almond – a sweetened shade of brown.
  8. Dark Cheddar – sharp blend of yellow and orange.
  9. Galaxy Blue – a thoughtful blue hue evocative of the galaxy.
  10. Bluestone – a color of quiet resolve.
  11. Orange Tiger – imparts fearless energy.
  12. Eden – a stately forest green.


Fall’s Neutral Colors Include:

Pantone Fall 2019 neutrals

How to Wear the Fall New Colors

Mix them or wear them with these fall neutrals to look up to date and youthful.

I can’t wait to try out these gorgeous new colors that feel really fresh and alive! Biking red, dark cheddar and nutty almond sugar are three of my favorites.

Fall Pantone - Red Floral Dress

This gorgeous dress combines several of these new shades, and the result is one stunning dress. Florals are a natural way to show off these new color mixes. This dress showcases Biking red, Chill Pepper, Peach Pink, Fruit Dove, Vanilla Custard and Guacamole, and more!


Fall Pantone - Striped Tie Top


Here’s a quieter take on these chic shades. Look closely, and you will see Bluestone, Sugared Almond, Paloma, Creme de Peche, and touches of Biker Red.


Fall Pantone - Snake Print Skirt

Even popular prints like python have adopted Fall’s fantastic new colors. I love this combo of fall oranges, like orange Tiger, with rich Sugar Almond. What do you think of the new fall colors? Which will you try first?


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17 thoughts on “12 Fall Colors To Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive

  1. Marsala is my favorite, but really, these colors have all been seen before and they just give them new names, right? If they want to call it marsala, that’s okay, but to me it will still be burgundy LOL.

  2. I would wear them all. I also like the oak bluff pants featured at the beginning of the article. Where can I find them? Thanks.

  3. I’m a fair complected, cool summer, so I’m really glad to see colors like cashmere rose in the palette! It doesn’t hurt that pinks are my favorite. Love the real as well!

  4. I love the Dried Herb! It is a color that goes casual to dress, I can wear it with any other color and consider it to be my neutral.

  5. Oh noooo to Cashmere Rose! Some of these colors are not welcome news to someone with winter coloring;) The Reflecting Blue, on the other hand, is a beautiful color for many skin tones because it can easily be cooled down or warmed up depending on accessories and jewelry choices

    I really like your illustration of swatches! The funny thing is that I would love to use a combo of all these colors in a den with a measure of black thrown in for balance!


  6. Loving the Oak Buff. I think it will look great w/the new Teal color. Pink of any hue is always a fovorite…it will look nice w/Reflecting Pond .

  7. Fall is my favorite season and there isn’t a color in this collection that i don’t love. My favorites are dried herb, oak bluff, desert sage and stormy weather. I also love the marsala but i’m a red head and just don’t know if i can pull it off.