How to Feel Confident in Cropped Jeans + 3 Cool Ways to Style Them

Ankle jeans are one thing, but crop jeans can take a little more getting used to. Showing off your shins can look chic, but it can also look horribly off!  What’s the secret to getting it right? Here are 7 style tips to look cool and feel confident in cropped jeans.

1. Choose the Right Style for Body Type

The good news is there is no one style of cropped jeans, and if you look around enough, you are sure something that works for you. Cropped jeans range from super skinny to slim straight leg, wide leg, and crop flares. Hourglass suit

2. Choose a Flattering Length

Finding a flattering length is going to depend on the shape of your legs. From capris to nearly ankle-length and anywhere in between, the only thing you need to remember is don’t choose a style where the pant hem ends at the widest part of your lower leg. This will truncate your legs and make you look short and wide.

3. Match Cropped Jeans to your Personality

Wearing crop jeans feels most natural when you own them. In other words, it’s important to find pairings that sync with your personality. For example, dark skinny crop jeans have a sexy girl vibe, while faded, ripped crop flare jeans are for boho babes.

4. Color Counts

All I want to say here is you probably already know that dark wash jean is more slimming than a light wash, so if you are worried about looking short in cropped jeans (or heavy), go for a darker wash.

5. Wear Cropped Jeans with Short Top

Cropped jeans end way far above the ankle and tend to make your legs look short. To counterbalance this and elongate your gams, wear a short top that ends at the waist to see more of the jeans. You can also wear a top or shirt tucked in or slip on a longer top and do a front half tuck. If you want to wear a jacket or cardigan over top of your shorter top, that’s fine. It won’t ruin the look.

6. Shoes – It Depends

Do you want comfort, height, or both? Sneakers and flat shoes work with skinny crop jeans but aren’t as flattering with wide-leg cropped jeans. Even a low one, any kind of heel helps uplevel the look of straight or wide-leg cropped jeans. A good rule of thumb? The wider the pant leg, the higher the heel should be.

7. Don’t Force It

Don’t bend yourself out of shape over a pair of jeans that you feel frumpy or awkward in. Cropped jeans aren’t for everyone, but are you are willing to experiment with them; these style tips will help you look fabulous!


Here is some cute cropped jean outfit to inspire you.

Capris - Off the shoulder Top

Rolled Crop Jeans

A cute pair of jeans with a bit of a rolled cuff worn with this pinstripe off-the-shoulder blouse makes these neat and tidy capris look polished and preppy. Off-shoulder, pinstripe tops have been one of the sellers of the summer. I like this particular top because it looks like a man’s business dress shirt with the buttons up the front, but the off-the-shoulder detail makes it kind of sexy.

Capris Denim Cold Shoulder Top

Fringe Crop Jeans

Chambray is super popular at the moment. It’s like denim but a lot softer and lighter. Women love it because it is considered a neutral color, meaning it looks good with everything.

Here, it’s been teamed up with olive green jeans, comfy slides, and a practical, polished messenger bag. I like that combo of denim blue and olive- so refreshing.

Embellished Jeans - Frayed Bottom

Flare Crop Jeans

T-shirts knotted at the front or the side are also trending at the moment. They look good with cropped frayed jeans because they both convey a casual; I just threw this on sort of vibe. To make the gray top pop, it has been accessorized with brighter tan accessories.

If you think these pants are too frayed for you (like they have been caught in the lawnmower or something-LOL), just switch them out for regular skinny or boyfriend jeans. See how a touch of jewelry dresses up the look?

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