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5 Tips for Dressing Your Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle banana body type

You have a rectangle body or ” Banana” body type if:

  • your shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same width
  • you have a small-medium bust
  • you are balanced, and your waist is not defined
  • your bottom is usually flatter and pancake-like than round
  • you gain weight in the torso and arms, and your lower legs are shapely.

Over 45% of American women have this shape. You can be a skinny, wiry rectangle like a model, or you can simply be a thicker all-over, more average rectangle.  The challenge for you is to create a more feminine figure- in other words, to create a waist.


You likely have slim legs, so you can wear skinny pants or full pants or pants with moderate flare. Cargo pants with lots of pockets and buttons etc., work well.


Skirts should add to your bottom half and create an hourglass shape. Full, tiered, bubble skirts look great. Trumpet and pencil skirts will create a curvy shape.                                                                                                     

Dresses for women over 40
Nicole Kidman has a wiry rectangle shape.


Choose tops that add curves to your top half and create a nipped-in waist. Tapered shirts work well. A Wide V or U tops, boat neck, off the shoulder tops all work well to make you look wider up top, which tricks the eye into making your waist look smaller. Ruffles, ruching, and embellishment at the bust also do the trick.


Dresses for women over 40, which create the illusion of curves work best,  such as wrap dresses or a dress with a cinched waist. Anything that nips in or tries to create a waist, such as a belt, is a great way to dress after 40 if you have a rectangle body shape.


Jackets that taper and end right below the waist create curves. The best length is a jacket that shops right below the waist. A belted jacket is the best. Peplum jackets also create fit and flare at your midsection.


Bright, eye-catching colors will help break up your silhouette and give you more shape. You can wear lots of patterns on top and bottom, or color blocks with any color on the top and any other color on the bottom. Mix it up and have fun.

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  1. Nice and amazing. I’m a rectangle, still working on the perfect shape. But I’m going to try these steps.

  2. Hi,
    I am 52 yrs old and from an Asian background. I m petite and look much younger than my age; I will graduate with a Master’s degree and would like to look great on my graduation day. From previous experience, the black hair, black gown, and black cape cover most of my four f body. Can you suggest what to wear to help me look good and not submerge in the all-black outfit? Thank you

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