A Subtle, Classy Way to Wear a Zebra Print Top

Animal prints are fun and exciting, but they can also be a little scary too, especially if you think about wearing one as bold and strong as a zebra print. High contrast black and white zebra print tops will definitely attract a lot of attention, so why not go for something more subtle?

zebra top

A Zebra print top in softer colors is all you need to tame a wild look.

This chic satin zebra print top from @banana republic is a beautiful cross between edgy and elegant.  The low contrast color combo of beige-on- beige is a rich monochromatic look.

I’ve paired this top up with my favorite beige utility jacket, adding another layer of tone-on-tone. As for pants, I’m wearing crop, straight-leg jeans, belted. Then, I’ve bookended the outfit with these cute beige mules to add some polish and balance things out.

A sleeveless top can leave you feeling pretty bare, but I don’t want to wear long sleeves in summer. This top is a nice compromise. It’s been expertly designed to have a relaxed fit.

The shoulders flow over into loose dolman sleeves. V-necks, like this, are always flattering because they elongate your neck and make you look taller. A necklace to fill up the V would look good with this.

This beige zebra print top is also available in a cotton tee, but I rather like this satin fabric because it’s soft and shiny and a bit more glam.  You can do a half-tuck in the front and let it drape a bit over your waistline, or you can wear it tucked out. Both are nice.

Do you see how quiet and lovely a zebra print can be? Plus, if you are fair like me, the beige zebra print is not as jarring against your light skin and hair.

Here’s the natural /”Out of Africa” look,  but elevated too because of those understated colors and silky fabric. If you want to walk on the wild side elegantly, then check out this cute outfit below.

This top is currently on sale for 40% + 10% off with code BRTHX, so take a peek. @Bananarepublic also shows you three other ways to wear it which are cute too!

I’ve also linked the outfit for my Canadian readers below, as you must purchase off the Canadian @bananarepublic site.

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