Hair Biology – Fuller, Thicker Hair Over 50

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Hair Biology.  All opinions are my own.

My hair has always been my crowning glory. I think of it as my best accessory because it’s such a big part of what makes me feel confident and attractive. I know many of you can relate. But perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed that the hair products you’ve used for years don’t seem to work as well anymore, and there’s a simple reason for that. It’s our biology.

Just like our skin, our hair ages. It gets:

  • Thinner – We grow less hair, and the diameter of each strand thins!
  • Dryer – oil production drops in half.
  • Gray – 90% of women have some gray hair by their 50’s.
  • Frizzy and Flyaway – no more smooth hair

Hair Products created for women of all ages don’t work for us. Enter Hair Biology – A brand that embodies being bolder, not older!

Hair Biology is a new hair care line specifically created for women aged 45+.  The brand believes in the power of celebrating age and the experience that comes with it. Hair biology products are formulated to work with our unique hair biology as we age, not fight against it.  The complete line is available exclusively at Target online, and in stores nationwide.

I feel my best when I have full, fluffy hair, but in the last year, my hair has been flatter and a little thinner, especially at the ends. Recently, I started using the Hair Biology Full and Vibrant Collection for thickening and volumizing, and I love the results!

Here’s my routine. First, I shampoo my hair with the Hair Biology Volumizing Shampoo. You just need a little to get a good lather. Then, I rinse and add the Hair Biology Volumizing Conditioner, which softens my hair and adds body. I have fine hair and find this conditioner nice and lightweight.

Before I blowdry, I add several pumps of the Hair Biology Thickening Treatment to my roots. This is the secret sauce that plumps up my hair and gives me the volume I crave. You can see below how much fuller my hair is at the sides. It’s got more oomph!

The Full and Vibrant collection is made with biotin and is free of parabens and dyes, which is comforting to know.  It’s totally safe for thin, flat, or thinning hair, and it won’t harm colored hair.

I am thrilled to discover that great-looking hair doesn’t stop at 50!  Hair Biology products replenish the nutrients your hair loses as you age and will make you love your mature hair.

Get Bolder, not Older! Check out the complete line of age-inspiring hair care products from Hair Biology today! They are also exclusively sold at your local Target (or just click here to shop!)

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3 thoughts on “Hair Biology – Fuller, Thicker Hair Over 50

  1. Deb, could you please explain how you style your hair? It looks so natural & that’s the look I’d like to achieve! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Lolie,
      It’s funny you mention that because I was experimenting a bit in this shoot. My hair has gotten a little longer since Covid. I blow-dried it straight and then took a 1.5-inch curling iron and small sections and curled starting at the back and working forward. I was careful not to touch or brush each curl as I made it. In the end, I just used my fingers to toss the curls a bit. I think if I had brushed them I would have gotten more of a Farrah Fawcett look which I didn’t want. The softer waves were what I was after. Try it! Cheers, Deborah

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