Best Ways to Wear Red Skinny Jeans

I’ve had a lot of questions about what to wear with red skinny jeans, so here’s a look. When Red Skinny Jeans first became popular a few years ago, I know many of you wondered if you really could wear colored jeans after 40 and beyond?

Red jeans seemed so bold, so “out there” compared to what you were used to. But now, they’ve become mainstream.

How can you wear them so you look classy and not trashy? This outfit is a great example. Why?



If we break this outfit down, you’ll see that the pants pop.  The rest of the outfit is very dark and neutral which keeps the look chic.  That’s the key. Can you imagine these red pants with a bright yellow top, electric blue shoes, and a colorful print bag? Many women would feel like they belonged in a kindergarten classroom with all those bright blocks of color, especially over 40.

Dark colors quiet things down and add the cool factor to a fun pair of jeans. Black isn’t your only option. Any neutral such as white, cream, gray, navy, or brown would work just as well. For example:


deborah boland red jeans

Here I am in red pants and a cream-colored cable knit sweater. The cream cools down the red. It also helps that these jeans are a deeper shade of red, to begin with.

deborah boland red jeans white dvf sweater

I could have worn red or black shoes, but I wanted a little more fun, so I added these zippered suede flats. They’re a dark, rich shade of green.

Deborah Boland Red skinny jeans

Even though these jeans are a strong color, they look elegant. It’s what you wear with your red jeans that counts. I’ve kept my jewelry to a simple necklace because when you have one powerful piece of clothing like these red pants, you don’t want anything else fighting for attention.



Do you wear red jeans? If so, how? Check out how these bloggers wear their red skinny jeans.

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5 thoughts on “Best Ways to Wear Red Skinny Jeans

  1. I’ve been wearing skinny red jeans (and several other colors) for several years now; I’m 50 plus — didn’t realize it was an “issue” for us older folks… ;)

  2. I love this! I have a lot of readers who ask me about styling for women 40+, and I plan to feature this article on my blog in the coming week! Thanks for the great tips! I also included you in my sidebar.

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