3 Creative Ways to Have Artsy Fashion Style

Whether you’re a total art-lover, a big believer in self-expression, or simply a gal who wants to dress outside the box more often, shouldn’t your wardrobe match your creative spirit?

Dressing artsier can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are three easy ways to get an artsy fashion style.


1. Wear an Asymmetrical Tunic + Leggings

Asymmetric tops have a more creative feel than regular tops because of their angled or high-low hemlines.  The best way to style one is to wear it over a pair of black leggings. Tall, flat boots and some interesting jewelry add the fab factor.

Like asymmetrical tops? Zip on over to this post to see the red asymmetric tunic top I wear with leggings.




2. Add Creative or Dramatic Jewelry

Creative style is a little off-kilter, so one way to add an artsy style to an everyday outfit is with your accessories.  Pass on the pearl earrings or fine diamond necklace, and instead, go for something unique, like a hand-made artisan piece that looks like a sculpture or objet d’art.

Be creative and go for bold, oversize options like a big cuff. Of one-of-a-kind pieces will let your personality shine through and enhance the vibe of your outfit.



3. Mix Prints

A polka dot top, a floral pant. Mix the two, and you will instantly look more creative. The trick is to keep the patterns in the same color family and vary the print size. Otherwise, you can look kooky instead of cool.


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7 thoughts on “3 Creative Ways to Have Artsy Fashion Style

  1. I have a fall wedding to attend (guest). The event is at 2:00 pm, any suggestions as to what I should wear? I have a dark teal jacket dress , not sure how to pull it off, shoes, accessories . Dress is plain.

  2. Love this article! At 53, I have recently returned to my love of fashion and bohemian style. So much so, that when I could not find the clothes I wanted, I found my art turning to design and fashion.

    At this time let year I was planning an art show of paintings, but my two shows have been luxury silk wearable art tops for women!

    As a traveller, I was always seeking easy silk pieces to fill my carry on. I make poncho style silk tops and wraps I pull over my tanks and camis, or my little black dress. They are light as a feather and in deep jewel toned colours … Brings me back to my feminine flair.

    Thanks for your great articles Deborah!

  3. I have yet to explore aysemmetrical top, but I am a big fan of artsy looking open cardigans of which I own several and wear with skinny jeans and artsy necklaces and/or earrings. I’m definitely a bohemian at heart! I am headed t o Paris and I’m hoping to fin some fun asysemmetic tops an leggings, too!

  4. hi,
    Love your article! Where do you find all those fabulous tops though?? Please let me know if you can.

  5. Deborah: I’m fashion dysfunctional so I study all the tips you give for looking more fashionable over 40 (does over 70 count?).

    Because I’m new to your site, I don’t know if you have ever done an article on putting together the pieces for a basic wardrobe. That would be very helpful to those of us who have a hodgepodge of pieces and end up not having anything to wear. Thanks.