6 Cool Ways to Style a Leather Jacket Over 40

You’ve probably heard that a fabulous leather jacket goes with everything, and that’s true enough. But how do you create a look that’s more grown-up than grunge with something that may be a little edgier than you may be used to wearing? Here are 3 Cool and Classy Ways to Style a Leather Jacket over 40.

Pink Leather jacket - flare jeans

1. Wear a White T-shirt with a Leather Jacket

There’s always a place for a crisp white tee in your wardrobe, and one of the pieces it looks best is a leather jacket. In this case, this pretty pink leather moto jacket is such a statement piece; it’s nice to let it take center stage by wearing it with a clean white tee.

White looks fresh with pink and gives the outfit a soft summer look. Throw on a pair of flare jeans and some blush and cream accessories, and you have a cool girl’s look with a sweet edge.

Style Tip about the accessories- Notice how the booties and bag have texture? Since this smooth leather jacket and a white tee are so soft and plain, it’s important to add texture, so the outfit doesn’t look flat and dull. Texture adds interest and excitement.

Brown Leather Jacket - Striped Dress

2. Wear a  Dress with a Leather Jacket

Any leather garment will look modern and sophisticated when you pair it with something opposite in feel. For example, leather is rock n’ roll, so try wearing it with something sweet and ladylike to balance the look.

A breezy, striped dress is the perfect pairing partner. The outfit above is a great transitional look as you move into fall. You create a style bridge by taking a summer sundress and adding a leather jacket and suede booties as you move from August to September.

black leather-jacket-yellow-blouse

3. Wear a Romantic Blouse with a Leather Jacket

Black leather is often heard to wear after 40 because our skin gets more lines and spots, and black leather accentuates that. One way to soften things up is to add a pretty blouse in a warm color. This sunny yellow blouse is cheery and feminine and adds a beautiful note to this sleek black moto jacket.

Grey jeans are a nice change from black, and studded mules enhance the urban vibe. A ladylike bag and some sparkly earrings glam up this casual look. 

Leather Jackets - Olive

4. Wear a Tone on Tone Look with a Leather Jacket


Leather Jackets - Black with Belt

5. Wear a Belted Leather Jacket

Leather Jackets - Ivory


6. Wear a Leather Jacket with Jeans and Sneakers

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11 thoughts on “6 Cool Ways to Style a Leather Jacket Over 40

  1. I think wearing leather over 40 is all about the fit and style of the garment.
    It shouldn’t matter what color or cut, as long as the fit is fantastic. With the right
    fit, even a pleather garment doesn’t look fake. Please choose a color that works with
    your layering pieces or makes you look amazing every time you wear it.

  2. I love leather. I own a black leather jacket and a red leather blazer. I don’t understand what in the world could be perceived as not age appropriate about a material. It’s a material *roll eyes* I think leather slacks or a skirt are also acceptable for women 40, 50, 60, 70, and older.

  3. Great post and very timely for me. I just ordered a suede jacket similar in style to the first pic. I’m so pleased I did now! I thought it could look nice in Spring with just a plain white t-shirt and great-cut jeans.

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