How to Sparkle in a Black Sequin Jumpsuit

Holiday time is always exciting because “girls just want to have fun,” and there’s nothing more fun than dressing up in something shiny and sparkly. I love a good cocktail dress, but this year I fell in love with this glamourous black sequin jumpsuit. Take a look.

black sequin jumpsuit

It’s not just how you look in an outfit but how it makes you feel important, and this black sequin jumpsuit makes me feel like a movie star! You know me, I believe less is more. I love elegant clothes with a beautiful silhouette and a great fit. To me, this holiday sequin jumpsuit is perfection.

Many women ask, “Can I wear a jumpsuit over 40, 50, 60+? and I say, of course, why not? The trick is to find one that makes you feel confident, which usually means finding one that flatters your figure. Of course, some will say jumpsuits are a pain if you have to use the ladies’ room, but I think this glam jumpsuit is worth the minor inconvenience!

My jumpsuit is from Maggy London, which always makes beautiful evening wear. It’s available at Amazon and Dillards. A plus-size version is here. I think it is  fabulous at any age for these reasons:

sparkly jumpsuit

1. It has a Defined Waist

Wearing a jumpsuit with a defined waist is very important. If you don’t have a defined waist, your jumpsuit will look like a big bag, and you will look old and frumpy! This one has an elasticized waistband that hits just above the waist. That’s ideal because we’re a bit thinner higher up, so you can fake a smaller waist. Plus, the higher core makes your legs look miles long, which is a good look in a jumpsuit.

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sparkly jumpsuit


2. The Wide Neckline is Flattering

Next, do you see the neckline and how wide it is? This type of neckline draws the eye from side to side making your shoulders look broad. Broad shoulders balance out your hips. This is a perfect neckline if you have small shoulders or pear-shaped bottom half.


3. Wide-Leg Pants Balance Your Body

When you have a midlife middle, jumpsuits with slim or skinny legs can make you look like a spider, so it is no wonder you may not be interested. But a wide-leg jumpsuit can look amazing! The wide legs on this all-black sequin jumpsuit are my favorite detail. They are so flattering on everyone, and when you combine them with the wider neckline and the cinched waist, you get a gorgeous hourglass shape.

Plus, I love swishing around in wide-leg sequin pants. It makes me feel very feminine and sophisticated!


4. Black is Chic

Of course, black is always so chic, too. Just remember to pump up the lipstick a bit, so you aren’t washed out. I always wear a bold red lips with black. Black sequins are an easy way to dazzle without looking too over the top as you might in green, red, or silver sequins.



5. The Right Jewelry Makes it Modern

A “wow”  jumpsuit like this calls for the latest jewelry- something streamlined and elegant, not busy and flashy. I’m wearing some breathtaking gold pieces by Dean Davidson, a Canadian designer whose designs I adore. These are his Ipanmea earrings in green Amethyst.

They’re just what you need with something as glam as this. They’re large but refined, so they’re not overbearing as some large earrings can be, and the design is very streamlined and modern, which complements the style of the jumpsuit.


A necklace would have been much with all this sparkle, but the layered bracelets (Signature Twin Cuff and Manhattan chain link) work beautifully to polish off this look. This jumpsuit also allows me to wear my favorite piece of jewelry by Dean – this glam Plaza cocktail ring. So Fab! Pass me my martini!

If you have a holiday party, are hosting a get-together, or maybe are going to a wedding, this fabulous holiday sequin jumpsuit would be gorgeous! And what I like about it is that it’s a classic. I can take this to Las Vegas; I can wear it on a cruise; I can wear it to parties year-round. It’s versatile and timeless!

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To shop for this look, all you do is click the links above. Are you excited about the holidays and getting dressed up

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