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Are Flare Pants Back in Style?

If you’ve been shopping for fall pants and noticed a lot of wide legs, you may be wondering if flare pants are back in style?   The answer to that is, YES!

Skinny jeans that hugged our ankles ruled for so long, that now the fashion pendulum has swung the complete opposite way. Here are four new styles of flared-leg pants trending right now!


Flare Leg Pants - Black

Flare Corduroy Pants

Cozy corduroy pants with a laid-back feel are making a comeback. The most popular type has a high waist, skim the thighs and flares out wide below the knee. Talk about a 70’s vibe! The way to make flare cords look and feel modern is to pair them with a cute cropped cardigan. Cropped cardigans, like this charming ribbed cardigan, are everywhere this fall. Wear them with the sleeves pushed up for a sporty look, or over a white shirt with the shirttails hanging out.

A soft black bag with a bit of fringe plays up the boho flares. Finish this outfit with a pair of classic leather booties and some statement-making hoop earrings.

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Flare Leg Pants - eggplant

Flare Suede Pants

Texture is trending this fall. In addition to corduroy, suede is also one of the go-to fabrics. These stunning faux suede flare pants have a velvety appearance and feel. They look classy paired with something silky, like this pretty flutter sleeve blouse. Taupe suede booties, gold earrings and this fabulous fall bag give this outfit a feminine, classy look. (See my suede flare pants here)

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Flare Leg jeans

Flare Jeans

Flare jeans that are wide in the leg right down to the flared hem are a way to be casual but look polished. These ones are The Teresa Wide Leg from NYDJ, which means they have great fit and fantastic stretch. These look great year round but for fall we’ve paired them with this upscale ribbed balloon sleeve sweater. The wide sleeves look so balanced with the wide leg.

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Flare Leg Pants - Black Cropped

Cropped Flare Pants

Cropped Flare pants are going strong despite them being a little tricky to wear. These ones may look like leather, but they are actually glossy coated jeans. You’ll see a lot coated jeans this fall as well as the color green, which is one of Pantone’s top Autumn colors. For an elegant and slimming look, pair this green wrap top with these L’agence coated jeans for slimming leg lengthening look. Dark mules also continue that long, lean line.


What do you think of flare pants? Have you bought any yet?

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One thought on “Are Flare Pants Back in Style?

  1. Thanks for the great post. I almost always wear flare jeans, even when they aren’t in style. It’s what looks best on my hourglass shape. If I wear skinny jeans, I always tuck them into boots. Otherwise, I look like I’m going to topple over!

xo, Deb

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