How to Look Feminine In a Leather Moto Jacket

Think that wearing a leather moto jacket will make you look too tough and masculine like a biker? Think again! It’s easy to soften the look, but keep the modern, edgy vibe. Here’s how.

1. Choose Colored Leather

When you think of a leather moto jacket, black naturally comes to mind. While black can be chic color, black leather can look tough and rebellious. If your style is very feminine, black leather might not feel right no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise.

You may also find that if you wore black leather in your youth, it’s just too harsh now.  As we get older, our skin and hair fades, and since black is such a high contrast color, we can look washed out. Black  also creates shadows and emphasizes dark spots and wrinkles.

One really good alternative if you want to wear a leather moto jacket is to buy colored leather. This beautiful burgundy leather jacket has been one of my favorites for a few years now. I love the dark merlot shade, which is just as deep and intense as black but much richer and warmer.  Instead of washing me out, it lights up my complexion.


2. Look for Light, Thin Leather

My style is quite feminine and I really don’t the look or feel of a heavy, masculine jacket, but I know leather can give me a modern, youthful look. So, when I buy anything leather, especially a jacket, I look for a light, thin leather jacket with a soft buttery texture. As you can see, this jacket is delicate and refined and complements my fine bone structure. If I had a heavier bone structure, I could get away with something a little less fine, and still look feminine.

3. Go easy on Embellishment

Chains, studs, buckles etc. are masculine. If you want to look pretty in a leather jacket choose one that has clean lines and not a lot of hardware hanging off of it.

4. Pair Your Moto Jacket with a Feminine Top

Sure, you could wear your leather moto jacket with a white cotton tee or a super casual shirt, but I prefer a silky blouse or a soft pretty crew or v-neck sweater in cashmere or a beautiful knit. My burgundy floral blouse is pretty but not wimpy. It softens up and feminizes the look of masculine leather, balancing things out.

5. Add Feminine Accessories

Of course, a bit of bling – my Manhattan chain link earrings, and this darling chain strap Chloe bag also glams things up.

In the end, it’s that fascinating mix of feminine and masculine, sweet and tough that makes a leather moto jacket outfit look stylish, modern, and chic.

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