Best Shirtdress to Flatter a Mature Figure

Hi Ladies, Do you like shirtdresses but find they are sometimes a little too baggy or straight cut to flatter your figure?  I’ve found a cute shirtdress at Talbots that combines the best menswear style with some very feminine, figure-flattering details. Let’s have a look.

blue shirtdress

What is a Shirtdress

Shirt dresses are always popular, especially in the summer, because they are so relaxed and easy to wear. They’re a dress inspired by a man’s shirt. Shirtdresses are typically made of cotton or linen,  with a collar, sometimes cuffs, and button up the front.

At their most casual, they hang loose with no belt but more often have a self-belt. And they are typically a little shorter to give more of a shirt look. In the last few years, with midi dresses being so popular, we’ve also seen many longer midi shirtdresses, including this cute pink one I wore last year.

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I love a classic shirtdress, especially a pinstripe shirtdress,  but I’ve often wished  I could find one that was a little more fitted, and now I have!

Lately, I have been loving this cute new shirtdress from Talbots! It’s slightly different from your typical shirtdress because of its feminine fit.

How is this Shirtdress Different?

Like a classic shirtdress, it has the collar, the basic shape, the buttons down the front, and the shorter length, but here’s the difference.  The dress is pulled in and twisted under the bust.

It’s as if someone grabbed the middle of the dress,  twisted and flipped the fabric, then knotted it underneath.

See how the waist is more defined compared to a typical shirtdress? That twist gives this dress an interesting crisscross shape.

This chic shirt dress is also super comfy. It’s made from jersey fabric, so it has plenty of stretch and doesn’t feel tight.  You could say it’s a bit of a mix of a wrap dress and a shirt dress, and you know how comfy wrap dresses are!

I also love the colors and the bold, cheery print. There’s white, navy, and mint green combined with capri blue ( two of Pantone’s top spring colors). The combination is so fresh.

Shirtdress | Green Blazer | purse | shoes | earrings | cuff | pink ring | sunglasses


How to Style this Shirtdress

See how great this shirt dress looks with this gorgeous green double-breasted blazer I wore with pants last week. It’s bold and modern.

I didn’t have a navy purse or shoes, so I paired it with this sporty black over-the-shoulder bag and these fabulous slingbacks. I think slingbacks are the best shoe for dresses ( and pants, too) this spring. They are so ladylike and on-trend. I adore them! They are also the perfect height for this dress. It’s above the knee, so you don’t want anything with a higher heel. It just wouldn’t look balanced or classy.

My beautiful jewelry – the cuff and earrings are from Dean Davidson’s French-inspired Forme collection.

This shirtdress worn with this jacket is a very modern work outfit. Or you can wear the dress on its own anywhere!

What do you think of this modern shirtdress, or do you prefer more of a true menswear-inspired look? Let me know!  The links are below!

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3 thoughts on “Best Shirtdress to Flatter a Mature Figure

  1. I like a regular shirt dress better. But this one is cute. I keep trying to like pointy toed shoes, I know they elongate the foot. But they are always so uncomfortable to me. I love the green blazer with the colors in this dress. It is so classy!

  2. I wear a red shirt dress with a brown belt and shoes. What color leggings should I wear with it? Thanks for your help.

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