What to Wear With a Blue Purse in Spring?

Blue purses make a lovely spring statement, and you will find them in a range of beautiful shades, from pretty pastel to deep midnight blue. Here’s how to a bag in this calm, cool, and collected color to your wardrobe.

pastel blue purse with pencil skirt outfit

Baby Blue Structured Bag

Is a baby blue bag for work credible, or will it look like you are going to a tea party? Yes, it can work if you remember these two things. 1) Keep your bag structured for a more professional look, and 2) be sure to wear your baby blue bag with neutral-colored, classic business clothing. This way, the outfit looks conservative and the bag too, but that pop of color makes it look modern.



Blue Clutch Purse with blue Floral Fit and Flare dress

Cloud Blue Clutch

This gorgeous blue clutch in a mid-tone shade is a striking way to bring this pretty dress to life. But don’t try to match your shoes. You won’t be able to, and if somehow you did, it will just look too matchy-matchy. Choose a nude shoe to show off the pop of blue against this fabulous floral.

navy blue bag with matching outfit

Midnight Blue Tote

Here’s a gorgeous blue bag that doesn’t fade away in a darker shade. This rich midnight blue works beautifully with the tone on tone that’s happening in this outfit.


Baby blue bag with matching outfit


Ice Blue Hobo Bag

Here’s another pastel bag in an icy cool blue that looks darling with this front tie skirt and top. What makes it work? The soft, light bag is as casual and relaxed as this cute summer outfit.

Will you be sporting a blue purse this spring?

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9 thoughts on “What to Wear With a Blue Purse in Spring?

  1. I love the first look! I don’t usually think to pair black and blue, but the animal print and gold accessories pull it all together. Who makes the animal print tunic? It would make an excellent addition to my wardrobe as I approach my 50th birthday!

  2. Deborah,

    I agree with the blue purse thing. I bought a cute, royal blue purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I gave it to my twenty-something daughter because I thought it looked better on her, and I didn’t know I’d wear it. However, when I tried it on again, I bought the same purse for myself the following week. And, I wear that gorgeous blue purse with EVERYTHING! My daughter is sporty/classic, and I’m boho/hippie… so that color looks good in every style. Tina

  3. It’s tough to convince a woman to stick with a particular look regarding bags. There are many choices, colors, sizes, etc., and taking the time to choose a pack is SO much fun (for me anyway) that I have to go with what makes me love it, not what anyone else thinks. As shown above, I have bought bags with some of the “don’t go there” components yet received many compliments from women over 30 (I am in my late 40s).

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      The last thing I want to do is to take away anyone’s fun. I’m here to give a suggestion; you can take it or leave it. It’s a tricky transition moving into the second half of life. We need to keep you thinking about we appear to others and make sure that you are projecting the class and authority we want. Having a reality check is essential, so we don’t end up dressing like our teenage daughters.

  4. I have a fabulous turquoise purse from a few years back that’s identical in style to what’s new…..I will be wearing it soon!

  5. Hi Kat,
    Yes, it can be hard to look in the mirror and say, It is time to grow up. But growing up can still be fun. We love getting compliments but do it by wearing beautiful colors and having good taste. I agree with you that we can dress in a creative, youthful way… without having “Juicy” written on our bottoms or purses!

    1. Deborah,

      I’ve always thought fashion companies should pay us to wear their names on our buttocks and breasts (T-shirts). If you think about it, we are advertising their brands. Tina

  6. I agree with you totally on the “DON’T” handbags. It’s not taking away anyone’s fun; it’s suggesting what’s classy and suitable for a woman over 40. When I see a woman of a particular age w/ a lot of zippers, logos, and junk hanging off her bag, I immediately think, “What the ?!?!?! What’s she trying to prove, or who’s she think she’s impressing??” A handbag can make or break the impression you leave with others.

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