Bobbi Brown Make Up Tips for Using Eye Concealers

Do you have problems with your mascara smudging and ending up under your lower lashes?  According to the experts at Bobbi Brown, it seems that the raccoon eye problem has to do with using too much under eye cream, and not using the right concealer. Here are some expert tips to help you keep your eyes twinkling brightly:

bobbi brown concealer1)  For the most natural look, choose yellow-based shades of concealer. A concealer should almost match your skin, so choose one like you would choose a foundation.

2)  When putting on the under eye concealer, use one that is creamy and use a small brush.

3)  Concealer should be placed right up to the bottom lash line and all around the eye area, but NOT on the lid of the eye. That can cause the eyeshadow to crease.

4) Don’t forget to put concealer on that “blue-ish” area between your nose and inner eye. This also will make your eyes seem more opened up!

5)  Pat on loose powder only on the under eye area, to keep the mascara from running. Do this very lightly with a makeup brush. Bobbi Brown has this excellent two-part compact that I have actually purchased since I wrote this post and I use it all the time. I find that the superfine powder really helps!

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