Scandinavian Style Made Easy

French style is cool and classic, British style is eclectic and fun American style is sporty. So what about Scandinavian style? In part 3 of my Style Made easy series we take a mode of dressing that is pure simple and fuss-free.

If you like to look good but believe that style should be simple, look to the Swedish for inspiration. There’s a reason Stockholm is one of the street style capitals of the world: women there know how to mix pared-down pieces in a way that looks so very modern. Here’s a look at Swedish minimalism.



Swedish Style – Simple and streamlined

In a word, Swedish style is minimalist- but what exactly does that mean? It means no busy prints or wild embellishments. Choose clothing in a single shade and strong shape- no ruffles and frills here! This creates a clean, understated look that refreshes your fashion palate.

The focus is on the shape of the garment, so go for silhouettes that are strong and striking. For example, try an oversized car coat, a midi-length skirt, or even a top with a peplum panel in the back. By choosing such interesting shapes, you ensure that your look won’t be boring even though it’s simple!


Minor details

Your jewelry should be very simple and geometric to play into the minimalist vibe of Swedish style. Try only to wear one piece at a time. A basic chain necklace with a triangle-shaped charm captures the aesthetic perfectly. And, by pairing down the amount of bling you wear, each piece you don will have an extra impact on the eye! As for shoes and handbags, pick ones with sharp lines and simple shapes. Pointed-toed shoes pair perfectly with Swedish style as they add an unexpected dose of crispness.
When In Doubt.

Pare back. The classic rule of taking one item off before you leave the house applies here.  Above all, remember this: when people aren’t looking at your clothes, they see you. That’s what Swedish style is all about!

There you have it! Will you try Swedish style? If you’re a “more is more” type of gal, you may find it refreshing to strip back to a simple style like this one. It’s like a detox for your closet!

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3 thoughts on “Scandinavian Style Made Easy

  1. I am a Canadian American woman sitting in Sweden as I write this and loving the mature women’s Style. I am ready for it! Thank you for the tips! I love the lines, the flow, the class and a bit of playfulness. I’m ready to adopt that!!!!

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