Burgundy: How to Wear Fall’s Richest Color

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If you’re on a mission to appear a little more sophisticated and upper class, then Burgundy is for you.

Burgundy fall clothing

Fall’s most popular color, officially nicknamed Tawny Port by Pantone, is rich and mature and has an aristocratic vibe. Wear it head to toe mixing up textures along the way to keep it from looking too flat and matchy. Or, try it with another one of fall’s most celebrated hues.

Here’s a look at some striking burgundy color combinations for fall.

Burgundy Cape and jeans


1. Burgundy + Blue and Gold: Classic Color Combo

Like red, burgundy is a powerful color, but in a more subtle, old-world way. It’s the color you associate with high-class private schools, the horsey set, and European royalty. So it’s quite easy to see how other traditional colors like navy and gold would compliment it so well. This chic outfit (above) is a great example of how a classic burgundy color combination can really elevate a casual look.


2. Burgundy + Blush Pink and Taupe: Modern Color Combo

Designers are always looking for new ways to showcase trending colors. One of the more interesting combos is to pair burgundy with a soft blush or pink color. It’s fresh, different, and gives your outfit a graduated color look ( almost like ombre).

When you are wearing a soft color blush with burgundy, I like a  neutral shoe or bootie to match the romantic mood of pink + burgundy. Black shoes and a black bag would weigh this look down and send a tougher message.

I think a fab pair of burgundy jeans is a great thing to have in your fall/winter wardrobe. Burgundy is almost neutral because it pairs with so many other wonderful shades.


3. Burgundy + Black and Gray: Edgy Color Combo

If you l to look a little edgier, pairing burgundy with black and gray is a good way to mix your look. You get more of an urban vibe, but you still look wealthy and classy. This darling sweater is just one of the many gorgeous burgundy sweaters in stores now. Burgundy never looked so modern and so classy.


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  1. I love the burgundy tunic from Freepeople – I like how the length looks in the photos of you modeling the top. It looks super long in the photo of the model on the Nordstrom website. I know the back is longer than the front, I am wondering how tall you are. I am 5′ 7″ and want to try this. Thank you.

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