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Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

Dear Deb,

I just bought a coral eyelet dress and want to cover my white legs & varicose veins. Tanning is not an option.  Can I wear pantyhose with sandals?  Liz

Hi Liz,

I’m glad you brought this up because while some women feel there is never a good reason to wear pantyhose, let’s be honest, many women our age need them.  Our legs aren’t what they used to be, and pantyhose can be flattering when worn right. Here’s the general rule:

Yes, you can wear pantyhose, so long as the shoe that you are wearing has a closed or peep toe. If it is a true sandal with an open toe, I will stay clear of pantyhose.

Wearing pantyhose with strappy open-toe sandals weighs your legs down and makes you look old and dowdy.  Yes, there are seamless toe pantyhose, which some say are made for open-toe sandals, but the problem is you see the seam and usually the hose too. As for toeless pantyhose, I personally have never found a pair that looks right with sandals. You can see where the stocking ends and the foot begins, and it looks strange.

One other important point to remember when wearing nude pantyhose is to make sure they are ultrasheer, up to 10 denier max. Stay away from a shiny hose.

Also, your pantyhose should perfect color that looks invisible on your legs. This might take a little trial and error on your part to get the perfect shade, but it is going to make all the difference. My favorite pantyhose are  Donna Karan – The Nudes. They have great color matches.

Check out this full post I did on how to wear pantyhose!  I hope this helps!

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34 thoughts on “Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

  1. I don’t know what you’re all saying, but I wore BLACK (rip-proof) stockings with tan peephole sandals with a short, multi-colored summer dress for summer walks and my friend copied the look cause she thought it was so unique and wonderful. I prefer to wear stockings to hide my varicose veins.
    Wear what you want cause you might start your trend. ;)

  2. I absolutely adore wearing my favorite pantyhose (gorgeous Leggs sheet energy suntan pantyhose with reinforced toe panel and usually with hot pinko peach jeweled thong sandals. Why not show off your perfectly pedicured toes. I feel so pretty and sexy!

  3. Nothing and I mean nothing makes me feel more attractive than being in LEGGS SHEER ENERGY SUNTAN PANTYHOSE WITH REINFORCED TOE PANEL AND HOT PINK OPEN TOE SUMMER SANDALS ❤️
    Always wear pantyhose with thong or summer sandals!

  4. I love legs sure energy sun tan pantyhose, especially with the precious reinforced toe panel, and I love little jewel diamond sandals or hot pink or peach flip-flops with big daisies on them I think with really thick coats of toenail polish and hot pink or peach I think it’s the perfect look no matter what time of year I love legs sure energy sun tan pantyhose, especially with the precious reinforced toe panel and I love little jeweled diamond sandals or hot pink or peach flip-flops with big daisies on them I think with really thick coats of toenail polish and hot pink or peach I think it’s the perfect look no matter what time of year!

  5. I always wear Leggs Sheer Energy suntan pantyhose with reinforced toe and thong sandals and think they look gorgeous, especially with a perfect pedicure and an extremely thick coat of hot pink toenail polish. I think this look is absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t change it for ANYONE!!

  6. After 40, I have really started to flaunt my feet and toes more, and yes, the men at the office do notice! I go in regularly for french pedis which add a nice touch of length to the toenail which is eye-catching and super feminine. For this reason, I don’t wear pantyhose or nylons with my open-toed shoes in the Spring and Summer however in the Winter months I do (I live in San Diego so it’s still mild.) I just think it’s a great excuse to go pamper yourself, look great, and feel feminine and sexy year around. Great post!

    1. Beautiful post dear ! Having perfect pedicures, toenail polish and silky suntan pantyhose with little jeweled sandals is something that I just cannot resist !

  7. Hi! I too have grappled with making my legs look better with an open toe sandal. many years ago I discovered a pantyhose made by Berkshire that are toeless. They make my legs look amazing, they are very sheer. The toe area has two openings . one smaller for the big toe and a larger one for the other toes. Obviously they cannot be worn with a thong sandal but work very well with most other types of open toe shoes..

  8. i think pantyhose with sandals is a fashion crime and looks uncomfortable.if you dont liek showing off your legs wear pants or a long dress.the reason to wear sandals is to be comfortable with barefeet and if you are sweating and itching in pantyhose it ruins your whole day.

    1. I say wear what you comfortable with who sets rules on what can be worn, have you noticed that people are now going to formal events wearing casual clothing just because somebody says it is unfashionable to be dressed up, and then go to a baskeballl game and look at all those front row men dressed with suits and ties, and they supposed to be coaches, one would think that is the place to be underdressed, anyway wear pantyhose if you want with shoes with sandals whatever dont be put into a pigeon hole by somebody else’s opinion there was a time you couldnt wear whiite you coulldnt wear red etc, just please yourself and be happy, i dont conform to any fashion rule, i wear what pleases me, what i feel is tasteful also you not supposed to wear panyhose with sandalls but it is perfectly acceptable to wear your boobs outside your blouse!!! comeon people start thinking for yourselves not what somebody else says also what has this bags and shoes match makes you old? and yet they tell you make sure your colors blend, wear a matching set if you like own your fashion style happy dressing up

  9. I would only wear the pin and the coral with turquoise bracelet. As for shoes since it seems to be a casual look, I would wear cream (not white) sandals.

  10. Hi, I too, like to wear pantyhose to dress up. Anytime I weal heels I wear pantyhose; of course, nothing too flashy, just the classic look that will always look well. I agree with Stephanie; it will always be elegant to wear pantyhose. A classic elegant look will always be the right look; avoid all those trends, which will pass.

  11. I have to agree with Tracy all the way on this one. I am a 44 year old professional working woman (with great legs) and I wear pantyhose/stockings everyday to the office, evenings out, and nights on the town. And yes, I do wear them with completely open toe sandals quite often. With the right brand and style of hose (Hanes Silk Reflections Sandalfoot) for example, and a perfectly polished pedi underneath, the look is truly feminine. I realize there are women out there who continue to suggest pantyhose are not in style ‘at the moment’, but that does not take away the fact that wearing hose is the most elegant way for a woman to dress for any occasion. It always has been and it always will be. Aside from that, men love the look as well. I work in a professional office environment with men coming and going all the time each day and a great many of them notice me because I am wearing pantyhose. Whether I wear sandals or slip off my pumps in the afternoon hours, guys take notice of my legs, feet and even toes. All this, while at the same time other women at the office who ‘dare to go bare’ don’t get any looks at all. I don’t know who will see my post at this late date, but I do like voicing my opinions on this subject matter when it comes up. I can only hope some women out there will read this and be themselves instead of listening to what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’.

    1. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your comments. We are happy to post them and enjoy hearing everyones view on this! Love your confidence and that you are doing what you feel is right for you. That is what it’s all about!

    2. Hi I am a man from Norway and I totally agree in everything you wrote. The Womens legs looks much more sexy and chick through the pantyhose and I think it looks sexy when a woman wear opentoed sandals with pantyhose. If she in addition wears a pantyhose that is slight reinforced over the toes it looks exciting and sexy with the little darker shadow over the toes.

          1. Thanks, John for stopping by. I think that women need to get over these no nylons rules and start wearing them again. I find ultrasheer pantyhose are great for making a woman’s legs look beautiful.

    3. Thank you for your words. I never know how people think about pantyhose (here in Phoenix) because the heat is such a factor in fashion, It is refreshing to know that hosiery is a staple in your wardrobe. I, too, am 44 years old and to see that your views are that of confidence is greatly acknowledged. You go, girl!!!

    4. I agree 100% my eyes are instantly drawn to a woman wearing pantyhose. Nothing makes my day more than seeing some pretty legs and feet in pantyhose or tights.

  12. Absolutely you can! Keep them Sheer, stick with the natural shades (e.g. tan), the right style (“sandal-foot), and also keep the toe seam positioned under your toes. Nail polish that will show through is also a nice look, as long as the hose are very-sheer.
    This means skipping the drugstore brands, and getting your stockings from Macy’s or JC Penny. Haynes Silk Reflections are my preferred brand, and there are Black or tan fishnets are an option; some brands are not just fishnet-style but they also have sheer stocking/fishnet others from Berkshire that are very sheer.
    It also epends who you are dressing for; men or women. Men virtually always prefer stockings. Women, especially since Sarah Jessica Parker proclaimed her hatred of stockings, have been led to the “bare is betteoffr” look (which in 99 44/100 % false). My legs always look better, and my 40+ legs always turn more heads than the [much better / younger] legs, (but I also have very-cute feet..which is something that many men secretly love to see). Watch for yourself sometime. My brother-in-law is one of them. Sometimes I give him a show by slipping off a shoe and adjusting a toe seam, and then get him to stand-up (which he can’t) When I have some odd bruises, I will actually put a bit of foundation over the bruise before putting on my stockings.
    The other thing – you can always take them off later. Better to be overdressed a bit (which you can correct) than to be under-dressed..
    One more thing; leave some room at your toes. The “tight and pointy” look that you get with tight hose doesn’t look as good. Typically, my sandals are strappy, and all 5 toes are open in the front (vs sandals that cover your two small toes). I never have a problem with runs with my sandals.
    Naturally, I am assuming that you are going to buff your heels, else go in for a pedi..

    1. Hi Tracy, Thanks for your comment, however, I beg to differ with you on this topic. If you want to wear sandals it is not attractive to wear hose with them. While I agree that sheer hose are sexy and attractive (Btw,why are you flirting with your brother-in-law????), they need a shoe with a peep toe or pump. At least sheer hose are back in style. I agree that not wearing hose has been the popular trend for several years now, much to the dismay of many of us over 40 gals that have started seeing signs of aging in our legs. It was back in the early 80’s when Daisy Duke made it popular to wear her stockings with shorts and high heel sandals. Trends come and go. Not saying it is right or wrong, just saying it’s not in style at this time. (Sheer hose are fine with peep toe or pumps.) If you want to appear youthful and up to date, I suggest that you do not wear hose with sandals.

      1. I am 77 years old and I have a couple of pairs of very comfortable sandals with open toes. I don’t care what anyone says; when the weather cools down a bit, I will definitely be wearing either sheer pantyhose, or even tights, to keep my feet warmer. Just “google” the topic “how can I wear hose with sandals” and you will get all kinds of pictures showing fashion models wearing dark tights with gold open-toe sandals. These days, anything goes.

  13. Well summer is almost over but a light, short sleeved jacket would be nice with this dress, and I agree with the neutral/tan shoe match – or perhaps gold sandals. A cream purse would be a nice touch if the reader has one. I agree too that the turquoise jewelry can be saved for another outfit.

  14. Coral is such a pretty summer color. Nude shoes definitely (if you can). I like the woven clutch idea too. What about a non-statement gold necklace with the bracelets and skip the pin and big turquoise beads.

  15. Hi Jen. Hi Deb. Great question and the advice is spot on. Definitely nude shoes! An alternative to ‘tone it down’ a little would be to keep things in the warm & neutral family – throw in a textured/woven clutch in a gentle russet brown…perhaps in a leather for day and if for evening, move it into bronze/copper. The pink in the coral would bring out the pink undertone in the copper. It’s late here in Oz. Time for bed. Hope that helps. A:)

    1. Hi Anita, (from down under!!!)
      Great ideas…yes, the idea of toning down one of the accessories is a GREAT one! It’s tempting to want to “match” everything and using a russet brown in leather or woven is a perfect touch.

  16. Hi Deb! Thank you for another great post – and fantastic question! I do have to say that sometimes I wonder how I will translate your ideas and your photos because you are so slim and beautiful Deb. This is a great question as this lady is obviously gorgeous but has those niggly veins (or other treats of life that people like me have acquired!). They might all be markers on the map of our fabulous lives but they are not so useful in a sundress. So yes, please, more ideas on being fab AND catering for the niggly bits. Thanks! Jen

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