Over 40 Beauty Tips To Look Age-Amazing!

Here’s a really important beauty rule you must follow if you are over 40 and want to  Look Ageamazing.  GO EASY ON THE MAKE-UP.

As our hair lightens and begins to go gray, our eyebrows also lighten, our skin gets pale, and we start to look washed out.  It’s natural to try to compensate by piling on the makeup. We think that bright lipstick, lots of blush, tons of eyeshadow, and dark eyeliner will restore our youth, but instead, it can make you look like a clown or female impersonator! Instead, try these things.

Deborah Boland Beauty tips over 40


1. Avoid Heavy Foundation

Since your skin dries and dulls as it ages, it’s best to switch to a dewier look. Trade in your heavy matte foundation, which gives you that mask look, for a tinted moisturizer (I love the one by Laura Mercier).
If you want more coverage, try, mixing your foundation with some moisturizer to thin it out. Or, mix your foundation with a tinted moisturizer. You may also want to check out ‘light-reflecting foundations’ specially created for mature skin because they reflect light off those little wrinkles.

2. Put away the Powder

Too much powder can make you dry and cakey. If you must use powder because you have oily skin, apply loose powder in the T-zone only.

3. Switch Your Blush

Powder Blush is heavy looking on the mature lined skin. Instead, try a cream blush. It’s more natural-looking and will make you look vibrant.

4. Examine Your Eye Shadows

Be careful with shimmering shadows. Too much sparkle accentuates crepey eyelids. Also, avoid too much bright color on your eyes. Neutral-colored eye shadows- beiges, browns, creams, grays, taupes, will show off your eyes instead of your eyelids.

5. Don’t Let Eyeliner Overpower

Don’t use black; it’s too harsh. Instead, try dark brown and then blend well with brown powder. The best way to apply it is as close to the eyelash as possible, dotting between lashes and then smoothing out the line, or even better just under your upper lashes. Your eyes will appear much larger.

6. Baby Your Brows

Your eyebrows create a beautiful frame to showcase your eyes, so don’t neglect them as you age. Be sure to keep them in good shape, so they don’t get scraggly. After 40, Many women tend to let the brow go pale and darken the lips at this stage when in fact, you should darken the brows, so they frame your eyes (but don’t get as carried away as Liz), and lighten up the lips.

7. Lighten Your Lips

Soften lips with pinks, corals, and light browns, nothing too dark or too bright, or there will be too much contrast between your lips, skin, and hair. Too much contrast makes you look hard.

8. Use a Light Hand with Lip Liner

it’s a good idea to use a liner to prevent lip bleeding, but keep it soft in color and application. You should not be able to tell that you have it on.

9. Banish Pasty Face

As we age, we often get pale, and that old lady look starts to kick in. To avoid this, try using a very light bronzer to give your skin a youthful sun-kissed glow. To apply: Hold your bronzing brush at your temple and round it down in a sweeping motion to your cheekbone (creating a backwards-C motion).

From your cheekbone, round it down in a sweeping motion to just below the jawline (creating another backward C). Repeat on the other side.

Do you have a few boomer make-up tips of your own to share? Leave a comment below.

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26 thoughts on “Over 40 Beauty Tips To Look Age-Amazing!

  1. Hi, all these tips are fantastic; it’s hard to add anything! My favorite beauty tip is: Love your life, enjoy the things you do, and find yourself occupations that you’re good at – that’ll add to your self-esteem, giving you that unique charisma of youth and beauty! And lead a life full of activities, and you’ll radiate pure energy. And watch your posture! A good posture does so much for a youthful look. As for skin care: I use nothing else but a simple moisturizing cream without preservatives or perfumes.
    This being the first time I have ever posted some comments here, let me add that I enjoy this website and the newsletter very much. I find it always helpful and a pleasure to read. Way to go, Glam Gal Deborah!
    Love from Spain, Dominique

  2. Update eyeglasses. Bring a couple of friends or family members, and when everyone says, “Wow! Those look great on you!” Buy them!
    I have met many people who don’t realize how dated their eyeglasses are.

  3. Hello, and thank you for all the excellent advice for someone my age! FINALLY! My advice for all you women out there is the ultimate natural moisturizer! Used by the ancient Egyptians! Its HONEY! That’s right, you heard me correctly. Pull your hair back, wash your face with soap and water and rinse. Pat dry and then apply natural, unprocessed honey! As much as you like. Let it dry for a few minutes on your face or hands. Then rinse with warm water! You will be the softest you have ever been. And it’s natural and cost-effective! Try it and stop buying all those chemical moisturizers with harmful ingredients like petroleum!

  4. My best beauty tip is to smile a lot. It makes me look younger and always stops my boyfriend in his tracks! He says the combination of my big brown eyes and beautiful smile always melts him!

  5. I like the tip about the lipstick! There is still so much lipstick left in the tube when you get to the bottom, and I hate wasting it……especially since it seems once you find a color you like, the company discontinues it!
    I think I read somewhere before that you should use one coat of mascara for every decade over 20 that you are. So, for me…I usually use three coats, and it’s true; it makes my eyes stand out more!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I have not heard that one about the mascara, but many women find as they age, their lashes do get thin due to all the rubbing and wear and tear of wearing makeup.
      However, the new lotions out there that thicken lashes do work well in helping restore them.
      But coating the lashes depends on the individual and what type of mascara you use.
      One coat is acceptable regardless of age if you already have naturally thick lashes. It would help if you replaced your mascara regularly since it tends to dry out after a while. One tip we like to give is how important the type of brush that comes with the mascara is. If it is a thick brush, it is good to use it first and then use mascara with a tiny brush to fill in the gaps and comb the lashes.
      Also, I rarely wear mascara on the bottom lashes, except for going out at night and on special occasions, because it tends to run, and you look like a raccoon by the end of the day!
      If you coat on too much mascara, your eyes pop, but you can also look over made-up. As we age, we must change how we put on our makeup. Less is def. More when it comes to wearing makeup when you are 40 or older!

  6. My favorite beauty tip is REST. Be sure to spend “down time” each day to regroup and refocus, but GO TO BED! and sleep.

    When I am well rested, I am more focused and energy to do what needs to be done and then some..not to mention a better attitude!

    My favorite downtime activity is early morning quiet before the rest of the house wakes up. Me, a cup of hot tea, Emma (my dog) at my feet, and my journal…good times.

    1. Hi De Anna,
      Oh boy, do you have the best tip ever!!! No doubt that rest is first in our book for looking your best and feeling great. Alas, it is also one of the hardest to implement! Thanks for reminding us how important it is to make it a goal to turn off the computer and TV at night and get some “beauty” rest instead!!!

  7. Moisturize. I moisturize my face, body, hands, and feet daily. It makes a big difference and helps slow down the aging process. Nothing looks worse than dry skin.

  8. Thank you for your beautiful posts and the comments!
    My tip would be not to be afraid to experiment with color as far as eye shadows, lipsticks, and clothes are concerned. I encourage us all to reinvent ourselves often enough.
    Also, in terms of attitude: I tell myself not to look back and compare myself to the gal I used to be but learn to appreciate the softer person I have become…
    And remember to smile more!

  9. My best beauty tip is to exercise every day. I like to run, and I’ve noticed that this is the compliment I get the most: “You look great! Have you been running a lot?” I think it gives my skin a healthy glow!

  10. After I turn my computer on in the morning while waiting for it comes on, I give my nails a coat of polish. It usually takes about twenty minutes to read my e-mail and my polish thoroughly dries simultaneously. I don’t have chipped polish during the week, and the layers of polish give my nails strength.

  11. When my gray roots show along my part and hairline, I use a brown eyeshadow and apply it with a fluffy brush. Covers the grays temporarily until you can get to the salon.

    1. Hi Irma,
      I have all seen it, those gray roots showing! YIKES! Some actual temporary hair color sticks out on the days to help you get through.
      For those with blond hair, at least it is in fashion to have your dark roots showing, but just not too much!

  12. The best beauty tip I know of is to stay hydrated by drinking water. Once a started drinking about a quart of water a day I noticed my eyes got brighter…my red eyes were aging me. In addition I have more energy and a better outlook. The difference in my skin and hair after drinking water for the past few months is amazing, also. Can’t say enough about the benefits of water for health and beauty!

  13. Best beauty tip is to sweat every day. I run and sweat in the Florida heat 5 – 6 days a week. It improves the skin’s clarity.
    Also, I exfoliate with a mixture of sugar and olive oil.

    1. HI Melanie,
      Exfoliating is one of the most important things we can do for our skin, especially as we age! GREAT TIP!! Thanks.
      PS. You are so lucky you live in a warm climate…that humidity is wonderful for your skin!

  14. When I get to the bottom of a lipstick, I just use a lipstick brush to get every last bit out and it works great!

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