A Casual, White Monochrome Outfit That’s Easy to Style

If you haven’t heard by now, monochromatic outfits are a big trend for spring. Just pick a color and go tone-on-tone for an elegant, modern look.

One of my favorite colors to work with is light, airy white. White is always so fresh and feminine and can be slimming too when worn head-to-toe.

This cute monochrome outfit was inspired by this stunning vegan suede jacket from @bananarepublic. It’s light, super soft, and stretchy, so it’s very comfy.

The cute zippers on the pockets make it look sporty, and sporty is youthful!

I have to tell you that I honestly was fooled. I thought this jacket was real suede at first because it looks that good!

This jacket is the most beautiful shade of almond white. I find that pure white can look pretty stark if it’s worn up near your face when you are older. This has just enough warmth to give you a soft glow.

I paired my faux suede jacket up with this creamy white waffle knit sweater. Keep in mind that texture is key to a monochromatic look. Your outfit will look too boring if all the pieces have the same texture. You have to mix it up.

The same goes for mixing up different shades of white. You’ll definitely be in trouble if you try to match your whites. First of all, it is almost impossible to do so, as there are so thousands of white shades, and secondly, it would make your outfit look bland.

You can see here that I’ve added a third shade of white – my jeans. These jeans are closer to a true white and look great with my creamy white sweater and almond jacket.

Here’s a closer look at the almond jacket next to the white jeans (I love the frayed hem – very subtle). I’ve added these tan mules to the outfit, which work just fine. This is how you wear light neutrals head-to-toe.

If you can see yourself wearing this chic, casual look, be sure to shop it now at it 40% off!


And for my Canadian readers, these are the Canadian shop links below…..

And finally, let me tell you a little story before we go. I bought this outfit along with a couple of other things at the Banana Republic in the mall, only to find out when I got home that everything was on sale online!

So I called the store, and they told me that prices could differ between the store and online, but it’s always cheaper online.

They were able to honor the online price when I took the clothes back for a price adjustment. And you know how much money I saved? I got back $245!!

Isn’t that crazy that there would be two prices in the same store? So, I’ve learned it’s better to shop online, or if you shop in-store, ask them to honor the online price if it is cheaper!


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