This Chic Summer Outfit will Make You Look Age-Amazing!

Regarding the perfect summer outfit, I want something youthful but not too trendy, comfy but not frumpy, elegant but relaxed. That’s a tall order to fill, but I get lucky every once in a while! Check out the new pantsuit that makes me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

chic summer outfit notched tunic

If you have followed me for any length, you know I love simple, elegant clothes with beautiful fit and shape. This gorgeous J.Jill outfit is exactly what I am talking about. It looks like a pantsuit, but it’s actually two separate pieces that happen to work well together – a tunic top and black slim-leg pants. I think it is perfect for anyone, but especially gals our age, for so many reasons. Here’s why I love it and why you’ll want to pick one up if you’re going to look Age-amazing too.

chic summer outfit tunic and pants

It’s Classy

Less is more if you want to look sophisticated and refined, which is an excellent way to dress at any age. This beautiful outfit has a classic cut and a minimalist vibe. And of course, black is always so chic. I can just picture Jackie or Audrey Hepburn in this if they were still around now!


chic summer outfit black

It’s Comfy

If you are like me, you won’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel fabulous on. These pants are soft and stretchy with an elastic waistband. The top is silky and flowy and feels beautiful against your skin. It just goes to prove that elegant can be super comfy too.


chic summer outfit

It’s Figure-Flattering.

The wide flowy tunic over the slim pants creates a beautiful shape, and the cropped hem is modern and sporty-chic too.  Even if you are having one of those bloated days, you’d never know it because of the forgiving tunic shape!


chic summer outfit pants

It’s Versatile, like a Little Black Dress, but Better!

We’ve always been told we need a little black dress in our wardrobe to take us everywhere, but I just find myself wearing pants so much more. This is much better for my 50+ plus lifestyle, which I call casually chic. Maybe it’s the same for you. This can be worn as-is for daytime or dressed up with jewelry or other accessories for the evening.  A pair of gold sandals look fabulous with this outfit. Wear it anywhere from shopping to dinner, to a party, or wherever you want to look relaxed but chic.

chic summer outfit

It’s a Great Travel Outfit.

Going away and need something you can roll up in a ball and toss in your suitcase. Wear it on a train, plane, cruise, or walking around. Not only does it travel well, but it is also classic enough that you could wear it anywhere in the world and look appropriate.


chic summer outfit tunic and wrap

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This Outfit is Age-Amazing!

You can even add a shot of color if you want a different look. This cozy blue wrap is excellent for the evenings on a cool summer night! To shop for this Fabulous, Age-mazing outfit just click the links above!

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