My Favorite Collagen for Plumper Skin

We’re all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look and feel the best we can for our age! My goal is to be Age-Amazing, and I’ve found something that is helping me do just that!

You’ve probably heard about collagen and its importance for women, especially after 40.  Collagen helps us stay young. It’s a natural protein in our tendons, bones, ligaments, and skin that makes our bodies strong and flexible. But starting at 25, we lose a little collagen every year, so we could use a boost by the time we hit menopause.

Low collagen is part of why we get joint pain, digestion problems, thinning hair and skin, and wrinkles – all the things we want to try and minimize as we age to enjoy our lives!

Collagen for Her Unflavored Supplements

Everybody has been jumping on the collagen ban. Many products and information are out there, which makes it confusing.  The best brand I’ve found that I love is  Collagen For Her. Collagen for Her is a brand for women by women that cuts through the confusion with quality, minimal, pronounceable ingredients!  I have found a couple of great ways to incorporate collagen peptides into my diet.

Collagen for Her Collagen supplement

I’m a creature of habit. My morning breakfast is always yogurt and fruit with lots of good stuff, including collagen.  Adding collagen to my breakfast bowl is the easiest way for me to remember to take it, and that is important because if you want to see results, you need to be consistent.

Collagen for Her has two collagen peptides:  Unflavored Collagen Bovine Peptides and their Marine Collagen Beauty Blend, which kicks things up a notch since it is a blend of fish collagen, and Vitamin C, biotin, and hyaluronic acid.   I’ve been alternating between the two.

Collagen for Her Collagen supplement

After mixing a scoop of collagen into my yogurt, I add a little of whatever good stuff I have around, like bran buds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax, walnuts, wheat germ, and all kinds of fruit. I like to change it weekly, so I don’t get bored. Sure, I could use any collagen in my yogurt concoction, but there are a few reasons I like Collagen for Her. The first is:

  • It’s super fine. It’s so smooth and mixes in quickly, completely disappearing into my yogurt.
  • It’s tasteless. You wouldn’t even know it was in there!
  • It is responsibly sourced. It’s comforting to know that their bovine collagen comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine.


Collagen for Her Unflavored Collagen

One of the benefits of collagen is that it gives you glowing skin, healthy hair, and strong nails. I’ve only been using Collagen For Her for a month, but I notice subtle improvements, especially plumper skin (my skin had gotten pretty thin, but this is helping), and harder nails, which will only keep getting better.  Collagen also has been reported to:

• Reduce joint pain and degeneration

• Aid digestion & boost metabolism

• Supports heart and liver health

• Improve gut health and immune system

• Support overall health and wellness

So, taking collagen is worth a try.


Collagen for Her Marine Collagen

Another way I like to get my collagen (because 2x/ day is beneficial) is by adding the unflavored collagen to my tea. If you know me, I am a big tea drinker, and I am very picky about how I make it and what goes in it. I’ve used other collagen peptides and found they slightly altered the taste of my tea, which is not good because that morning cup of tea is sacred to me!

When I added a scoop of the Collagen for Her unflavored collagen peptides to my tea, I could not detect it at all. That was a surprise! I drink black tea with milk ( I don’t know if the milk has something to do with it), but it is beautiful! I’m getting the collagen I need, and I would never understand.

Maybe I don’t taste the collagen because this blend is so fine that it dissolves instantly in anything hot. Other collagens sat on top of my tea like a clump, and I had to work hard to stir them in. Collagen for Her solves this problem.

Collagen for her Marine Collagen

I like to say that a scoop full of Collagen for Her keeps the wrinkles away! Well, maybe not totally, but I’ll take what I can get!

Collagen for her

Collagen for Her also has Multi-Collagen Capsules if you prefer those, and they make a great Pro-biotic which is next on my list to try.


The best news is that you can enjoy Collagen for Her and the many benefits of collagen by visiting their website or through Amazon Prime!

Use code FAB10 to save 10% off your first order or 20% off your first subscription at the Collagen for Her Website. If you prefer Amazon, click this link for the Unflavored Collagen and this link for the Marine Collagen and subscribe, and save 10% on each and every order!

*Thank you to Collagen for Her for sponsoring this post.


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Collagen for Plumper Skin

  1. I recently finished my canister of Collagen for Her but replaced it with a different brand from Costco. Big mistake! That brand tasted horrible. I immediately ordered another canister of Collagen for Her as well as a bottle of capsules for travel. And, I now have a subscription to Collagen for Her powder.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I love everything you do – be a subscriber for years! I just wanted to (1) thank you for this write-up as I have been looking for a collagen supplement that is genuinely tasteless and odorless and (2) let you know I just ordered the subscription on the company website.

    Again, thanks for all you do. Genuinely enjoy your blog and emails!

    Kind regards,

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