Meet My Friends From The Blogging Boomers Carnival

Come and meet my blogger friends at theThe Blogging Boomers Carnival! The carnival is a round-up of the best lifestyle boomer blogs for boomer women.  Meet:

    • SoBabyBoomer  – Her decision not to remarry is part of the fastest-growing subset of cohabiting couples in the U.S. nowadays — those permanently engaged boomers.
    • Over at Contemporary Retirement, Ann writes about a new study that shows that the US and UK exercise guidelines won’t stop weight gain for older women.
    • On her long-term backpacking trip, Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut Travels begins her adventure in Mexico’s fabulous Copper Canyon, but first, she has to get through an eight-hour bus ride that is stopped and searched five times by the Mexican Federal Police

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