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How To Dress Sexy & Classy Over 40, 50+

Age is just a number; there’s no reason to shy away from embracing your inner sexy as you gracefully enter your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

However, there is an art to dressing sexy in a tasteful way. It’s not about bearing it all but embracing confidence, attitude, and allure. Here’s an easy style recipe for how to dress sexy over 40 with grace and style.

silver cowl neck cocktail dress and sparkly heels

silver cowl neck dress

1. Play up Your Body Type

Every body is beautiful in it’s own way and you are not going to look sexy if you hide your best bits behind mounds of fabric or shapeless cuts. If your bootie is bountiful like JoLo’s, showcase it in some stretchy flare pants or a gorgeous jersey wrap dress.

Do you have a tiny waistline? Highlight it with a fit and flare dress or a pair of high rise pants and belt. Long legs? Don’t hide them under maxi dresses? Hike up that skirt to knee length or a little higher. Knowing your body type and highlighting your best features creates a figure flattering look that is instantly alluring. 

2. Give Them Just a Peek

When dressing sexy, it’s important to leave a little to the imagination. Try focusing on highlighting just one area of your body. For example, if you’re wearing a  low-cut top with a little cleavage, pair it with a skirt in an elegant length. Or vice versa, if you are wearing a shorter dress above the knee and bare arms, have a more modest neckline. Balance is the key.

You can also explore a one-shoulder top or dress or wear a pencil skirt with subtle side slits to add a touch of intrigue. And remember, strategically placed cutouts can be sensual and mysterious.

short teal dress with boots

3. Wear Bright Colors

Black is always mysterious and sexy (just think of the little black dress), but nothing says confidence like vibrant hues. Passionate red, hot pink and fuchsia, peacock green, and bold cobalt blue are your go-to shades to look exciting and sexy. Feeling more romantic? Wear soft pastel pinks, peaches, and creams to project a gentle, sweet, feminine allure.

sexy pink velvet square neckline top

4. Choose Sensual Fabrics

Luxurious fabrics can take your sexy style to the next level. Indulge in a sumptuous cashmere, rich velvet, or a delicate silk, all inviting to the touch.  These luxurious materials feel exquisite against your skin and add sensuality to your outfit. Soft, buttery leather and faux leather can be sexy, too, in an edgy way. Imagine leather pants with a gorgeous satin blouse.

5. Dazzle in Dangly Jewelry

Accessories are your secret weapon to look sexy. Mesmerize them in long, dangly earrings that sway as you move, or slip on a fine, pretty necklace or two to grace your décolletage delicately. Sparkly bling is sexy and will light you up. These subtle touches can speak volumes about your sensual elegance. 

6. Say Hello to Heel and High Boots

High heel shoes are sexy. We all know that, but did you ever wonder why? Heels arch the back and lift a woman’s bottom 20-30%, making your legs look longer and changing the way you walk. Tall boots also elongate your legs and are a symbol of power and sex appeal. 

7. Fluff up your Hair

Your hairstyle can make a world of difference. Could you make sure your locks are soft, voluminous, and touchable? Curls and waves are sexy, too.  Avoid tight, stiff, overdone hairstyles and too much hairspray. It’s hard for your man to run his fingers through a helmet head! 

sexy black cutout neckline top with black wide leg pants

Black cut-out top | pants

Commonly Asked Questions About Dressing Sexy After 40

Is it appropriate to dress sexy after turning 40?

Absolutely! Age is just a number, and feeling confident and comfortable in your skin is always in style. The key is finding a balance between tasteful and alluring.

How can I show off my figure without revealing too much?

Highlight one area at a time. For instance, if you’re wearing a low-cut top, pair it with clothing that provides more coverage. It’s all about leaving something to the imagination.

Can I still wear bright colors in my 40s and beyond?

Yes, bright colors can be incredibly empowering and attractive. Vibrant hues like red, fuchsia, and cobalt blue can add a youthful and confident flair to your look.

What fabrics can help me feel sensual and elegant?

Choose touchable materials like cashmere, silk, and velvet. These fabrics feel luxurious and add a layer of sophistication and sensuality to your outfit.

What accessories can enhance a sexy look without being too over the top?

Dangly earrings or a necklace that delicately graces your neckline can add a touch of allure. Remember, subtlety can often speak volumes.

Are there hairstyles that can complement a sexy, mature look?

Opt for voluminous, soft hairstyles that convey an air of effortlessness. Avoid overly tight or rigid styles, as they detract from the overall allure.

How can I exude confidence in my sexy attire?

Confidence is the secret ingredient. Wear what makes you feel amazing and comfortable. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, it naturally radiates confidence and allure.

Can I mix sexy elements with classic pieces in my wardrobe?

Absolutely! Combining classic pieces with sensual touches can create a sophisticated and captivating look. For instance, could you pair a tailored blazer with a subtly alluring top or dress?

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One thought on “How To Dress Sexy & Classy Over 40, 50+

  1. I don’t think there’s anything about being over a certain age that means you should be more conservative except for attitudes about older women not being sexual or desirable. There’s also that Victorian mindset that women who have children should be more modest. Young women may be more beautiful and firm than older in some cases, but I honestly think a lot of them should cover-up.

    I consistently wonder why it’s okay for a 16-year-old to wear highly sexualized attire while grown women in their 40s and beyond who have full license to exercise their sexuality are expected to shroud themselves. Anyway, I think a lot of women get offended because it seems like fashion police are continuously telling just women of a certain age that they should wear or shouldn’t wear this or that based on age and assumptions about how one looks at a certain age. No one ever says to Little Kim for instance to wear a full shirt. It’s vulgar. Vulgarity should be avoided, most certainly. And all of us, whatever our age would do well to not wear a dress cut to the navel to church or a funeral. But blanket pronouncements about not wearing certain items of clothing seem ridiculous.

    Personally, I try not to wear things that suggest I’m trying to dress like a 16-year-old or a street walker and that hide my worst bits and show off my best. This blog has helped a lot and I think it has opened up possibilities for women over 40 who have felt they had to put on some dumpy over-40 uniform and wait to die. Just my two cents. : ) Hope it made some sense!

    Oh, and Susan Sarandon is a goddess. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

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