Recipe for Dressing Sexy Over 40

sexy woman over 40Just because you are over 40 doesn’t mean you need to close up shop and stop looking sexy ( as some may lead us to believe).

But there is a tasteful way to do it.  Too many women equate sexy with letting it all hang all out, but that just looks tacky. So here’s what you need to do.

Think about what sexy really means: It’s confidence, attitude, and allure. Here’s what it takes to be sexy without looking sleazy after 40.

1. Just a Peek

Instead of a thigh-high dress and low-cut top, just show a bit of skin in one area only. If your top is low-cut, make sure your skirt is not too short. Try one shoulder to look sexy and still tasteful or perhaps a pencil skirt with a side slit. Cutouts in areas you want to highlight are also sexy but still leaves something to the imagination.

2. Wear Bright Colors

hot tropical colors like red, fuchsia, peacock green, cobalt blues attract men and will make you look sizzling. Soft pinks and creams are more romantic.

3. Wear Sensual Fabrics

Cashmere, velvet, silks are all touchable materials that are very sensual.

4. Put on Some Dangly Jewelry

Long earrings that swish when you turn your head or alluring necklaces that sit just above your cleavage signal sexiness.

5. Fluff up your Hair

Voluminous hair that’s soft and fluffy is always sexy. Anything tight and stiff is a real turnoff.

Do you have some tips on how to dress sexy after 40? Please comment below.

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One thought on “Recipe for Dressing Sexy Over 40

  1. I don’t think there’s anything about being over a certain age that means you should be more conservative except for attitudes about older women not being sexual or desirable. There’s also that Victorian mindset that women who have children should be more modest. Young women may be more beautiful and firm than older in some cases, but I honestly think a lot of them should cover up.

    I consistently wonder why it’s okay for a 16-year-old to wear highly sexualized attire while grown women in their 40s and beyond who have full license to exercise their sexuality are expected to shroud themselves? Anyway, I think a lot of women get offended because it seems like fashion police are continuously telling just women of a certain age that they should wear or shouldn’t wear this or that based on age and assumptions about how one looks at a certain age. No one ever says to Little Kim for instance to wear a full shirt. It’s vulgar. Vulgarity should be avoided, most certainly. And all of us, whatever our age would do well to not wear a dress cut to the navel to church or a funeral. But blanket pronouncements about not wearing certain items of clothing seems ridiculous.

    Personally I try not to wear things that suggest I’m trying to dress like a 16-year-old or a street walker and that hide my worst bits and show off my best. This blog has helped a lot and I think it has opened up possibilities for women over 40 who have felt they had to put on some dumpy over-40 uniform and wait to die. Just my two cents. : ) Hope it made some sense!

    Oh, and Ms. Sarandon is a goddess. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

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