What to Wear in a Cold Conference Room?

Hi Deborah,

I’m from Europe, and the biggest problem I face when in the U.S. is the big difference between the temperature outside and the freezing, air-conditioned rooms inside. ( I usually travel to New York, Washington, DC, and Miami in spring/summer).

I’m not used to that, and I don’t know how to dress for that. Usually, I end up with a chunky fleece sweater or my coat over my business outfit in the rooms and socks! Then I take that all off again on the way out!

How do you keep elegant with that large temperature change? Laura


Hi Laura

Great question because that is a real problem for me too. I  have been to many conferences in the last year and have always taken a big cashmere wrap with me.

Here’s me in my signature coral one, but I also have a red wrap and a leopard wrap that I wear all the time.

Deborah-Boland cashmere wrap

These wraps are lightweight and chic, and they keep you really warm. I love wearing them on airplanes, in conference rooms, and when I’m out for dinner on a patio in the evening.

leopard wrap and red wrap


My new favorite cashmere wrap is this one from @HammacherSchlemmer. It’s light, large, and washable!

cashmere wrap Deborah Boland

As for socks, well, in conference rooms,  I wear closed-toe shoes to keep my feet warm and always carry nude pantyhose in case my legs get too chilly when I am wearing a dress.

If it’s day 2 of a conference and I know the room will be cold, I often wear pants and carry some knee-highs or trouser socks in my purse to wear with my closed-toe shoes if need be.

There’s nothing worse than shivering all when you are trying to enjoy a conference.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for how they keep warm? If so, please let me know.



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7 thoughts on “What to Wear in a Cold Conference Room?

  1. Hi Deborah

    Great suggestions, as always. I have to wear more formal clothing to conferences due to the nature of my work. Therefore I might not be able to wear a throw. I tend to wear a shorter scarf made from wool or thicker material perhaps and line them to fall just along my jacket so there is just a lining of the scarf that can be seen. The rule here is that the scarf should complement the suit and be short enough to stay beneath my jacket as the bottom cannot peak. An alternate look is to wear a stylish vest inside to give you an extra layer.

    For dark suits, I have a grey Armani, a light but warm layer, and for grey suits, I have a coach scarf in grey and black with black piping that contrasts and complements my grey suit.

  2. What an excellent way of staying warm.
    As style is the main issue, sometimes wearing a light under the shirt also helps to keep you warm.

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