Cozy Fall Scarves That Add Loads of Style

It only takes a little to add a load of style, and incorporating the right scarf into your outfit is one of the most innovative ways to get the biggest bang for your accessory buck.

fall scarf red and brown

A scarf can dress a casual look or bring a relaxed vibe to a dressy dress. It can add a complexion-flattering shot of color to an all-black outfit and a scarf in one of this season’s colors is an inexpensive way to update any look.

Here are three great ideas for how to wear fall scarves.

Plaid Boucle Scarf outfit

1. A Bouclé Scarf, Dresses, Up Jeans

If you’re a sweater and jeans gal, there is nothing better than a scarf to pull your look together and turn everything into an outfit. See how I’ve done it here with this chic yet affordable, multicolored scarf woven from a super soft and cozy bouclé yarn?

This rustic scarf adds color and great texture to an otherwise plain outfit. Chic suede slides and this creamy bag create a harmonious, high-end look.


Colorblock scarf with black sweater dress

2. Pair a Colorblock with a Sweaterdress

One of my favorite fall-style recipes is a cozy sweater dress with a pair of booties or tall boots. It’s comfortable, keeps you warm on chilly fall days, and is an easy-to-wear outfit when you’ve slept through the alarm and only have five minutes to get ready for work.

Adding a scarf to a sweater dress makes it extra chic and polished. See how I’ve done it here? I started with a neutral-colored black sweater dress and a pair of luxurious suede booties. By adding a bright, modern scarf, I’ve taken a basic outfit from pretty lovely to pretty wow!


Burgundy Snake print scarf with leather leggings

3. Add an Animal Print Scarf to a Leggings Outfit

Do you love leggings and want to find a way to style them that is new and modern? Adding a scarf is an excellent way to do it.

Start with a pair of black leggings (in this case, they are faux leather leggings), and add a flowy tunic. Next, layer on an animal print scarf and watch the magic happen. Different scarves will produce outfits that have different vibes. I happen to like the look of animal print with faux leather. For example, this python print scarf worn with faux leather leggings gives this outfit an exotic, edgy vibe.

A floral scarf or stripe scarf would create an entirely different feel. That’s the beauty of scarves.



Peach Plaid Scarf, white jeans

4. Try a Classic Plaid Scarf with White Jeans

Here’s a good idea for how to make a white jeans outfit a little more fall-like. Take a muted plaid scarf with a touch of white or cream and pair it with a sweater and white jeans. This beautiful peach and gray plaid scarf is refined and elegant and looks chic, worn with a dusty peach sweater and skinny white jeans.

Team up this look with sleek riding boots and a trendy bucket bag, and you have a sophisticated look that is a nod to this Fall’s equestrian trend.


Scarves…..Are you ready to tie one on?

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7 thoughts on “Cozy Fall Scarves That Add Loads of Style

  1. Thanks for the scarf reminder. I have the wardrobe, but I seldom remember to add the scarf. I worry the scarf will ‘ wear me ‘ instead of the other way ‘round, but now I realize it keeps eyes on the folds of the scarf rather than my wrinkles????

  2. Deb, it will be hard for me to continue following you when you featured a sweater costing $300.00. I rarely spend more than $100.00 on a casual item.

  3. How would you tie the scarf with the off-the-shoulder sweater? Even my ballet-neck shirts don’t look quite right with a scarf. Maybe it’s how I connect them? Usually a slip knot. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Lindsey, I wouldn’t get fancy as you don’t want to take away from the off-the-shoulder detail. Try wearing the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging straight down on either side ( super basic, but it doesn’t take away from the off-the-shoulder neckline), or you can wear it the way it is tied in the collage, so it is wrapped once around the neck with the ends hanging down on either side. Try adjusting the scarf tighter or looser around your neck and see what looks best. Every off-the-shoulder is a little different, so you must play around to know what you like.

  4. I love the look of scarves and have bought many, only to have them sit in my closet. I feel they hide my neck and create too much volume on top. Am I doing something wrong? I’m 5’5″ and am not overweight or very curvy. Could it be that scarves are better on taller women? Thanks for your advice; I ly on your blog for good information!

    1. Hi Debbie, It could be that you have a short neck, making you look too bundled up, or perhaps you are tying them too close to your neck. It might also be that you are buying scarves that are too big for your frame. A vast, voluminous scarf on a fine-boned gal or petite gal can be overwhelming. The other possibility is you may not be comfortable wearing scarves. I have scarves too, and I rarely wear them. I’m a minimalist at heart. Maybe they are not your style personality.
      Try switching up some of the things I have talked about, and look at scarves boards on Pinterest for ideas. If they still don’t feel right, maybe they aren’t for you.

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