21 Cute Outfits with Black Leggings That are Simple to Style!

Who doesn’t love a  pair of soft, comfy black leggings? But many of us are at a loss when it comes to styling them. How can you elevate this very casual wardrobe staple to create a fresh, new look that is modern, chic, and pulled together? Here are 21 cute black legging outfits that look fabulous and are a cinch to pull off when you follow these easy-style recipes.

Black Leggings Outfit | Black Asymmetrical tunic , black leggings, scarf, riding boots, burgundy bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

1. Black Leggings with a Top and Scarf

One of the fastest ways to instant style with black leggings is to layer on a stylish scarf. A colorful scarf on a black backdrop gives a flat leggings outfit some texture, color, and personality. Add a pair of classy riding boots, and you have a British-inspired equestrian look that is very sophisticated and very comfy. Tally Ho!


Black Leggings Outfit | Floral trapeze shirt, black leggings, gold flats, pinc crossbody bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

2. Black Leggings with a Shirt Dress

Here’s a good styling trick when you are trying to create a cute black leggings outfit. If you can’t find a top you want, take a look at shirtdresses. Many shirtdresses with button-up fronts are on the short side, so they double nicely as long tops for leggings.

This trapeze style shirtdress translates especially well, giving you that loose-over-skinny silhouette, which looks fabulous and slimming. Add a pair of metallic flats and a cute bag that picks up one of the colors in print, and you are all set!

Black Leggings outfit| capris leggings, lace-up-tunic, ivory tote bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

3. Black Capris Leggings with a  Lace-Up Tunic

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that looks so right about a lace-up tunic with skinny black leggings. This adorable one with its funky print and flattering 3/4 length sleeves gives it a sporty feel. This tunic can be worn with long black leggings or these capris. It really doesn’t matter, but I’d stick to black to make the top really pop!

Black Leggings outfit | Fur- trimmed wrap, black leggings, taupe sweater, metallic clutch bags | styled by Fabulous After 40

4.  Black Leggings with a Wrap

A turtleneck and a wrap with a pair of black leggings is a cozy but glamorous look, especially when the wrap has faux fur trim like this one. There’s something about the drama of a cape or wrap that instantly upscales anything, including a pair of leggings. Gold accents make it perfect for a low-key special event such as a holiday party.

Black leggings outfit| green tunic, black leather legggings | styled by Fabulous After 40

5. Black Leather Leggings with a Bell Sleeve Top

Leather leggings give an edgy look to a black leggings outfit.  They can be worn with the same types of tops you wear with other leggings, including bell-sleeved tops, which have been very popular lately.

The bell sleeves give you that extra width and volume up top, which is always complimentary with a skinny bottom half of an outfit. Mules are a great idea with leggings, and these studded leather ones mirror the rebellious feel of black leather leggings.


Black Leggings outfit | Pink-and-Black-Striped sheer tunic, black leggings, pink tote, gray sandals | Styled by Fabulous After 40-

6.  Black Capris Leggings with a Light, Flowy Tunic

One of the keys to a great leggings outfit is to make sure that your top is not too tight. This light, flowy top is an excellent example of something that would be perfect with black leggings, especially in the summer. It’s soft, breezy, and flows as you walk, which is not only comfy but helps hide a tummy really well.


7.  Monochromatic Black Leggings Outfit

A monochromatic look is trendy when you are looking to create a chic black leggings outfit. Black on black is like a blank canvas and is super slimming. You can wear this look with black shoes or boots to elongate your body even more or make the black pop with a contrasting bag and shoes.

These snake print mules are a great compromise because they contain some black and stand out and make a gorgeous fashion statement.


Black leggings outfit| pink sleeves- roll tab fuschia top with black capris leggings, white mules, white bag | styled by Fabulous Saf

8.  Black Leggings with a Long Shirt

A crisp cotton or linen collared shirt is a no-brainer with a pair of black leggings. White is classic, or choose a bright top in a punchy color to turn heads. Roll tab sleeves look sporty and show off your forearms, which is a youthful look.


Black leggings outfit | Color-Block-Cardigan-Riding-Boots, leggings outfit | styled by Fabulous After 40

9.  Black Leggings with a Long Cardigan

Here’s a cozy way to incorporate leggings into a casual look—team up a pair of black leggings with a round-neck tee and a throw on a long cardigan. A long tee that covers your private parts is most flattering unless you wear heavier Ponte leggings, which are more like pants.

There are all kinds of long cardigans you could opt for, including a roomy grandpa style, a waterfall cardigan, or a sleek, straight long cardigan like the one pictured above.


Black leggings outfit | Cream-Cable-Knit-Sweater-Leggings| styled by Fabulous After 40

10.  Black Leggings with a Sweater Dress

Just as shirtdresses make great tops for leggings, so do some short sweater dresses, especially when they are straight up and down like this cable knit sweater dress above. This is such a warm, cozy look and works really well with suede boots and this tan leather bag.

Black leggings outfit | gray lace up poncho, black leggings , black riding boots and bag |styled by Fabulous after 40

11. Black Leggings and a Poncho

A poncho with leggings makes a super cute black leggings outfit for the weekend.  It’s as simple as a long-sleeved top with leggings + riding boots and a poncho layered over the top. How easy is that when you are dashing off the grocery store and want to look fashionable but relaxed?



Black Leggings Outfit | Burgundy-Off-the-Shoulder sweater, black leggings-Riding-Boots

12.  Black Leggings with an Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Leggings can look sexy when you add a slouchy, oversized off-the-shoulder sweater. It’s a great look for when you feel you want to look relaxed and sexy, and then when you want to feel a bit more covered up, add a chic scarf. Drop earrings are a must to show off that sexy neckline!

Black Leggings Outfit | Blue asymmetrical top, black leggings, turquoise jewelry, black mules, bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

13.  Black Leggings with an Asymmetrical Top

Tops that are slightly off-kilter with asymmetrical hems give black leggings an awesome, artsy look. This is especially true if you can add unique statement jewelry and fashion-forward accessories with exciting shapes and textures. I love the blue with the black above. It’s such an electric combination, and the draping on the top is so flattering.


Black Leggings Outfit | black and white geometric sheer tunic, black leggings, blue tote | styled by Fabulou After 40

14.  Black Leggings with a Sheer Tunic

You may have noticed some women wearing a semi-sheer tunic with leggings. These tops are more on the elegant side and make black leggings look very sophisticated. This geometric print, one with the buttons up the front and bell sleeves, is very original. Be sure to wear a camisole or light top underneath. You will spoil the look if we can see your bra through.


Black Leggings Outfit | Purple high low tunic, black faux leatehr leggings, black suede booties, black bag, cream sweater | styled by Fabulous After 40

15. Black Leggings with a High-Low Top

Another type of asymmetrical top that works well with black leggings is the high-low top. That is, high in the front and low in the back. This also communicates a more creative vibe than a regular top. You can wear it as is with regular black or leather leggings or layer with a jacket or long cardigan on top for a more homey look.

16.  Black Leggings with a Side Slit Tunic

The details at the hemline of a top can make all the difference in putting together a chic outfit for black leggings. A border gives it a pretty focal point.


Black Leggings Outfit | Maroon-Silk-Blouse, black leggings, black suede booties, scarf| styled by Fabulous After 40

17. Black Leggings and a Long, Silky Blouse

Black leggings with a long, silky blouse are among the most popular looks with readers at Fabulous After 40! I think it combines the comfort of a long loose top with the elegance of silky fabric and a classic style. It’s casual but classy simultaneously, and isn’t that what we are all after?

Black Leggings outfit | pink-short-sleeve-assymetrical top, black leggings | styled by Fabulous After 40

18. Black Capris Leggings and a Tee

Most of the tops I have been showing you to create leggings outfits with have been long sleeves, but short is fine too and is a great look in summer with capris leggings. This t-shirt-style top with the round neck in this pretty pink shade looks friendly and cute with canvas espadrilles and a lacy tote bag.


Black Leggings Outfit | Black-FLoral-Peasant-Top, leggings, rust suded booties, plum bag| styled by Fabulous After 40

19.  Black Leggings and a Black Floral Tunic

Floral tunics look really great with black leggings and are especially stylish when they have a dark base. This dark floral top with the bold colored blooms is like a painting set against an all-black canvas. You can accessorize with all-black accessories to make the top pop or go for a more playful look by wearing colorful accessories.


Black Leggings Outfit | Burgundy-Criss-Cross-Wrap-Tunic, black leggings | Suede-Riding-Boots| taupe bag | styled by Fabulous After 40

20.  Black Leggings and a Draped Sweater

This is an interesting look for fashion-forward types who also want to feel cozy. Imagine wearing this soft, draped cocoon sweater on the weekend or when you are traveling. It wraps you up in style and comfort!

Leggings Outfit | capris-leggings-and-yellow-gray-top | styled by Fabulous after 40

21. Black Leggings with a Chevron Top

The great thing about black leggings is you can wear them with just about any print you can imagine. Horizontal stripes are not so flattering, but a chevron stripe like this will focus the attention on your middle, making you look taller and slimmer. What a cute and flattering summer outfit for black leggings!


These are just a few ideas for cute black leggings outfits I have come up with for you to try. The possibilities are endless, so start experimenting and email me to show me what you have come up with. I’d love to see any outfits for black leggings you create.

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