4 Relaxed, No Fuss Thanksgiving Travel Outfits

Are you flying home for Thanksgiving and dreading the noisy airport crowds, mile-long security checks, and jam-packed flights?

travel clothes thanksgiving

One way to ease the stress of holiday travel is to dress as simply and as comfortably as you can.

When I travel in fall, I like to wear stretchy jeans, a light jacket that easily rolls into a ball and is packable, a warm sweater with long sleeves (as I get cold on planes), low booties, and a big tote. But there are many more ways you can dress.

I have 4 no-fuss Thanksgiving travel outfits to get you home looking stylish and feeling relaxed. and some general tips for what to wear when you travel.

Thanksgiving Travel - Pink Cardigan

1.  Dress in Layers

Airplanes get chilly, don’t they? But they can heat up fast too! And if you throw the occasional hot flash into the mix, there’s rarely a perfect temperature. The best way to battle fluctuating temperatures is by layering your clothes.

Start with a soft-top like this super-soft and stretchy, gathered hem knit top, followed by a long sweater. This grandpa cardigan is snuggly and chic. You may need a coat too if it’s going to be cold when you arrive. Just make sure it’s not too heavy and bulky. That overhead cabin space is so limited.

2. Be Kind to Your Feet

There’s no way around it. At the airport, you will be doing a ton of walking, so make sure you’re sensible, not silly about your choice of shoes. These soft, comfy sneakers will take you from terminal to terminal with a smile on your face. Slip-on is even better, which means no fumbling with laces or zippers when it’s time to do your security scan.

Other great travel pieces in this outfit include a light-quality duffle bag. It’s always handy to carry your book, water bottle,  headphones, and all the other little things you need to stay comfy while you’re traveling. Note: I always like to carry a pair of ankle socks in my bag, just if I want to slip off my shoes on the plane and let my feet breathe.

3. Bring a Poncho or Wrap

Depending on your end destination, a snuggly poncho or wrap is ideal for flying. I love this plaid one! The pink and gray look so pretty together.

One bonus of bringing a wrap is that it can double as a blanket, depending on cabin temperature.

Cute suede booties add some style – low to medium heels only for comfort on the long walk from your gate to the baggage carousel. A  tote bag style purse is always handy and chic.

Thanksgiving Travel Outfit - Joggers

4. Wear Clothes That Move and  Stretch

Feeling comfy is key if you are traveling, especially given that airplane seats are so small and cramped. It’s a great idea to wear clothes with loose waistbands ( like a drawstring pair) or that have some built-in stretch so that you can move around easily. There’s nothing worse than sitting for hours in a tight, stiff pair of pants or a top that you are worried about crinkling.

5. Leggings are a Passenger’s Best Friend

Leggings are super comfy for air travel. Just make sure to cover your bottom to look airport chic. Try a good quality legging or Ponte pants ( a slightly thicker, double knit version). Also handy is a cozy scarf that you can easily take on or off, depending on the temperature on the plane. ( It can double as a pillow!) You can even roll it up into a ball and tuck it into your suitcase upon arrival if you need to.

I’ve pulled in a great pair of riding boots here, which look really cool with leggings. I’ve worn tall suede boots on short flights. However, if your trip is more than a couple of hours long, tall boots may feel too hot.

Other items to consider taking

  • A practical but stylish crossbody bag to carry all those little extras and free up your hands so you can pull out tickets and roll your suitcase.
  • A Light Rain Jacket for Layering  that you can roll up and put in your bag if you are not going to a wintry destination
  • A large travel wallet with a zipper all the way around to carry your passport in so you don’t lose it. Mine is bright red, so I don’t lose it!

Enjoy your trip in comfort and style. By wearing one of these fab looks, who knows, you might be that lucky passenger who gets bumped up to first-class!

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