This Sequin Shift Dress Makes Holiday Dressing Fun!

It’s party time! Christmas is getting closer, so I’m thrilled to be partnering with Nordstrom to bring you some fabulous holiday party pieces that sparkle, shimmer, and shine.

The holidays are a time to let loose a little and have a little fun, so this year I decided to go for it with this cute, striped sequin cocktail dress from the brand 1901!  1901 is just one of Nordstrom’s many exclusive store brands. You may have also shopped Halogen, Chelsea 28, BP, Caslon, Leith, Treasure, and Bond, to name a few. I love to link to those brands on the blog because their designs are always so modern, and the price points are excellent!

holiday party dress black sequins

I don’t know about you, but the last time I remember wearing a full-on sequin dress was in the early 90s’. It’s pretty exciting to see that this trend has made such a huge comeback! I mean, how often do you get to play dress-up like a movie star in a bold, glittery dress?

holiday party black striped sequin dress

There are so many reasons I love this spunky black sequin cocktail dress, (similar) including

#1 –  The Color: I love black because it is always so chic, but I’ve found as I have gotten older, all black tends to accentuate lines and wrinkles and makes me looked drained. The gorgeous bands of bright, festive-colored sequins on this dress make wearing black so much easier on my complexion!

#2 The Cool Style: There’s nothing worse than standing around in a tight cocktail dress holding in your tummy. On the other hand, you don’t want to wear something loose and frumpy. This shift style is perfect because you get a modern, streamlined shape and a body-skimming fit, but there’s wiggle room. It’s a great dress to camouflage a midlife middle.

#3 The Elbow Length: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, in a sea of sleeveless dresses, a dress that covers my upper arms.

#4 The Vibe: This cute sheath has a MOD 60’s vibe, which is something I have always been drawn to. It’s not fussy, the colors are warm, and the vibe is youthful. This dress has energy!

holiday party dress black sequin shift dress

Yes, this dress, since it is a shift, is on the short side (and my legs are on the long side ). But, it works just fine since it is a party dress and the rest of it is conservative. There’s no low-cut neckline or side slits, which would be overkill. As I always say,  if you want to look a little sexy, only highlight one area of your body. In this case, I’ve chosen my legs. Maybe that’s your best feature too? 

Black booties Gold heel with sequin dress

So many of you have asked me if it is o.k. to wear pantyhose with party dresses and the answer is yes! Let’s face it; bare legs are very hard to pull off. The key is to wear an ultrasheer hose. I chose ultrasheer black, which is more sophisticated than nude with this dress, and creates more of a flow with the dress and the booties. I like the Nordstrom brand Naked Sheer Pantyhose

And speaking of booties, you do not have to wear booties. I just wanted to try something different, and these gold-heeled evening booties with my cocktail dress are fashion-forward. The nice thing about a shift dress is you can wear low or even flat, dressy shoes with this and it would look fine. That’s good news for those of us who have given up heels!

black sequin dress-stripes

Here’s the loo! Don’t forget to wear some shapewear underneath to smooth out lumps and bumps. I wouldn’t go without it in a party dress. It makes such a difference to the overall look!

gold Kate Spade Bag

I’ve added a cute evening bag that can be worn on a chain or as a clutch. Sequins and sparkles look magical together.


black striped sequin shift dress and booties


If you have a holiday party to go to, this is the dress!

Nordstrom has so many fabulous sparkly and sequin party clothes to choose from, including dresses, jackets, tops,  and skirts. Be sure to check out Nordstrom’s exclusive brands here. Shine on!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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9 thoughts on “This Sequin Shift Dress Makes Holiday Dressing Fun!

  1. Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been telling people for years! So many women fall into the trap of wearing black, thinking that it’ll make them look slimmer or because it’s a safe choice even if they don’t have the coloring! It drains the face of color and can accentuate wrinkles in the process. I also consider myself too bright and colorful of a woman to wear black. I wear navy or brown as my neutral instead.

    1. Hi Dayna, You are so right. Black can be a way to hide if overdone. I always say Color is life; you want to look alive, not like you have one foot in the grave, so add a splash of Color to look vibrant.

  2. I love this dress and the way you look so comfortable. I have a short black sequin dress I wear and admire in the comfort of my home and take off because I feel too self-conscious to wear out! LOL. But I’m inspired to try it again after seeing this on you. I don’t know if this is rude to ask, but what size are you? You look amazing.

    1. Hi Sarah, Well, thank you for that lovely compliment! Go ahead and wear that dress and have fun in it. As for my size, no worries, I am a size 6, but size does not matter. I like to wear shapewear under a dress like this because it removes any lumps and bumps and smoothes things out beautifully. Thanks for dropping in!

  3. Hi Deborah,

    As always, you look Fabulous in the sequin dress. You never age. Aw…. to be forty again!
    Enjoy your party,

    1. Hi Slyvia, thanks for that lovely compliment. Yes, it would be nice to be 40 again, but since we can’t turn back the clock at 59, I try to look the best I can for my age. This means staying on-trend, taking the odd risk with fashion, doing a lot of grooming maintenance, and taking excellent care of my skin. As long as you are proud of your appearance, you will always look modern and youthful!

  4. I love this dress! I do agree with you about black. It makes me look so tired! I’m a bright-color gal! I would love it if you gave me a hair styling tutorial. I wear mine short too, and yours always looks adorable!

    1. Hi Suz,
      Yes, it’s definitely on the short side. But it’s a party dress, so what if you have legs?
      This would be cute for many women who wear low heels or flats.
      Cheers, Deborah

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